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Fic: Cementing Relationships (NCIS)

Title: Cementing Relationships
Author: kaylashay
Written For: triskellion for ncis_ficathon 2009 Pinch Hit
Prompt: Tony/Gibbs. A man from tony's past comes to NCIS and tensions start running high, forcing the two to contemplate their relationship and figure out what to do when the team starts paying closer attention.
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Timeline: Post- 06x25 Aliyah
Warnings: Male/Male
Word Count: 7,013
Beta: azraelz_angel
Note: Title of M*A*S*H episode 09x03 inspired this fic

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Summary: An old friend of Tony's turns everyone's perception on end.

"Damn," Tony hissed as he tripped over his discarded shoe in the darkened room. He managed to keep himself upright before snatching the shoe off the floor and stalking back over to the edge of the bed to put it on.

"If you're going to kick me out every time in the middle of the night, the least you could do is get a light you know," Tony grumbled to the man laying under the covers on the bed.

"Wouldn't need a damn light if you didn't toss your clothes everywhere, DiNozzo."

"Wouldn't need to worry about it at all if you'd let me stay 'til morning, Boss," Tony replied back, hoping the longing to do just that didn't come through in his voice.


"-take the chance. I know," Tony said with a sigh as he cut Gibbs off. It was the same story that Gibbs had been pitching to him since the night after they returned from Israel. Three months, and nothing had changed.

"I'll see you later, Gibbs," Tony said softly as he moved from the room. He resisted the urge to turn around and crawl back into bed with the older man. He knew when he wasn't welcome. He was just Gibbs' fuck buddy and he would need to learn to live with it.

Tony rounded the corner towards his desk and noticed McGee speaking to a man in a well-fitted Armani suit. As he drew closer, he could hear McGee finishing his answer to whatever question had been asked.

"-is in a meeting with the Director. However, Special Agent DiNozzo will be the one presenting in court. He should be-"

"Right behind you McGee," Tony finished up as he came to a stop behind the man. "You here about the Summers case?" he questioned the likely lawyer as the man turned around to greet him.

"Anthony?" came a questioning voice that startled Tony. "Anthony DiNozzo? Damn it's been years, man."

When Tony saw the face attached to the suit, he was floored. "William? God. It's been what? Almost twenty years?"

Before Tony realized what he was doing, he had William pulled into a hug that lingered a tad longer than normal. They each gave the other a friendly pat on the back before settling back into a safe distance.

"Thought you weren't going to toe the line and go into law? But it looks like you caved."

William flashed a smile before responding. "Didn't cave. I went into the 'common man's' law and didn't sign up for the next son in the Harrison and Sons law-firm. Pissed the old man off completely when I became a prosecution attorney. How about you? Federal agent is a long way from the football field."

"Knee injury, but I think law enforcement drove the nail in the coffin better than a sports career ever could. Damn it's been too long."

"And it'll be longer if you don't tell me why you're not working," Gibbs barked as he passed Tony and delivered a slap that had a bit more strength behind it than usual.

Before Tony could speak up in his own defense, McGee filled Gibbs in on their visitor.

"This is Will Harrison, Boss. He's the prosecuting attorney on the Summers case. Wanted to talk to us about the testimony. And," McGee finished with a gesture between Tony and William, "apparently they knew each other years ago."

"And that right there makes it sound like we're getting old," William quipped. "Don't know about Anthony here, but I definitely not old yet."

"Just experienced," Tony added with a waggle of his eyebrows. "I guess if the boss wants me to work, then I'm your man. You ready to go over things now?"

"Actually, I have a court appointment in an hour. I just wanted to touch base with anyone testifying and I hate doing that over the phone. You free this evening? Maybe we could do dinner and catch up after we talk shop."

Tony risked a glance in Gibbs' direction. The older man was the one who always determined when and if they would hook up for the night. Nothing had been said at the point and Tony didn't want to pass up a chance to reconnect with an old friend, even if annoyed Gibbs.

