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Kayla Shay

Fic: Images (NCIS)

Title: Images
Author: kaylashay
Written For: ceares for ncis_ficathon 2009
Prompt: Gibbs/DiNozzo-a/u, any pretty much as long as they wind up together-but I'd love something along the line of the Bodyguard, or the Professional (Note: Didn't go with Bodyguard or the Professional, but hopefully it works.)
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Slash; AU
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Warnings: Male/Male
Word Count: 3,557
Beta: azraelz_angel and thanks to triskellion for the redirect.
Note: Title of M*A*S*H episode 06x09 inspired this fic... (and no, I didn't realize that the episode number combined was 69 until just now... ;-)
Note 2: Also written for ksl2025 who gave me a prompt some time back.

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Summary: When Leroy Jethro Gibbs found himself in the middle of a nasty divorce, he turned for help from a local private eye, a former a cop from Philly named Anthony DiNozzo.

The folder hit his desk with a resounding thud and Tony looked between it at the gray-haired man who had just barged into his office without so much as a knock. When no answer was forth coming, Tony picked up the folder and began to thumb through its contents.

The first photograph was seemingly innocent, two men with drinks in their hands, friends. But as he continued to the flip slowly through the set of images, they took an entirely different turn. He found himself comparing the younger man from the photographs with the older version still standing in front of him with crossed arms.

When he reached the end, he considered flipping through them again in case the chance was taken away, but he settled back in his chair and crossed his hands behind his head. With an obvious appraising look at the man in front of him, Tony decided to open negotiations with his potential client, even if he didn't know yet what the job would entail.

"So…" he drawled out as he tried to size the stoic man in front of him. "Not that I don't like a little porn to brighten up my day, but what can I do for you? I could assume, judging by the pictures and your expression, you're being blackmailed. The question is, what do you want me to do about it? I peg you for military or law enforcement," and, at the slightest twitch Tony saw in the man's eye, he smiled wide and leaned forward, "or both. Something like these could hurt a man in that position, even if he doesn't give a shit about what other people think of him or who he does. Am I right so far?"

The man continued to stare and Tony wasn't sure at this point what it would take to make him crack. "You know, usually when I have a new client show up in my office, they sit down, maybe drink some coffee and tell me what they need. You're in the office, there's a chair behind you and I think there's a bit of grinds floating in the last of the water over there."

Coffee seemed to be the breaking point as the man finally opened his mouth. "I saw the bag your so-called coffee came from DiNozzo. We can skip the frilly stuff. I was told you were the best at finding out information and keeping other information quiet. That true?"

"Depends on who told you. I'm sure there's plenty out there who say I'm the worst person outside of whatever ex it was that sicced me. You got an ex, or a soon-to-be ex you need to sic me on Mr. …" he trailed off hoping for a name to go with the gruff man.

He was given a grudging nod and the man took a seat in front oh him.

"Gibbs. Don't call me Mr. or Sir. And I have three, but the only one that concerns you is Stephanie. I want to know where she got those and I want something just as damning on her and I want it all off the record."

Tony felt like he had just been given a special honor with the amount of words Gibbs had bestowed upon him. He steepled his fingers and looked back across his desk at the intriguing man in front of him. Most of his clients were women looking for proof on their cheating husband. It was rare for him to get a male client and even rarer for it to be someone like this Gibbs.

"Why don't you do it yourself? I bet you're more than capable yourself if that gun strapped at your ankle and the one on your side is any indication."

Identifying the location of the backup weapon earned Tony a slight lift of the corners of Gibbs' mouth. It was in that moment that Tony decided he liked the challenge of earning this man's respect, so he continued on without waiting for a response.

"But you said you wanted it off the record. Bet you can't take a shit where you work without it being recorded from every angle. Most cops wouldn't carry their main weapon off duty, let alone a backup. That cut is pure military, but I don't see gun-toting Marines roaming the streets of DC. So that leaves the Feds. Now, you aren't dressed right for the FBI. If you were CIA, you wouldn't need me. Eliminating the ones that don't get involved in the military branches much; we're left with Army CID and NCIS. You look more 'Ooh-rah' than 'Hooah,' so… Should I address you as Special Agent Gibbs?"

“Not bad, DiNozzo,” Gibbs said with a slight nod. Tony could tell that this was a man who rarely gave praise, so he lapped it up.

