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Well, I went, I saw, I didn't get any sleep... But it was worth it. The stars were awesome and below you will learn of all the excitement and misadventure that occurred.

Ain't Going Down 'Til the Sun Comes Up...

You already know that I had my Epic Fail and didn't get the tickets the first go around. So, at 1:00am, my sister and I arrived in Metropolis armed with camp chairs, an iPod, some books and a laptop. We weren't the first to arrive. There were three that had driven down from northern Illinois and were already in place for the first in line. We were #4 and #5.

So, we set up camp and found that Metropolis had free wi-fi and I used that for a bit until the battery on the laptop died. I had this big craving for a funnel cake all night because we were facing the funnel cake booth.

My sister also went and took some night pictures of the Superman statue since it was the perfect opportunity to do so... Here's some below:

I didn't sleep, and eventually 7:00am rolled around. We got our tickets and booked it out of there before the ones who didn't get tickets in the back got up to the front. We're not stupid.

We then had breakfast and hopped over the river to my office. We needed to freshen up and I needed a printer to print out some pictures. So a few minutes there and we were on our way back to Metropolis and ready to get autographs at 9:00am.

The Stars: Justin Hartley & Phil Morris

Both guys were really nice and very talkative with people. It was fun. I've been there when the stars aren't that great and it's always good when they are. And it didn't hurt that both men were hot... :-)

Just as we got inside the Chamber of Commerce building where they were, my sister received a text message. Apparently our older brother (who was supposed to meet us and get his own ticket for autographs) had embedded a hook in his thumb and my dad was on the way to the emergency room with him. That's all we knew at that point.

So we stayed in line and got to the tables. We met Phil Morris first and he was fun to talk with. I have more about Phil Morris below...

Then came Justin Hartley. His wife Lindsay Hartley was there with him. My sister started telling Justin Hartley that our brother was supposed to be coming but was on his way to the hospital and he became very concerned. He kept asking over and over: "He's going to be okay, right?" It was kinda cute... Check out the pictures. :-)

Justin's concerned face as he asked how my brother was and if he would be okay.

From Phil Morris' Mouth

I shocked Phil Morris. When I learned he was coming to Metropolis, I IMDb'ed him because I wasn't too sure who he was other than being a recurring character on Smallville. That's when I learned that he was in an episode of NCIS (03x13 Deception)! So, I was the 'strange' fan who showed up with her NCIS DVD that contained that episode on it.

Phil's shock over me bringing an NCIS DVD...

I told him that NCIS was my favorite show and he started talking about the show with me and about how much he liked it. Yes, I fangirled with Phil Morris about NCIS. Hee! :-)

We talked about how the show does so well and isn't one of the 'mainstream' shows. (I didn't go into season six with him, but would have had I not been holding up the line). Then he told me something of interest...

He said that he was originally going to be in the spin-off but the higher ups signed LL Cool J for the part and he got bumped. He seemed kinda bummed that he got bumped because LL Cool J was a bigger name than him.

He went on to say that the cast of NCIS is a great group and he really enjoyed the time he worked with them. :-)

ETA: I forgot! Before I moved on to talk with Justin Hartley, he stood up and shook my hand. He didn't do that with anyone else. :-)

Professional Pageant Girl

Later in the afternoon, we had my niece with us and we entered her in the Beautiful Baby contest. The contest's only rule was that the kids weren't to be dressed in pageant like clothes but were to wear sporty/everyday wear.

When my niece got on stage, she became her usual self. Bubbly, waving and 'posing' for all to see. Mainly because myself and two of our cousins were in front of the stage waving at her and I was taking pictures (she LOVES posing for pictures). Then, near the end, she even started kind dancing in her little way like she did in the Good Ship Lollipop video thing I have on Youtube.

Well, my sister could see the judges and how they were talking (my sister was on the stage with my niece). Two of the judges were pointing toward her and looked to be leaning toward picking her for one of the three prizes. Then the third judge leaned over and mouthed something with her hand up near her mouth. My sister is 90% sure that she read her lips to say something along the lines of, "not #9, she's a pageant girl."

Now, the rules said nothing about kids not qualifying because they had been in pageants before, just that they weren't suppose to be dressed like a pageant. Second, my niece has NEVER been on a stage before. This was her first time doing anything like that. And my sister would NEVER put her in a regular pageant. Yes, she's bubbly, waves, blows kisses, dances, but that is just her... It's natural. And then there's her curls. Her curls look like hours could have been spent on making them. However, they are all natural. 100% natural. My sister gave her a bath about 2 hours before the contest and use a brush just a little bit on it and no blow dryer or curler or anything...