Tony could see a glint in Gibbs' eyes that he remembered seeing off and on over the years whenever he was flirting with some beautiful witness. The major difference was that they weren't having sex all those other times. Now they were and Tony was beginning to think that Gibbs might actually be jealous of William.

Biting the bullet, he gave his answer with one of his brightest smiles while looking solely at Gibbs. "It's a date. Didn't have any plans tonight anyway. Plus, twenty years will take a lot of catching up."

"That it will. How does Aria Trattoria sound?"

"You still remember my weaknesses. That'd be great. See you around seven?"

"Sure," William agreed before giving one more back patting hug and departing.

Tony moved to his chair with a firm smile in place. The more he thought about it, the more he looked forward to the night. It had been years, but a guy never forgot the first person he had sex with.

Gibbs sighed as he looked over his empty basement from the bottom of the steps. He'd give anything to have a half finished boat to work on, but that would mean starting from scratch all over again.

He had almost taken the Kelly to the water and actually sailed her, but in the end he did what he always did with the boats he built. He burned her. The Kelly had too many memories wrapped up within her and he didn't want the constant reminder of most of them on the water.

He had started work on her the week after he met a cocky Baltimore detective during a case that crossed jurisdictions. The last boat he had worked on was never finished and he had burned it when he returned from Mexico after killing the bastard that took his family.

The Kelly had seen him through all the nights where he thought about Tony as more than a co-worker and rationalized with himself that first, Tony would never want a man and second, being in a relationship with a male subordinate was just not feasible in their line of work. So, he had thrown himself into working on the boat and pushed his desires toward Tony to the side.

The Kelly had witnessed the death of Ari and helped him work through his memories after he returned from Mexico. She had been a staple in his life for nearly eight years and now he was drifting with nothing to latch on to.

When they returned from Israel sans Ziva, Gibbs made his decision to burn the boat. It was the next night that found him pushing Tony into his bed and fucking him until they both came long and hard.

Since that night, Gibbs had brought Tony to his house a few times a week and had even shown up at Tony's apartment a few times. But he never let the younger man stay the night. While he wanted nothing more than to pull Tony back against his chest and hold him through the night, he always pushed him out of the bed shortly after the deed was done.

He told himself that he was doing it for Tony's on good. If it was ever discovered that they were having sex, they'd both be hung out to dry. It would be all the excuse Vance needed to split them up permanently and that didn't even factor in what others would think of their relationship.

Abby and Ducky would be okay with it, of that, Gibbs was sure. McGee would need some adjustment time, but he'd be okay in the end. However, it was everyone else that concerned Gibbs. He did not want to ruin Tony's career.

With a sigh, Gibbs moved over to one of the workbenches and poured himself a glass of bourbon. He wouldn't see Tony tonight and that was because Tony was out at some Italian restaurant with some guy that, like Tony, was too handsome for his own good.

Gibbs had witnessed their greeting as he was on his way down from his meeting with the director. Vance had already put him on edge by talking about the pending new team member to replace Ziva. When he saw Tony with another man's arms around him, he had felt a rush of jealousy he hadn't experienced for years. The only thing he could compare it to was when one of his Marine buddies had eyed Shannon not long after their marriage. And that comparison scared him more than anything.

Gibbs had known for the last few months that Tony wanted more out of their pseudo relationship, but he was too afraid to give in to Tony's silent demands. Not much in life scared him, but the thought of having a future with Tony left him terrified. Logically, he knew what his main fear could be attributed to. Almost twenty years ago, the two people he loved the most in life were taken from him. Now, he had someone else that he knew he could feel the same for and he was scared to take the chance. If he ever lost Tony, he knew he wouldn't recover.

But in keeping Tony at a safe distance, Gibbs realized that he could still lose Tony before he ever really had him. If he didn't give Tony what he wanted, what they both wanted, Tony could walk.

Gibbs knew that there was more history to Tony and this Will that called him Anthony than just being old friends. The hugs they had shared had lasted too long and Gibbs also knew Tony's expressions. He could tell when the other man was thinking about more than just platonic things. Gibbs was positive that the two had a sexual background between them and that knowledge all but sucker punched Gibbs in the gut.

