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Kayla Shay

Fic: The Interview (NCIS)

Title: The Interview
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: AU Gen
Characters: Tony; Kelly Gibbs
Word Count: 1,000
Setting: Pre-Series; Fall 2001
Beta: azraelz_angel

Verse: Iron Guts Kelly Verse

Written For: ncis1000words Challenge #14 - Reverse Fandom: M*A*S*H
Note: Title of M*A*S*H episode 04x25 inspired this fic...

Crossposted: ncisfanfic; ncis_fic; ncis_haven; ncis1000words

Summary: He figured it was a tossup between her and her dad as to which was the scariest Gibbs.

“Uncle Ducky said you’re doing better today and that I could bring you a treat,” Kelly chirped as she bounced into the guest room in the Gibbs household.

Tony had been confined to quarters after receiving two gunshot wounds his first week on the job. One had grazed his shoulder while the other had been a through and through on his foot. He was still a little fuzzy on how his foot was hit during the gun battle, but with two wounds, it was hard to do much of anything.

Gibbs had driven him “home” from the hospital and taken one look at the dingy motel room he was occupying and escorted him back to the car and then the guest room of his house. After taking the prescription pain meds, Tony didn’t remember anything until Doctor Mallard had arrived the next morning to check his dressings.

Now it was a day later and all of his belongings had somehow migrated from the motel room to Gibbs’ house. He wasn’t sure what to make of having multiple people looking after him while he was injured. Hell, he wasn’t even used to one person looking after him. A frat buddy had tried to help him after the broken leg incident and that had not gone well for either man.

Not only did Gibbs stop in the room to check on him with a strange brand of a concern, but also Gibbs’ seventeen-year-old daughter Kelly had appointed herself his nurse for the duration. It was kind of cute, but Tony was already making plans for his escape as soon as he was allowed out of the bed, if not before.

“So what’s the treat?” he asked when he realized he had drifted a little a bit and Kelly was staring at him.

“A Kelly Gibbs Special,” she responded, producing a tray with a covered dish on it. “It even makes my dad less grumpy after he’s been hurt, and if it works on him, it’ll work on anyone.”

Tony lifted the lid with his left arm and looked thoughtfully at the tasty chocolate dessert that greeted him. “You know, I think you’re missing some chocolate right there,” he said as he dipped his finger into a portion of the dessert and brought it up to his mouth to lick off.

“I put a spoon on the tray for you to use.”

“So you did,” Tony said around a smile as he picked up the spoon a little awkwardly with his left hand and began to eat.

Tony didn’t notice her walk back over to the door until he heard it click shut. Then she pulled out a chair from the desk in the room and turned the back toward him. She straddled the chair and crossed her arms over the back of the chair and stared intently at him.

“Um,” he started around a swallow of the cake, “why is this looking like an interrogation?”

“Because it is,” she said calmly. She continued to stare and Tony began to shift his weight on the bed.

“And why are you interrogating me?” he finally broke.

“It’s like this; I love my dad. Even though I love him, he does a very dangerous job and I could lose him each day he puts on that badge and gun. Because of that, I need to make sure that only the best are out there with him watching his six.”

“So you interrogate every agent that works for him?”

“Pretty much. Now, I have a few questions for you and we can wrap this thing up.”

“Shoot,” Tony responded as he pulled is injured arm protectively against his chest.

“First, has one of your partners ever died while you were on duty?”

“In Philly,” Tony found himself answering quietly and honestly. “An undercover op gone bad, because our captain didn’t pull us when both of us told him we’d been made.”

“Did- Was it bad?” Kelly asked equally as quiet.

“Bad enough,” Tony said gruffly. “Next question.”

“Um, if you saw someone about to shoot your partner and you had enough time to react, what would you do?”

“I’d take a bullet over my partner any day,” Tony said firmly. “Did your dad tell you the one in my shoulder was meant for him but I tackled him out of the way?”

“No he didn’t,” Kelly said with a hint of annoyance. Tony was sure she muttered, “And he’s going to hear about it,” under her breath.

“If I can stop someone else from being hurt, even if it means getting hurt myself, I’m going to do it Kelly.”

“I guess that leaves me one more question. Are you going to leave when your two years are up?”

“Where’d you-“

Kelly cut him off before he finished. “Abby told me you never stay anywhere longer than two years. So, you already planning to leave?”

“I never plan on leaving anywhere. It just kinda happens. In Peoria, the guys on the force found out I had a rich daddy and it went downhill from there. I already told you about Philly.”

“And Baltimore?”

Tony smiled thinking back to his last days in Baltimore. “I met your dad and here I am.”

“I guess you’ll do,” Kelly finally said with full authority in a voice.

From the seriousness of her expression, Tony couldn’t help but ask, “And what would you have done if I didn’t do?”

Kelly smiled a smile that could rival Tony’s on his best day. “Uncle Ducky and Abby would have helped me sabotage you until Dad tossed you out on your ass. Then the process would have started over with a new agent in your place.”

Tony stared at her with full belief that she was capable of accomplishing precisely what she outlined. He figured it was a tossup between her and her dad as to which was the scariest Gibbs. She had evidently learned from the best and he had to respect that.
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: gen, .noncrossover, challenge: mash titles, challenge: ncis1000words, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: kelly gibbs (ncis), collection: iron guts kelly, fandom: ncis

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