“This mean you approve of me and you’re ready to sign a contract so I can do what I do best?” Tony asked with a cheesy grin as he opened his general contract file to make the appropriate changes.

“Why’d you leave the force?” the blunt question froze Tony’s fingers over the keyboard.

The humor faded from Tony's face as he gave Gibbs a hard look. “I’m sure you already have the juicy details on that. It’s all public record.”

“Oh, I read the public record, even talked to a Sergeant Williams, who had some very colorful things to say about you.”

“Then why’d you even bother taking up my time and yours, Mr. Gibbs? The door’s behind you,” Tony finished with a nod of his head and crossed his arms.

Gibbs ignored the order and took a seat in one of the two plush chairs positioned in front of Tony’s desk. “I said not to call me mister and I don’t give a crap about what some bigoted police sergeant had to say. I want to know why you left the force.”

Tony took a deep breath to calm his nerves. Given the pictures the folder in front of him contained, Gibbs wouldn’t care about who he had sex with. Taking the bull by the horns, Tony gave his side of what had gone wrong in Philly.

“Since you were- are a Marine, you know all about Semper Fi and never leaving a man behind, right?” At Gibbs’ nod, he continued. “Well, the same holds true for cops. Or it does until the other cops find out you’re a fag and like taking it up the ass. Once news broke, I was the pariah. When I called in for backup three nights later, it didn’t show for thirty minutes. By then, I already had the bullet hole through my leg and was bleeding out. Guess I should be thankful they called the ambulance for me and didn’t leave me lying there,” Tony finished reaching down to rub at the scar his leg still carried.

Tony looked into Gibbs’ eyes and could see the anger burning within them. After a few moments, he continued the story.

“I couldn’t even pull desk duty for two weeks after that. Then, by the time I came back, I knew it was over. The stares and the whispered words weigh you down. So I filed my notice and started putting out feelers for other cities. Took me three weeks to realize why I wasn’t getting any offers.”

Tony paused to take a drink of water before leaning back in his chair. “I got an interview at Baltimore and when the HR person mentioned Williams, I knew it was over. Apparently, he had no qualms about telling anyone that asked about DiNozzo the queer, all off the record of course. I can’t even cry discrimination because there was nothing official written on it. So, I did what any cop who can’t find a job does… became a PI. I might not have the Ferrari yet, but I hold my own.”

“Should have gone federal,” Gibbs said soundly. “Got a pen?”

“So you can show me one of a dozen ways to kill me with it?” Tony asked as he rooted around his desk for a pen that still worked.

“Nah. Don’t need a pen to kill you, DiNozzo. But if you want my money, you need my signature.”

Tony’s eyes lit up as he turned back to the ancient computer he managed to keep running. With a few clicks, the contract was printing and he was running through what he needed to know to get started on the job. Tony felt a strong urge to prove himself to this man. It was a feeling that he hadn’t had since his days on the football field at Ohio State and he relished in it.

As soon as Gibbs had signed the appropriate lines, Tony reached out to shake his hand. “Guess I should call you boss now, Boss.”

Instead of returning the gesture, Gibbs placed a hand on Tony’s shoulder and directed him toward the door. “Find me some real coffee and I’ll tell you everything you need to know, DiNozzo.”

Tony stood with the folder that contained all the information that Gibbs would need to insure that Stephanie would not be an issue for him. He had knocked, but the other man hadn’t come to the door yet. Giving a quick glance around to make sure no one was watching, he turned the doorknob.

The door opened with ease and Tony found himself standing inside Gibbs’ house. Digging into the man’s history in order to dig into Stephanie’s gave Tony plenty of insight as he looked around the spartan room. He could still see the feminine touches in the decorations even though Stephanie had not been living there for three months. Walking through the room, Tony let his hand glide over various pieces of furniture as he tried to get more of a feel for the man he had been working for.

It had only been three weeks, but Tony felt he knew and understand Gibbs better than any other person he had ever met. And he had only met with Gibbs in person once more after their introduction. Through his research, he had seen the marriages before Stephanie and learned the root cause for all the failures when he reached 1991. Reading through the NIS report on the death of the man’s wife and young daughter had touched Tony deeply. He read between the lines in the case reports and knew that Gibbs had gotten the man who had taken his family.