He couldn't demand that Tony not meet the man for dinner. They were meeting for work, but they also had a friendship that Gibbs wasn't part of and had no say over. Instead he had settled for glaring and barking orders to take out his frustration. By the end of the day, McGee was hiding out in Abby's lab to avoid him and Tony's eyes had taken on a look of steel. It was as if he was daring Gibbs to do something, anything, to give him a reason to break off whatever it was they had.

Finishing off the glass of bourbon, Gibbs had reached a decision that would affect his life for years to come. He would do anything to make sure Tony stayed with him.

"Anthony!" William greeted Tony as he made it to the table. "Was beginning to wonder if you were going to make it."

"Got a bastard of a boss that likes to screw with us when he knows we have plans. And let me tell you how strange it is to hear Anthony these days. You still going by William?"

"Dropped it to Will at Harvard and I guess you finally got to go by Tony once you got away from the old man."

"Pretty much. So how's life going?" Tony asked as they sat down to order.

Dinner passed quickly as they caught up on their respective lives. William had shaken his head in disbelief when Tony told him about contracting the plague. Tony laughed when he learned that William married a stripper after a week long stay in Vegas.

"It paid to be a lawyer after that fuck up," William said around a head shake. "How about you? Any brushes with marriage or monumental screw ups?"

Tony couldn't help the sigh that came out at the question as he thought of not only his current issues with Gibbs but also Jeanne.

"Let's just say that I was meant to be single and leave it at that. I'm not relationship material."

William gave him a concerned look before grabbing Tony's hand in his own. "If it hadn't been for our fathers, we wouldn't have called it quits. Hell, you were one of the best boyfriends I ever had."

"I was your first boyfriend, idiot. That clouded your mind."

"First everything, Anthony, and don't you forget it," William said back with a playful smile.

"And all we had to worry about was making sure our fathers didn't find out. Did yours ever figure out your were bi? After I made the choice to go to OSU, I could have gone around waving the gay pride flag and mine wouldn't have given a crap at that point."

As Tony talked, he moved his hand slightly so he was playing with William's fingers. He loved the connection to other people and being with William and able to touch to his heart's content was such a contrast to how it was with Gibbs. Tony hadn't truly realized just how much he was being denied with Gibbs.

"He's still clueless as far as I know. But then I did have that wonderful failed marriage and a few other spectacular girlfriend and fiancé disasters that keep up that nice heterosexual front. Do you even get a chance to see any guys in your line of work? I'm careful, but I imagine law enforcement is even tougher."

"You have no idea how tough it is. Philly was the only place I ran into problems with my co-workers. Got spotted at a club by a guy who worked in vice. I wasn't really harassed, but I could tell I had worn out my welcome."

Tony stopped as he considered just how much to tell William about his current situation. Gibbs had his steadfast rules that made sure no one learned of their trysts. However, William was someone who couldn't use it against them and Tony felt he needed someone to talk to about the older man.

Biting the bullet, he made a suggestion. "You want to crash at my place tonight? We still had some things to go over on the Summers case and you'll also need to swing into NCIS in the morning and talk to Abby and Ducky. They're the forensics expert and ME respectively."

William gave Tony a measuring look, realizing that Tony had something on his mind and it would likely take all night to drag it out of him. So, he agreed and it wasn't long before they found themselves on the way to Tony's apartment.

They talked well into the night about anything and everything except what Tony needed to talk about. Finally, after one too many yawns, Tony declared it was time for bed and invited William to share his own. Jeanne was the last person he had spent a full night with and Tony found himself longing for a warm body to curl up next to, even if it wasn't Gibbs.

William was spooned behind Tony on the bed when he whispered softly into Tony's ear. "Just like old times, huh?"

"Yeah," Tony said just as soft. "I- How come it can't be this easy with everyone?"

"I take it I'm not the one you were wishing was behind you right now?" William asked as he pulled Tony closer to his chest.

