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Original Fiction: Paul

Title: Paul
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR18
Disclaimer: The story is of my own creation...
Genre: Slave-Fic
Warnings: Slavery; Male Master / male slave
Word Count: 1,000
Beta: satyrnfive
Written For: slavefics Comment Fic Challenge

Prompt: A public uniform that denotes a person as a slave, or specifically a body slave; a master admiring his slave. - elmyraemilie

Crossposted: orig_slavefic

Summary: He's always ready to obey Master's commands.

"I think it's time we acquired you some decorations to accompany your traveling attire. You've been with me how long now?"

Keeping his eyes cast downward, but pushing into Master's hand as it carded through his hair, Paul answered quietly. "Four months, Master."

"Time flies," Master responded as his fingers trailed down to reach between his skin and the leather collar that encased his neck. "I think we will make a day of it. Go dress and then wait for me at the front door."

Paul crawled quickly from the room and into the little side closet he was allotted in Master's bedroom. Inside was the blanket and pillow he had been given his first day with Master and hanging from a hook on the wall was his 'outside' wear. Within the house, Paul wore nothing save his collar and any 'attachments' Master deemed necessary. However, when he was to be taken outside the safety of the walls, he was required by law to be dressed appropriately. While Master would not be in trouble for any violation of the dress code, Paul, as a body slave, would be publicly whipped and then kept in one of the public cages for a week (at least).

Paul shuddered with the thought of enduring something like that as he placed his cock cage on and linked the chain to a butt plug that was already nestled in his ass. Master preferred him to control his own erections while home, but Master did not like anyone getting ideas that he was open for service when they were in town. Paul was grateful.

Next he pulled the sheer silk pants that sat low on his hips. The material was see-through and tickled him lightly wherever it touched is skin. They were loose fitting and closed off in tight cuffs just above his ankles. It was the outfit that every body slave wore when beyond the walls of their Master's home. It was these that signified his status to all who laid eyes upon him.

No shirt was allowed, even during the winter months. A body slave was expected to endure all climates for the sake of serving their Master with devotion. Extreme cold or the beating of the hot sun was not to affect him.

Paul turned to the opposite wall that contained the floor length mirror. The mirror was there to ensure that his appearance was immaculate, but was also used for other interests when it pleased his Master. Many a night had been spent tied in one position or another while he faced the mirror for hours on end. Looking at his reflection now, he could easily picture the latticework of ropes and leather crisscrossing his body and gave a fleeting thought to what Master had planned for his body.

Master was his first permanent owner. Before then, he had been the property of the auction house from the time his parents sold him at thirteen. His eighteenth birthday had been his first day on the floor and he left with Master the very next morning. Although nervous and scared at first, he had come to learn that Master would care for him and protect him.

After brushing his palms down the sides of his pants to smooth any potential wrinkle, he descended to his knees and crawled from the room, making his way for the front door. Master did not have many rules, but one of the main rules forbid Paul from walking unless Master granted him permission. As he made his way through the home, he tried not to respond to the colder temperatures on the smooth tile that marked the entranceway.

He came to a stop at the door and reached to grab the chain leash that hung near the door. It was the last piece of his required wear for outdoor trips. A body slave without a leash was taken to the pound if caught and a public flogging and caging was a breeze compared to the rumors regarding the pound. Paul placed the leash between his teeth and waited on all fours for Master to lead him outside.

Paul was allowed to walk behind Master in town, as the sidewalks would damage his sheer pants. His feet were beginning to ache from lack of use as they spent hours weaving through the city streets and passing many store windows. Paul kept his head down and focused solely on following Master. He did not want to be seen as a disobedient slave who could not follow Master at heel.

When Master stopped, so did Paul. After a count of ten in his head, Paul dipped to his knees and waited for an indication that Master wished to continue. Soon, he felt the tug and rose swiftly to his feet and followed Master through the sliding doors and into one of the many shops that lined the street.

Paul listened as Master was greeted by a shop employee and explained what he needed accomplished.

"I have a pet in need of a little decoration and I've heard this is the place to have it done."

"What are you considering? It is a fine specimen to work with. Do you mind?"

Paul heard the brief order of, "Present," and stepped forward with his head bowed and his hands clasped behind his back. The shop worker circled him and casually reached a hand out to run over various parts of his anatomy. The worker seemed most interested in his nipples and gave a longing look at his trapped cock.

"You have a beautiful pet. Some well placed jewels would look perfect and accentuate the shine from his pants."

Paul felt Master run his hand through his hair in a pleased gesture. "I've grown quite found of it," was said and Paul felt a deep blush creep into his skin.

Master chuckled and pulled his leash taught. "Knees," Master commanded and Paul dropped immediately to the floor, ready to obey Master's every command.
Tags: .comment!fic, .genre: slavefic, .original

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