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Video Cameras - Advice and Input

I've been tasked with finding a new video camera for work. There's so many out there and I'm not the expert on them, that I thought I would see if anyone on my f-list has any input...

The things I know I want to have are:

  • Good sound recording quality, with potential to add an external microphone if needed.

  • Digital (so we can transfer straight to the computer).

  • Since hard drive space is limited, what are options on storage for digital cameras?

  • High quality zoom

Those are what I know for sure along with standard need for good quality video... Anybody have any input?



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Jul. 8th, 2009 09:58 am (UTC)
While I don't know too much about the consumer cameras around at the mo (I've had mine for a few years and not looking to get a new one for a while) I can give a couple of suggestions of what to avoid.
Both cameras that record to harddrive and to miniDVD can be buggy.
With hard drive cameras we often get clients in with a tonne of footage but no easy way to get it off the camera - we usually end up transferring material off via the AV cables to DVD (not ideal if you're planning to reuse/edit footage at a later point) or transfer the file to computer hard drives (which uses up drive space and often requires special software to view footage or convert to a usable format)
DVD cameras often have issues with the discs - they seem to be more easily damaged than regular DVDs (though it may be people just aren't as careful with them) and again can be a problem if you're going to reuse or edit the footage. Also I've seen quite a few where the discs have been apparently finalised (to play on other players) but nothing will play or copy them.
DV tape camera are what I would recommend from experience. They are a format that is generally reliable and if the footage is to be reused simple programs like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie can capture to footage to file to edit. Also having a tape means you don't end to keep the footage on hard drive. Also, as an aside, if you go for a tape camera I recommend Sony tapes - Panasonic ones tend to get errors more often than Sony ones.

Hope that helps a little ^^
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