"Not that I don't like you William, but…" Tony took a deep breath before continuing. "You met Gibbs? Well, he- we- Damn. We've been fucking for three months now and the longest I've spent in his bed afterwards was thirty minutes. It was even less the few times he's been over here."

William placed a soft kiss to the back of Tony's neck before speaking. "I thought I picked up on something going on between you two. Have you told him you want more?"

Tony just snorted. "Gibbs isn't the sort of man you ask for things from. Hell, he's been married four times. His first wife and daughter were killed. I think part of it is that I could never compare to them. Probably what ended his other three marriages. The rest of it is that whole 'don't ask, don't tell' mentality. I'm cautious, but not to his extremes."

"Hard to imagine someone being further in the closet than you. Do you think there's anyway he will ever change?"

"Probably not. I keep deluding myself thinking he will, but I should know better by now. I don't even know what triggered it after all these years around him. I pushed him a lot for some kind of reaction, especially when I first started. He never took it beyond a suggestive word or look though. Then this thing went down with a co-worker and I was injured and she blamed me for what happened. Made him choose between me or her and two days later he was throwing me down in his bed and fucking me through the mattress."

As Tony talked, William traced patterns randomly over Tony's exposed skin. He didn't take it beyond friendly touches. He just gave Tony the touch he had been craving for so long.

"I keep thinking that maybe I should break it off and leave, but then I talk myself out if it at the last minute. I've been here for eight years and I don't want to leave, but I'm not sure I can stay and it's confusing the hell out of me."

"As much as I know you don't want to Anthony, you're going to need to confront him. The last person you always thought of before was yourself and you need to change that. If he's going to keep hurting you, you need to bow out. Who knows, maybe some distance would give him a wake-up call."

"If he was going to have a wake-up call, it would have been while I was agent afloat a year ago. I think the time for wake-up calls has passed him by."

"Do you think would could still work with him if you broke the sex off?"

Tony turned on his side so he could look into William's eyes and pondered the question. "I'm not sure, but I think I'm going to need to find that out. Why is it I always find myself talking to you about bastards? Twenty years ago, it was my father and now it's Gibbs."

"Get some sleep, Anthony," William said as he placed a soft kiss on Tony's forehead. "Maybe things will look better in the morning.

"Thanks for listening," Tony murmured as he drifted off to sleep, wrapped in the warmth of William's embrace.

William followed Tony back to NCIS early the next morning. Tony had figured it best to get William in and out with both Abby and Ducky before the others arrived for the start of the day. He didn't want to think about having William and Gibbs in the same room again and the quicker William left, the better.

Meeting Ducky was a quick affair, but Abby took a bit longer. As they laughed together while William shared a story about a much younger Tony, he found himself watching the clock and looking for Gibbs to round the corner with a Caf-Pow! at any minute.

It was with a sigh of relief that they made their way back to the parking garage with a beaming Abby left in her lab. Tony felt a blush creep into his face when William called him on it.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you didn't want me around. Of course it's probably just one person you don't want me to see. Right?"

"It's just… Gibbs knows me too well. Can't lie to the man and I know he knows that there was something between us. And he'll also know that you stayed with me last night."

"And what a night it was. I think that was the first time I've shared a bed with you and not gotten off," William said with a smile. "Can a least get a kiss for the road? No one's around."

Tony cast a quick look at his surroundings and confirmed what William had told him. He also knew that the position they were in blocked them from the prying eyes of the security camera. Tony may not have Gibbs' level of awareness of his surroundings, but he was no slouch.

"As long as we do better than we did that first time. I think my tongue still has a scar where you bit it," Tony teased as he leaned in for a quick, chaste kiss.

When their lips met, Tony knew they didn't share the heat that he had with Gibbs. Even if the other man was a bastard when it came to affection and relationships, Tony couldn't say one bad thing about the heat they shared when their bodies met.

By contrast, the moist slide of William's tongue over his lips was just a friendly parting. They liked to lay the blame on their family situations for why it never worked out between them, but both knew it was never meant to be between them.

"Don't let another twenty years go by Anthony," William said before climbing in his car and driving away.

