Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Fic: A New Kind of Movie (NCIS)

Title: A New Kind of Movie
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Threesome
Characters: Abby/Tony -ish; Gibbs/Abby/Tony
Warnings: Masturbation; Male/Male; Male/Female/Male; Kink
Word Count: 4x300 (aka 1,200)
Written For: avamclean
Written For: ncis_drabble; Past Challenges #4 New Movie

Crossposted: ncis_drabble; ncisfanfic; ncis_fic; gibbs_abby_tony; gibbs_dinozzo; ncis_slash

Summary: Movie night just got a lot more interesting...

The woman cried out as one man pulled her down on to his waiting cock and the other man pushed into her gaping ass. She wasn't sure if she should push down or back, but the men made the decision for her. She rode out her ecstasy trapped between them, their bodies surrounding her on both the inside and out.

It accidently started on the night of their sixth official movie night. Tony was grabbing the popcorn and beer from the kitchen and Abby went to turn on the DVD player in order to watch Tony's pick for the night, The Fast and the Furious. Abby wasn't sure she was up for it, but taking turns on the movie choice was part of their agreement. Abby pushed the power button just as Tony stepped back into his living room when the screen lit up with naked bodies writhing together on a bed.

Neither of them said a word as the moans and grunts of the people in the film came across the surround system. There was the unmistakable sound of skin slapping against skin and heated cries of, "God! Harder!"

Tony glanced at Abby with a look of, 'I'm not sure how that got in there…' and Abby just grinned back. They both moved toward the couch and sat down at opposite ends, their attention captured by the scene unfolding before them. Without words, Tony passed the popcorn and a beer to Abby and they sat back to enjoy the show, The Fast and the Furious forgotten on the coffee table.

After that night, it became a tradition that every other movie night was dubbed Porno Night. Per the rules of their regular movie night, anything was acceptable and the more unpredictable the video, the better it was all around.

At one end of the couch, clad only in boxers, Tony absently pushed his hand over his growing erection. His legs were parted and his feet planted firmly on the floor. His eyes were attached to the large flat screen in front of him where a male body was tied to a padded bench and another male was warming the toned skin with a paddle. Had anyone asked Tony if watching one man dominate another would turn him on, he would have vehemently said no. That was before Abby, in all her wisdom, brought some of her favorite BDSM flicks for their consumption on Porno Night.

Tony flicked his eyes to the left and saw that Abby was as into the scene in front of him as he was. Her breathing was heavy and her hand had already slid into the black panties she had on while her other hand trailed over her breasts. Tony could see her hardened nipples poking out against the lace bra and he bit back a groan as he slipped his hand into his boxers.

He turned back to the screen and gasped as the man grabbed the hair of the bound man. He opened his legs a little wider and began fisting his cock in time with the smacks of the paddle on the reddened skin of the actor.

"Told you so," he heard Abby say in throaty whisper. He tried to snort and say something witty in response, but the man on screen picked that moment to stop the spanking. Tony held his breath as he watched the reddened globes parted to reveal the man's asshole, completely open for whatever could fit inside it.

All too soon, the sound of balls slapping against skin filled the room and Tony found himself coming hard.

They had had cases for three solid weeks and Tony and Abby both needed a stress reliever. Each case had involved children and, in one instance, the murder of a marine's wife and daughter. Gibbs had been worse than his normal bastard self and Tony had paid the price. With their phones turned off and a stack of new videos Abby had collected that catered to each of their porn watching kinks, they were ready to forget the rest of the world.

The woman cried out as the single-tailed whip left a red strip down her bare back… A blindfolded man tugged against the leather cuffs that held him to bed as a feather ghosted down his chest… A cock was thrust into the open mouth in front of it…

The sounds and images washed over them as they rode their own waves of pleasure from video to video. They could each feel the weight of the difficult cases lifting from their minds, to be replaced by a feeling of content. Tony had his cock pulled free of his boxers while Abby had pulled her panties off and had her fingers sliding into her body.

With one hand on his cock and the other playing with the sensitive skin just behind his balls, Tony knew he was getting close. The current video had a younger man being fucked by a silver-haired man with blue eyes. Tony didn't want to look too closely into why it turned him on.

They were just about come with the silver-haired man on the screen, when they heard, "Why the hell are your damn phones off?"

Tony and Abby's heads snapped up to see the silver-haired man they called boss looking at them with shock and perhaps a little interest as they both cried out.

He tugged lightly at the cuffs that secured his wrists to the slats on the headboard of the bed. He was belly down on the soft bed and he wasn't quite sure how he had ended up in that position. The moment Gibbs had walked into his apartment the night before, Tony had been equal parts mortified and turned on beyond belief.

Gibbs had been trying to reach them because of a new case, and with their phones turned off, the older man had hunted them down. Once they had come and the DVD had switched back to the selection menu, silence had filled the small apartment. Only his and Abby's post-orgasm breathing could be heard as Gibbs stood stone still with his eyes boring into both of them.

After several minutes of the tension, Gibbs finally spoke with a tone Tony had never heard from the other man. "Get yourselves cleaned up. We have a dead marine. And we will discuss being unreachable later."

Gibbs had left after that and Tony found himself pulling his discarded clothes on as he tried to wipe the traces of his come on towel from the kitchen. He ran his hand through his mussed hair as he turned a helpless expression to Abby. She just chuckled and added, "That was the best Porno Night ever!"

It was after the case was solved that Gibbs asked Tony and Abby to come to his house. Abby was practically bouncing when Gibbs asked if they were ready for the real deal and not some cheap movie. Soon, both Abby and Gibbs were tormenting his body.

He gasped when a finger pushed into him, but didn’t care when he found himself pinned between Abby's warm body under him and Gibbs' strong form above him. Who needed movies?
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: threesome/more, .noncrossover, challenge: ncisdrabbles100, character: abby sciuto (ncis), character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo/abby

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