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Updates All Around...

I iz moved

Still have a few little things left at the apartment and some clothes in the closet, but overall, the furniture and boxes of things that I likely don't need but have are all at the house. And I'm using the new internet. Yay.

I set the made the bed first, then hooked up the computer. Although, I still need to tweak the layout of wires and things, but I needed my internet fix.

Now I just have to sort through everything and find a new home for it. My room is completely different from the apartment. It's larger for one. Then I have almost all new furniture. New bed (I didn't buy), new desk (I did buy and I now blame for my dad's trip to the hospital), new dresser (came with the bed), new entertainment stand (really, really cheap from Wal-mart but functional and fits in the room. Only things that came furniture wise from my old room were the two bookcases (one of which was new anyway for about a month and I hadn't used yet) and my nightstand.

So, yeah... I don't know yet what I'll do with everything.

Still using the shower at the apartment for a few, until we get some kind of new fixture put in the bathroom here that makes me and the roomie happy. And just think, all too soon, I'll likely have new bathroom adventure stories.... Wait! I already kinda do. Friday, my dad got stuck in the bathroom because our door was crappy. My dad is like MacGuyver and used his pocket knife to get out. Then he fixed it. :-)

Since my dad wasn't able to help in the move, my brother drove up from a few hours away, two of my cousins and another friend of my cousin who also knows my roomie helped with the heavy lifting (mainly my roomie's bedroom set).

The one cousin that helped was the one that had Swine Flu. So he's doing better. :-)

My dad... They still don't know what caused his spell. They let him leave the hospital tonight. My mom just had him stay until she was able to leave from helping in the move. Then she picked him up on her way home. The hospital was pampering him with pecan pie. I think he would have stayed. He's under a no driving restriction and pretty much a no doing anything restriction, which will be hard for him. That's until they run a few more tests this week to rule out other things. Going to check the carotid arteries and do this tilt test thing on him.

Guess we'll see how that goes. So far, they haven't found anything that they can point a finger at. But that is my dad. When he goes at sick or has something wrong with him, they either never figure it out or it's really out there...

So, that's the update on me. Oh! Once I get the bedroom set up how I like it, I'll take pictures. NCIS lovers with enjoy what is going to hang over my bed.
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