Tony made his way back to the squad room with a heavy heart. In some ways, he was closer to William, a man he hadn't seen for all those years, than he was to Gibbs who he had seen almost every day for the last eight years. Tony knew something had to give, but he didn't want it to result in his departure from the team he had made his family.

Gibbs paused outside of the door to Abby's lab, a forgotten Caf-Pow! in his hand. The previous night had been hell on his emotions and he had overslept for the first time in years. As if that wasn't enough to put him in a foul mood, the conversation he was overhearing between McGee and Abby at that moment tipped the scales over.

"I'm telling you Abby," McGee was saying in a hushed tone. "Tony and that attorney were kissing in the parking garage. I thought they looked kind of close yesterday, but I figured it was just a friend thing. But… when did Tony start looking at guys?"

"At least Tony has taste when it comes to men," Abby said with a smile. "I knew he swung both ways, but I didn't know he'd risk a kiss in the parking garage. He's more daring that I thought."

"You knew?" McGee said with a hurt sound in his voice. "How come he never said anything?"

"Don't ask, don't tell isn't just for the military, Tim. Tony was a cop and cops have their own brand of it. Just don't let Gibbs know what you saw," Abby said as she went to turn her music on.

"Why can't Gibbs know? He wouldn't," McGee trailed off as he thought of how Gibbs might react and drew a blank. "He wouldn't do something to Tony, would he?" McGee asked in a hushed tone.

Abby reached out and delivered a slap to the back of McGee's head that would have rivaled Gibbs himself. "That's not what I meant, Timmy. Gibbs would never be one of those guys. I'm more worried about what he'd do to Will. Gibbs only glares at any girl Tony has, but I'm not sure what he would do to a man."

McGee stared at her with a puzzled expression before the reality of what she was saying set in. "Gibbs? And Tony? Really?"

Abby just smiled indulgently at McGee. "All these years and you haven't seen it? Tony's in love with the man and Gibbs… well, I can't tell with him, but he gets this glint in his eyes. I'm tempted to lock them in a closet or shut down the elevator with them stuck in it one day just so they can get it over with."

Gibbs decided he had heard enough and left, depositing Abby's Caf-Pow! in the nearest trashcan. He would make it up to her later.

As he stepped into the elevator, he wasn't sure what to feel. On the one hand, he was disturbed that Abby had evidently known that there was something between him and Tony. Even if she didn't know that they had already acted on it. On the other hand, there was hard proof that there was something between William and Tony. And Gibbs was torn between anger, jealousy and a creeping sadness at the thought he could lose Tony so easily to someone he didn't see coming.

Gibbs knew he wasn't ready to face anyone in the squad room and punched the emergency stop switch. When the car shuttered to a halt, Gibbs fisted his hands, longing to hit something to make it all better.

He needed to do something to win Tony back, but at the same time he was afraid of what would come out when he tried. He was never a man for words, letting his actions speak for him. But with Tony, he found it hard to balance what he really felt and keep it on a professional level that would prevent anyone from becoming suspicious.

Every head slap he had delivered over the years to the younger man was more than just the wake up call he claimed it was. There was no other way he could touch Tony at work and slapping his head had become the substitute. Then came the teasing. He would give Tony a compliment, but then cover it with a well-placed jibe. Those combined with his current after-hours treatment of Tony would be enough to drive anyone away.

Letting out the breath he didn't realize he was holding, Gibbs started the elevator back and resolved to not let his emotions put the final nail in the coffin to any chance he had of keeping Tony as his.

Tony kicked off his shoes and sank into his soft leather couch. He found himself wishing that William was over again that night so he could vent and be held. The day had been hell.

All morning, Tony had felt two sets of eyes on him. McGee was the most obvious and Tony had no clue what was up with him. McGee kept casting glances at Tony and then in Gibbs' direction. Tony could see a puzzled and almost nervous expression the entire day on McGee's face and it unnerved him. Something was up, but he didn't have the time to check with Abby to see if she knew what was going on.

