Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Epic Fail & Pending All-Nighter

So... I fail. I went over to Metropolis to get an autograph session ticket for Justin Hartley and Phil Morris. I failed.

I was about 15-20 people too late.

The tickets were handed out for sessions in this manner:

55 tickets per session
4 sessions

Each person could get 1-2 tickets for the same session. And tickets were handed out starting at 7am.

They are doing the same thing tomorrow morning. The first person to arrive there today arrived at 4am. So now, I need to decide what time to go camp out in Metropolis tonight. I have to factor in everyone who didn't get a ticket today and wants one. I have to factor in the out-of-towners who won't arrive until today/tonight that want tickets...

I'm thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 2am-3am. What does my f-list think?

My sister may go camp out with me. If she does, I have a plan. I will get 2 tickets, she'll get 2 tickets and then we will hand the extra two to a person in the back of the line who didn't get any.

I figure I can take my iPod and a notebook and write. Who knows what I can write while waiting. Perhaps something with Gibbs as a bottom. I need to gather prompts before going.
Tags: life: epic fail, superman celebration

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