In a way, it's a backhanded compliment that they thought she was a 'professional' but at the same time, it wasn't right for them to assume that and not pick her because of it. But alas, that's life. It's just funny that entering her in a pageant is the last thing they would ever do and the judge thought she was a pageant regular.

My niece had fun and got to do a bouncy ride like think later that made her day, so all is okay.

Anywho... that's how the day went for the most part. And I finally got some sleep after being up for around 40 hours straight. And my brother was okay after they got the hook out. Too bad we can't let Justin Hartley know that he survived.


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Jun. 15th, 2009 04:22 am (UTC)
First off: I love those Superman pictures! Especially the picture of the base of the statue - it's really pretty.

Yay Phil Morris and Justin Hartley! That's cute about JH's concern for your brother. I'm glad he's okay, by the way. :-)

And that's SO COOL about you and PM talking about NCIS! I remember him from that episode - am jealous that you got him to autograph your DVD. Am also slightly bummed that he wasn't in the spinoff - I would have liked to have seen him in it. And it's very awesome that he shook your hand!

Your niece is so adorable! It's not fair that she wasn't picked because she looked too much like a "pageant" girl. But it seemed like she had fun, and that's all that matters. :-)
Jun. 15th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC)
On the Superman pics... My sister took those with her nifty camera. She manages the Walmart photo studio where she lives and loves photography.

I should have posted some of the pics my 2 1/2 year old niece took of a guy waiting for the port-a-potty. She's really good at framing a shot, even if the shot isn't the most interesting thing in the world to most adults. :-)

We were totally fangirling over NCIS. It was great! And I dropped the camera when I shook his hand because I was juggling items for signing and the camera and then a hand shake just didn't fit in with the juggling... but it was great.

My sister and I have a tendency to get stars talking and hold up line when we meet them. We're tricky that way. We did that with John Schneider too because of some of the items we brought for him to sign.
Jun. 15th, 2009 04:48 am (UTC)
She's good - those pics are awesome!

I assume they're interesting to her! Silly adults - they don't appreciate true art. :-)

That's so funny! I can't stop laughing at the image. I keep conjuring up the picture of the two of you jumping up and down, squeeing and jabbering on about NCIS. *SNORT*
Jun. 15th, 2009 04:56 am (UTC)
I think we were about to do that. If it wasn't for the fact that there were a line of people behind me, we would have kept talked. I'm sure about that. :-)

It rocks to see that actors can be fans too. :-)

Darn line. Think I could have managed to steal him away for a long NCIS discussion without getting mobbed? ;-)

It was neat when he actually stood up from his chair and leaned over to shake my hand. I feel privileged.
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 15th, 2009 05:00 am (UTC)
You're welcome! I didn't really know anything that Lindsay had been in. I never watched Passions. But it was nice to see them interacting. Some of the ones that have had significant others there, the SO's didn't really do much interacting.

Smallville is the reason they were both there of course. But I wanted to meet PM due to the NCIS connection. I've met John Schneider, Michael Rosenbaum and several others there in the past (check my superman celebration tag for pics of them).

I know on PM... it sucks that they went with a name when they may have had someone just as good or maybe even better.

Glad you enjoyed the pics and stories. :-)
Jun. 15th, 2009 06:04 am (UTC)
OMG, just, I love Justin and Lindsay, I used to watch Passions insanely, only soap I've ever really been into and they were my favorite characters. I only found out they were married after Justin became the Green Arrow lol (I was nosy, looked him up and saw pretty pictures).

Sounds like you had a lot of fun and I am sorry about the pageant thing, she is very adorable though :D
Jun. 16th, 2009 03:50 am (UTC)
They were great to meet. :-)

And pretty in person too. :-)
Jun. 16th, 2009 03:39 am (UTC)
Justin and Lindsay, my airport stalkers. :)

For about 3 flights in a row when I went up to Vancouver I saw Justin or Justin and Lindsay at the Vancouver Airport. They were either getting off the plane I was about to get on or waiting to get on the one I was getting off. :)
Jun. 16th, 2009 03:51 am (UTC)
LOL! That's awesome. Airport stalkers! Hee!

Jun. 22nd, 2009 07:31 am (UTC)
I think it was awesome that you got to meet two great guys.... and talk to Phil.... I know Justin is a great person and he is always interested in the people he meets.... the pics are great and I just adore the photo of the little one... she is so sweet...glad you had a great time and thanks for the comments and pics......
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