Gibbs was in a whole different league. The first time Tony saw him that morning, Gibbs gave him a head slap and Tony hadn't even said a word. Then there were barked orders and long hours of researching information on a few cold cases with potential new evidence.

By the time Tony was able to power down his computer and make it to his car, he felt as if he had holes bored into him from Gibbs' staring. Tony was fairly certain the action was due to William, but Tony could never be sure with Gibbs. He was also surprised when the older man didn't mention anything about a hookup that night. It was Friday night and they had spent every Friday night for the last few months fucking like rabbits throughout Gibbs' house. Tony found himself lost with that routine no longer in place.

He could take the initiative and go to Gibbs' house and demand they talk it out. But all that would get him was a boot to the door. He was stuck waiting for Gibbs to determine if they were done or not. And from every indication, it looked like they would be. The only thing that remained for Tony was the decision he would need to make about staying at NCIS with Gibbs or heading on to newer pastures. He knew that Vance wouldn't hesitate for one moment on signing transfer papers or approving his resignation.

"Maybe it's finally time," Tony said out loud, only to jump to standing position at the strong voice that spoke up behind him.

"Time for what, DiNozzo?"

Tony whipped around and found himself face-to-face with Gibbs, who had a look that Tony had never seen on his face before. If he weren't mistaken, Tony would say that Gibbs actually looked nervous.

"How the hell did you get in my apartment?" Tony asked before realizing he already knew the answer. "Wait. Spare key? I guess the important question is, what the hell are you doing in my apartment without knocking?"

Gibbs tossed the key on the end table by the couch before crossing his arms. "Needed to see you and didn't know if you'd answer tonight or not."

"Why wouldn't I answer the door? Always have before and I know you saw my car parked outside."

"Your friend not over tonight?" Gibbs asked and Tony realized what Gibbs had been worried about.

Tony snorted before answering. "If William had been here tonight you'd probably be decked out on the floor for barging in. I think he could take you, Boss."

Tony saw a flash of what was possibly jealousy cross Gibbs' eyes.

"Look Gibbs," Tony said with a sigh while thinking that it was now or never. "This isn't the way our nights together usually go and I think that the normal way isn't going to work anymore. Maybe it's best if you just go back to your empty basement and start a new boat and I'll go back to finding a new date each week and we'll pretend this never happened. Call it a fluke and forget it."

Gibbs balled his hands into fists before stepping closer to Tony. They were so close now that Tony could feel Gibbs' breath across his face. He wasn't sure what response to expect from Gibbs. He just hoped that fist wasn't for him, because he knew he was no match for Gibbs despite their age difference.

However, what Gibbs did next was so far from what Tony had expected that he just let it happen.

When Gibbs heard Tony rambling about dating other people and forgetting about what they are shared, Gibbs felt his heart drop from his chest. He wouldn't lose Tony without a fight and it would be the most important fight of his life.

He could see Tony tensing up, expecting some sort of physical reaction from him as he moved so close to Tony's body. But Gibbs was hoping that his response would keep Tony off balance long enough that he would begin to rethink ending any chance they had for a relationship.

With a lot of nervousness mixed with a strong resolution to make it work, Gibbs pressed forward and captured Tony's mouth within his own. They had kissed many times over the last months, but it was always quick and hard as a precursor to what they were about to do. This time, Gibbs changed the tone and hoped it would show his new intentions when it came to Tony.

He started out slow, just a press of lips on lips. Gradually, he worked his tongue out and slipped it into Tony's mouth, carefully mapping every inch. As the kiss deepened, Gibbs learned that he had not only been denying Tony but he had also denied himself.

When Tony started making small whimpers that Gibbs had never heard before, he considered his first step a victory and pulled back so just their foreheads were touching. He then moved his hands around to Tony's ass and pulled their bodies close together, letting their groins meet.

"You're not a fluke, Tony," Gibbs said in a low voice. "And I don't care how many Williams you have out there, I want you with me."

Then he leaned back in for another kiss and this time he invited Tony to return the favor. Gibbs was determined to deviate from their usual course of actions and that meant he had to receive as well as give. And he was quickly discovering that he enjoyed it just if not more.