Hearing a sound coming from a cracked door near the kitchen, Tony went to investigate. He found a set of stairs leading down into the basement and decided to go ahead and venture down.

When his head cleared the low entrance to the basement, he blurted out the first thought that popped into his head.

“You have a boat in your basement!”

“Well yeah, DiNozzo. Took you long enough to get your ass down here. You knocked ten minutes ago.”

Tony didn’t try to figure out why Gibbs didn’t just come open the door for him. Instead he opted for walking over to the wooden frame and let his hand run over the surface. The place he had touched had already been sanded and the smooth feel of the grain beneath his hand was fascinating. So caught up in the feel of the wood, Tony barely noticed Gibbs taking the folder from its place under his arm.

“That’s really Steph?” Gibbs’ questioned with an uncharacteristic surprise that brought Tony’s attention back to the man that had captivated him since they met.

“Yeah. Hard to believe, isn’t it? That DVD contains the actual video and I have backup copies of it in a few undisclosed locations if you ever need them.”

“Was she legal in this?” Gibbs asked as he flicked through the rest of the screen captures Tony had printed off for him.

“Barely. Filming started the day after she turned eighteen. There were also two sequels, but the original is almost always the best. I went through a lot of porn to find this.”

“Bet that was a hardship for you,” Gibbs said dryly as he sat the folder down on one of his workbenches.

“It was when the focus was all on guy on girl action. The pictures your soon-to-be ex had on you were more my speed, Boss,” Tony stopped just short of leering.

Throughout the past weeks, there wasn't a day that went by that Tony didn't flick through the pictures that had brought Gibbs to his office. He knew in his mind that admiring his client in the photos was a bad thing, but his dick wasn't listening to his mind. He found himself wondering time and again what it would be like to be fucked by the older man and this was his last chance to act on it.

He had fulfilled the contract and gotten the goods on Stephanie. It meant he would move on to the next wife looking for proof of her husband's infidelity and Gibbs would continue catching the bad guys and solving real crimes.

Not wanting to dwell on what he couldn't do anymore, Tony took a step closer to Gibbs, who held his ground.

"In all my research into you and Stephanie, I never figured out if those pictures with the guy was a one time thing. Is that how you get your rocks off between exes?"

"Thought a private eye like you would have figured that out. Maybe I need to withhold my final payment for the intel."

Tony made a judgment call as he took in Gibbs' loose stance and amused eyes. He closed the distance between them and placed his hands on face, cupping his cheeks. With a quick lick to wet his lips, he leaned forward and captured Gibbs' mouth with his own.

To Tony's relief, Gibbs didn't back away. In fact, he stepped closer and Tony could feel hands rubbing over his back as the kiss deepened. He lost himself for several moments before he pulled back for a breath.

"Did I guess right?" he asked around a smile only to open his mouth in protest when one of Gibbs' hands lightly connected with the back of his head.

Gibbs silenced him with another kiss and kept his hand on Tony's head, carding his fingers through his hair. Tony let his own hands roam during the second kiss and was soon kneading Gibbs' ass through worn jeans.

Tony started walking them backwards until he had Gibbs pushed against one of the many workbenches in the basement. When Gibbs stopped moving, Tony kept going forward until he was between Gibbs' spread legs with the growing erections rubbing together through their pants.

With a moan, Tony broke the kiss and enjoyed the sight of Gibbs' pupils dilating with want. Reaching down to cup Gibbs' erection, Tony leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "Want to fuck me Marine?"

His words had the desired effect as the cock he was touching hardened even more. Tony took the bottom lobe of Gibbs' ear into his mouth and sucked on it for a moment before giving it a gentle bite. Then he trailed his tongue down Gibbs' throat until he was mouthing the pulse point he had discovered. He didn't stop until Gibbs' hands cupped his face and pulled him back.

"We're taking this to the bedroom. I'm too damn to old to roll around in the sawdust." Then Gibbs gave Tony a light smack to his ass before moving up the stairs. It didn't take long for Tony to be hot on his trail, taking the stairs two at a time.

Winding their way through the house, Tony followed Gibbs into a bedroom that contained a top of the line bed. Whistling in appreciation, Tony moved closer to run his hands over the sheets.

"At least Stephanie had good taste if nothing else," he said as he pushed down to test the softness of the mattress.

