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So, since Monday night my mouth and throat have been sore. Last night it started getting really bad and I had what looked like cold sores all over the back part of my tongue. So today I carted myself over to the walk-in clinic and got checked out.

Prognosis: Most Likely Strep Throat but won't know for sure until Tuesday as the hospital has to run the test and it's a holiday weekend... *sigh*

They gave me a nifty prescription anyway after running through the list of all the junk I'm allergic to. This time, instead of going to the little pharmacy near the clinic I decide to go to Walgreens which is right by Krogers. This way I can drop of the prescription then go pick up soup and junk while waiting.

Prescription was dropped off, got back about 20-30 minutes later and went to the pick-up location to see if it was ready. It wasn't according to the lady and the computer so I sat down to wait. Ten minutes later, I go back up to ask. Different lady and the same computer say it's not ready. I'm getting ticked when another pipes up, "Are you so and so?" she asks. I say yeah and she proceeds to tell me that she tried paging me right after I dropped the prescription off to tell me that they don't have any in stock.

Now, I'm not mad about missing the initial page as I left the store right after I dropped it off, but... TWO different workers checked to see if it was ready when I came back and BOTH of them said it was being worked on. GRRRRRRRRR! Then the out of stock lady actually asked, "Do you want your prescription back?" I was about to the breaking point on top of not feeling good and running a temperature. I *almost* responded in a high voice, "No shit sherlock!" But I refrained from doing it and settled fro a strangled, "Yeah!" before promptly storming out of there.

Subsequently, I drove back to the little pharmacy and was in and out with my medicine in less than 10 minutes.

Lesson: DO NOT go to Walgreens again for medicine. I'm debating calling the store just to complain 'cause I'm in a complaining type mood.


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Dec. 30th, 2006 09:04 am (UTC)
Sorry you have streptocochisitisosis or whatever. I had a similar annoying experience with Rite Aid. I had a prescription for something and so I dropped it off. They said it would be ready in about an hour. After repeated checks and me very sick they finally got it ready. I must have went home to store 3 or 4 times. After 8 hours they said, "You're next" and proceeded to take a blister card with 8 pills on it and put it in a bag and hand it to me. That's all they needed to do...and they made me wait for 8 hours.
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