Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Moving is Upon Me...

Wow... this time tomorrow, *crosses fingers*, the majority of my junk will be in the new house. May have a few little odds and ends left behind to deal with, but the majority will be moved.

My dad was over today and spent most of it putting my new computer desk together. It was a bitch, but it is a pretty bitch. :-)

I put my Wal-Mart cheap entertainment center together. It'll work for what I need it for, so cheap is good on that.

Still gotta back/box the rest of my crap here before tomorrow. I think I will be up most of the night and then do a full day tomorrow. Should be a BLAST! < - read the sarcasm

Comcast got our cable (w/ digital/dvr for the living room) and internet turned on today! And the signal seems to be lots better than here at the apartment. *keeps fingers crossed on that*

At least I shouldn't have any lag time between internet during the move. So yay! And I needed cable to watch NCIS Tuesday (even if I'm scared about how it's going to go).

So.... It's back to work I go. I do have two fics in progress (one's over 1,000 words already), but they'll have to wait a few days to get finished.

I'll post pictures of my new room once things are all situated. :-)
Tags: life: moving

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