"Let's not talk about my ex. More interested in seeing you without those clothes on."

"That can be arranged," Tony responded as he turned his attention back to Gibbs.

With teasing tugs and pulls and a few snapped buttons on Gibbs' shirt, they were soon naked and admiring each other's arousals. Tony's cock had slapped against his belly and was already leaking pre-come, while Gibbs' cock bobbed in front him.

Reaching out, Tony ran a hand down Gibbs' length and then let it wander further down to cup his balls. Enjoying the feel of the light hair rasping across his fingers, Tony rolled them in his hand until he heard Gibbs suck in a sharp breath.

Smiling at the visible effect he was having on the man, Tony maneuvered him to the bed and pushed him over. Following him down, Tony let their legs tangled as they settled into the bed.

Gibbs' hands came up and started ghosting over Tony's ass while Tony latched back onto the spot on Gibbs' throat he had discovered in the basement. He wanted to leave a mark on the man and that was where he wanted it to be.

Tony wasn't sure when Gibbs had retrieved the lube, but he was aware of a finger slipping into his hole. The finger slid in easily and he felt Gibbs chuckle beneath him.

"That sure of yourself, DiNozzo?" Gibbs questioned hotly into Tony's ear as he quickly added more fingers into Tony's already prepared hole.

"I'm a good detective Agent Gibbs. Plus, DiNozzo's rule number one when it comes to sex is: Always be prepared."

"Do I want to know how many rules you have?"

"Sixty-nine," Tony answered cheekily.

Satisfied with the growing red mark on Gibbs' neck, Tony sat up so he was straddling Gibbs' thighs. He could feel the hot cock trapped beneath his balls and was ready to have that cock inside him.

"You ready to be ridden hard Gibbs?" he asked breathlessly as he rocked his hips back and forth.

Gibbs just grunted and tossed a condom packet in Tony's direction. With a grin, Tony put the condom in place before positioning Gibbs' cock at his opening. Within moments, Tony was sliding down until he was fully seated on Gibbs' dick. They both groaned as Tony started moving his body.

It didn't take long for Gibbs to start slapping his hips forward as Tony moved down and the tempo increased as they both looked for release. Tony worked his body until he could lean forward while Gibbs still plunged into him. He suctioned his mouth back over the mark on Gibbs' throat and pushed his hands down into the mattress beneath.

When his hands tightly circled Gibbs' wrists, he heard Gibbs' breath hitch and felt hips push the cock further into his body. Each slide was now striking Tony's prostate and he was breathing hard. He could feel his balls draw up tight and knew it wouldn't be long. Judging by Gibbs' erratic breath, he wasn't far off either.

After a few short minutes where the slap of skin on skin and their heaving breathing filled the room, Tony felt his climax wash over him as come spurted across his stomach and dripped down onto Gibbs'. At the same moment he reached his release, he bit down hard on Gibbs' throat.

The bite sent the older man over the edge and Tony could feel his come pulsing against the protection of the condom. When the last drop had spilled from his sated cock, Tony collapsed down on top of Gibbs, burying his head in the crook of the man's neck.

He vaguely remembered Gibbs pulling out and running a wet cloth over him to wipe the come away before he slipped into a comfortable sleep with Gibbs spooned up behind him.

It felt like hours later when Tony blinked his eyes open and realized where he was and recalled the incredible sex he had shared with Gibbs. He risked rolling over and found Gibbs sound asleep with an actual smile on his face. Tony reached out and traced his hand over the stubble on Gibbs' chin before leaning in and giving him a light kiss on the forehead.

Then, as carefully as he could, he slipped out of the bed and started pulling his scattered clothes on. While he had had fun, he figured Gibbs didn't need to wake up with him still there in the morning. Morning afters usually led to awkward moments that Tony was careful to avoid.

He wasn't sure if this was just a one night stand or if he would ever see Gibbs again. He didn't want to get his hopes up after all. Gibbs was still in law enforcement and going through what Tony had experienced in Philly was the last thing he would want to happen to the man. So with his clothes in place, Tony padded across the room, prepared to head back to his lonely apartment and unfulfilling job.

He hesitated at the door, giving one last look at the sleeping man he was leaving behind. "Catch yah later, Boss," Tony whispered as the door clicked shut behind him.

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