He felt himself harden as Tony's hands started to explore his body as they kissed. He heard himself make sounds he hadn't heard since Shannon as Tony found places on his body that he had forgotten all about.

"Let me hear you," Tony said softly as he started to tug them towards the bedroom.

"God," was all Gibbs managed to breathe out as he walked backwards into the room. All too soon, his knees connected with the bed and he went down, Tony balancing over top of him.

Tony pulled back from their kiss and Gibbs enjoyed the flushed face, the darkened pupils, the heavy breathing and the slightly swollen lips that were so close to his face.

"What's going on Gibbs?" Tony asked and Gibbs was aware that this was the make or break time for him.

Sucking up all the courage he could, Gibbs responded and hoped it would be the right thing to say. "I don't want to lose you Tony. And don't tell me you weren't thinking about leaving. I- It's hard for me. Has been since Shannon and Kelly. There's a reason for the three ex-wives. I keep everyone at a distance so I don't lose them. Didn't realize until yesterday that doing that could make me lose you."

Gibbs paused, unsure if he'd said enough or even the right thing. Talking was hard, but he'd make the effort if it kept Tony with him. Tony just stared into his eyes for several long minutes and Gibbs felt as if the other man was crawling into his soul and checking for anything that differed from what Gibbs had said.

Finally he spoke and Gibbs held his breath. "If I stay, will it be different? I'm not a fan of slinking out of bed in the middle of the night when I'd rather be curled up next to the person I just had sex with."

"It'll be different," Gibbs promised. "Just tell me what you need Tony."

"How about I show you?" Tony whispered and then Gibbs felt lips against his own.

As things heated up, they kept the slow and almost sensual pace Gibbs had initiated with the first kiss. Bits of clothing were slowly being removed and each piece of skin that was revealed on Gibbs' body was being worshiped by Tony's mouth.

Gibbs found himself harder than he recalled being during any of their previous nights as Tony's hands and mouth worked his body. When Tony lightly bit his nipple, Gibbs arched off the bed with a cry that he tried to muffle. Immediately after that, he felt a light sting on his thigh from the palm of Tony's hand.

"Let me hear you, Jethro," Tony murmured with a look of passion that Gibbs hadn't seen before. Hearing Tony call him Jethro added to the sensations and he found himself squirming in the bed and letting little noises pass his lips without stopping them.

Then Gibbs bucked his hips when he felt Tony's mouth around the head of his cock. They had given each other blowjobs before, but Gibbs found this one much more intense as Tony began to slide his length into his mouth.

As Tony worked his mouth over Gibbs' erection, Gibbs felt the tweak of his nipples as Tony's hands continued to play across his body. Gibbs let his eyes close at the sensations traveling through him, reveling in the feel of letting himself give the control over to Tony for the night.

He was floating in a haze of pleasure when he popped his eyes open at the feel of a slick finger at the entrance to his body. Looking down, he met Tony's eyes from where Tony still had his mouth wrapped around Gibbs' dick.

Tony released his mouth with a pop and gave a questioning look in Gibbs' direction. "You can say no, Jethro. I just… It's something…"

Gibbs reached a hand down and cupped Tony's face, trailing his thumb over the stubbled cheek.

"I trust you, Tony," he said with a firm look. "Always have, always will. Just- I've never let anyone. You'll be the first."

Tony's mouth dropped open slightly before it transformed into one the best smiles Gibbs had ever seen. "I'll make it good for you Jethro. Promise."

Then Tony set to work and Gibbs found himself experiencing feelings he had never had before. Tony did as promised and took his time prepping Gibbs for his first time. The gentle slide of the lubed finger in and out of his ass had a somewhat soothing quality to it.

As one hand worked his tight opening, the other petted his body in various places and jacked his cock on occasion. After several minutes, one finger turned into two and then three. Gibbs could feel Tony scissoring him open, getting him ready to accept Tony's erect cock into his body.

Then Tony's fingers curled back as they pressed inside him and Gibbs felt a rush he had never experienced before and cried out as pre-come leaked from the head of his cock.

