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To Like or Not To Like... That Is The...

First, I have 2 Dreamwidth Invites to pass out, just ask and you can have them on first come, first serve...

Second, I'm going to do something I rarely do on my journal and talk about the NCIS Season 6 finale.

I'm going to start with the ending first. WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THINKING!!!!!! I wish they had left it with Tony's cell phone closing. End Scene. But they went and had Beaten!Ziva being "interrogated" about NCIS by some terrorist group in Africa. What's so big about NCIS that they would want to know from someone who worked the major case squad and wasn't directly involved in the intelligence end of things? Gah!

Okay... those last moments aside... I LOVED the episode in terms of how the characters acted and interacted. I would have liked a few more Gibbs and Tony talking (or not-talking) scenes, but that's the shipper in me. But, Gibbs chose Tony. There was never any question there. And I did love that Gibbs asked if he would ever see Tony again.

I wanted to slap McGee at first in this episode, then I got to thinking. I *think* he was trying to be Tony and lighten the mood. But McGee is not Tony and therefore the mood lightening trick did not work with Gibbs or anyone.

I also want to know what Tony talked about in the car ride with Mossad guy. Maybe there should be fanfic there. *ponders*

I'm not sure what to think about Ziva being assigned to kill Ari and get Gibbs' trust in the first place... I'll have to think on that one.

Anyway... I liked the episode and will just purge the last moments from my brain.

PS: Tony needs more Abby-hugs as long as they don't hurt his arm more. The poor boy is going to have a worse fracture after all the manhandling he received after the fact.

PPS: What the hell is Gibbs going to work on next? His basement is kinda empty...
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