Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Bet You Didn't Know I Watched...

So, I watch Criminal Minds. I'm not a fanatic and really only started watching regularly this season, although I watched off and on before.

I was so happy when Nicholas Brendan showed up on the show to be with Garcia, because I got to see my Xander.

I love Reid and even have a bunny for an NCIS crossover with him.

That said...


NCIS didn't cliff me last night. I don't really care about Ziva all beaten up. *shrug* They made me not like her, so I'm not worried about her.

Criminal Minds... my mouth just dropped.

The episode was very captivating and somewhat disturbing as a whole. I teared up at a few points. I thought the case was a very good one and the way they had to discover parts of it... eep. I wanted to hug Garcia when she found whatever it was she saw on that lap top. I knew that the army guy was going to kill the paralyzed guy. I can't blame him. It's a shame he was the one that had to do it.

The way Morgan was trying to stop them from shooting Lucas. It tore at my heart.

The way Kelly acted. She was awesome. She figured out that he was more childlike and played to that so well. And she connected to him and was able to talk him down in some cases. I like that she tried to help him at the end by telling him how to behave. It's like she was slowly seeping into Lucas over his brother. But then she was pulled away and he couldn't cope.


So, the case left so many broken pieces around them all and they go home to start all over again and deal with it as best they could...

Then... Then.....

I know *something* was about to happen with Hotch when he walked inside. I moved from a laying position on the couch to sitting up with a pillow clutched. I kept expecting someone to be laying either in wait or dead on that couch with the blankets/pillows... But he walked up behind Hotch... And they ended with the gunshot that you have no idea who shot, where the shot went or anything. Perfect Cliff... And I HATE perfect Cliffs.

I think the guy behind the mask is the serial killer from a few eps back that escaped. He offered Hotch a deal and Hotch didn't take it. Now he's back... I knew he wasn't gone for good....

But.... Why show? Why?

And wow... Two episode reaction posts in two days. What's going on with me? I guess you better not get me started on the fact that T:tSCC didn't get renewed...
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