"Liked that, did you," Tony said with a smile. Then his tongue darted out to lick the little drops of fluid that had dripped down Gibbs' cock. "Just imagine when my dick hits it. You'll know why I come so close to passing out."

Gibbs was able to manage a snort at that comment. "You did pass out that one time, Tony."

"DiNozzos don't pass out, Jethro, but we'll have to see about a Gibbs," and Tony pulled his fingers out.

"Think you're ready?" Tony questioned as he slipped the condom over his cock and applied some more lube to the outside.

"More than ready," Gibbs said with confidence.

Tony leaned down and gave a lingering kiss to Gibbs before he moved his body forward. Gibbs could feel the blunt tip of Tony's cock at his entrance and he tensed slightly, unsure of how it would feel.

"I'll go slow," Tony whispered against his throat. "And just tell me if you need me to stop."

The petting continued along Gibbs' hips as Tony carefully slid into Gibbs' body. Gibbs winced at first as Tony continued to push into his body, but it didn't take long for Tony to fully push forward until his balls were resting against Gibbs' skin.

"How's it feel?" Tony questioned and Gibbs wasn't sure he could respond.

"Full," he huffed out. "But good."

"It's about to get better," and with that, Tony pulled back until just the head of his cock was inside Gibbs. Then he pushed back forward and slid easily inside.

Gibbs let out a whimper that he'd never made before and that was all the encouragement Tony needed to claim Gibbs as his own.

Tony sat a steady pace and it wasn't long before his dick slid along Gibbs' prostate. Each touch had Gibbs crying out Tony's name.

It didn't take long for Gibbs to reach the edge where he knew he was about to come. Tony had seen it too, because Gibbs felt one of his hands start to jack his cock in time with his thrusts.

"Want to see you come for me, Jethro," Tony said around his heavy breathing. "Want to see you lose control."

And that's just what Gibbs did. With Tony's dick striking his prostate and the slide of warm hands over his own hard cock, Gibbs came harder than he ever remembered. He cried out as streams of come spurted from his cock, coating Tony's hand and his own stomach. He vaguely remembered feeling warmth splashing against the condom Tony wore before blackness overtook him.

"God, Tony," he whispered as his eyes dropped shut.

Gibbs opened his eyes and felt a twinge in his ass that reminded him immediately of what had transpired. He found himself grinning at the memory and looking forward to the next time he turned himself over to Tony's more than capable hands.

"You look like the cat that got the canary," Tony's voice came from next to his ear. Gibbs turned over and gave Tony a soft kiss on the lips before pulling back to get a good look at him.

Tony looked relaxed; more relaxed than Gibbs ever remembered seeing him. He was also happy and Gibbs filled with pride realizing he was the one that had put the look on Tony's face.

"Getting you is the same thing, Tony," Gibbs said around his own smile. Then he wrapped an arm around Tony's torso and pulled him close. "Mind if I stay the night?"

"I have nowhere else to be," Tony said. "And thank you, Jethro. And just so you know, I hog the sheets."

Gibbs felt his smile grow. Being with Tony like this was going to be a whole new set of experiences that Gibbs was more than looking forward to.

"Marines fight dirty, especially over sheets," Gibbs responded back.

Tony laughed before he burrowed his head into Gibbs' chest. "Night Jethro."

Gibbs listened to their breathing for a few moments before remembering something he wanted to ask Tony about. Something he needed to know before they went any further.

"Is there anything between you and William?" he asked with a little trepidation.

Tony cracked his eyes open and gave Gibbs his own kiss. "William and I were never meant to be, Jethro. We learned that years ago. He's just a friend that gives good advice. You're the one I want."

"Good," Gibbs said as he buried his own head against Tony's hair. With his mouth right by Tony's ear, he whispered softly, "Just make sure McGee's not watching the next time you kiss someone in the parking garage."

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  • Dusting Off My LJ

    So... It's been a while. I also am so behind on my F-List that it isn't even funny. Please drop me a comment if there is something I should…

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