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The Crossing Over Awards: 2006 Winners Posted

The first round of the relaunched Crossing Over Awards at Twisting the Hellmouth is now complete. Special congratulations to the winner of our Best Crossover Award, "Far Beyond Normal" by Jakl, and the runners up, "Trick Or Treat" by Kei and "Jedi Harris" by Scribbler. The award for Best Crossover Author goes to Mhalachai (aka mhalachaiswords). View all the winners for all the categories here: View the 2006 CoA Winners

Nominations were made during the month of October 2006 by 145 members of the TtH community for 522 different stories, series and authors. Then during November, 981 members cast a mammoth 21,856 votes, making this one of the biggest surveys of any kind of fan fiction on the Internet, let alone Buffy Crossovers.

Congratulations to all our winners - we hereby declare December to be an official month of gloating at the losers deserving runners up. If you want to gloat humbly accept your award, head on over to the I would like to thank... forum. However, please note anyone who bursts into tears mid-speech will find themselves being handed a mop and bucket and asked to clean the floor.

The Crossing Over Awards will be open for business again around the same time next year.
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