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Kayla Shay

Fic: Rite of Passage (NCIS)

Title: Rite of Passage
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Slash; Supernatural Themed
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Warnings: Male/Male
Beta: azraelz_angel
Word Count: 2,884

Crossposted: ncisfanfic; ncis_fic; gibbs_dinozzo; ncis_slash

Summary: Tony couldn't ignore his heritage any longer... It was time.

It's time, son.

Since his father has spoken those solemn words to him the previous day, Tony had been living in a daze. Logically, he had always known the time would come, but emotionally, he had blocked all thoughts of it from his head.

He had gone to great lengths to ignore what had to occur within the next few days. He had ignored his family for years, acting as if his father had cut him off and didn't care what happened to him. Tony was aware that Gibbs in particular was under the impression that he had been abused as a child. He had done nothing to change Gibbs' misconstrued thoughts.

When he turned eighteen, he had fled the family estate in hopes of escaping his future, a future he did not want. Years had passed and he deluded himself into thinking he had succeeded. He had grown complacent and one phone call from his father had turned his world around.

It's time, son.

Tony glanced at his watch and sighed. In an hour it would be the dawn of his thirty-fifth birthday, the big one. When he was a child, it was drilled into his head about what would need to occur on that day. Back then, it only served to give him nightmares.

Now, he was faced with a reality he had failed to escape. He rested his head on the steering wheel before looking back up to see Gibbs' house silhouetted by the street lights. Gibbs was the only one he could face this with, but he also the last person he wanted to share it with.

In retrospect, Tony figured his subconscious had already picked Gibbs for what was to come. He had bounced from place to place like a lost puppy until Gibbs had picked him up and whipped him into shape. However, Gibbs didn't know that he was picking up more than just a stray puppy when he offered that job in Baltimore.

Tony again cursed his lot in life. If only his parents had not been who and what they were. He could have lived the normal life, wouldn't be preparing to enter Gibbs' house and change both their lives forever.

But it had to be done. Tony had to move forward with this family rite of passage or he would sacrifice himself. He wasn't ready to die. Not to mention what Gibbs would do when Tony simply vanished with no trace. Gibbs would move heaven and hell to find out what had happened to him and Tony couldn't risk it. He couldn't risk it for Gibbs' sake or the sake of the family. There was no avoiding it.

Taking a deep breath, Tony felt his rarely used fangs descend within his mouth. The light prick to his tongue welled up a droplet of blood that he swallowed with a shiver of anticipation.

With his fangs descended, all of his senses flared to life. He could hear the cry of a baby unable to sleep one block away. He could see the tiny imperfections in the siding of Gibbs' house in perfect clarity. He could smell the all too familiar scent of sawdust, coffee and gun oil that had long since been ingrained in his mind as Gibbs.

He inhaled deeply and licked his lips as he practically tasted his Boss on the air. He had always been aware of Gibbs, but tasting, scenting him this way was something he had never allowed himself to do. Now he regretted not acting sooner if this was how he felt and he wasn't even near the man.

Exiting his car, Tony followed the trail of Gibbs into the house and down the stairs to the basement. His body felt alive and he was breathing deeply as he made his way to the room that Gibbs used to expel his demons.

Tony was unsure how the night would end. With every step, he grew confident that he could make it end with advantages to both men. However, there was a still this small coil of doubt in the pit of his stomach. No matter how strongly he felt for Gibbs, there was the chance the older man didn't return those feelings. If that were the case, then Tony would fail his rite of passage and die.

When drawing on his untapped potential, Tony could move more silent than any human. He knew that Gibbs would not hear him as he made his way into the basement. He had hoped to use that as a way to study Gibbs from a distance before turning his world inside out. But apparently, Gibbs wasn't like other humans because the man looked up just as Tony reached the second step from the bottom.

Tony knew the moment that Gibbs registered something was different with him. He was aware that Gibbs would be taking in the two pearl white points sticking out above his bottom lip. Tony's normally hazel eyes would be shining with a golden-yellow tinge around the fully dilated pupils. His skin would have taken on a translucent quality that would be at odds with Tony's normally tanned skin.

Gibbs' eyes catalogued each difference as they roamed Tony's body. Tony could see Gibbs' gun hand twitch and knew the man was preparing himself for something, even if he didn't know what. Tony decided that the longer Gibbs had to draw his own conclusions, the worse the night could go.

"Boss," he spoke softly.

"DiNozzo," was the acknowledgement just as soft, but with an 'explain or else' tone that Tony could not ignore.

"Talked to my father tonight," and Tony watched as Gibbs' lips tightened into a straight line. "He reminded me of something that I've known had to happen since I was a kid. But you know me, I tend to ignore what I'm told unless someone slaps some sense into me. Took me thirty years, but I know that I have to do it."

"And what would 'it' be, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked and Tony could tell the man was itching to just pound the answers from him.

"You," he answered in a voice normally reserved for any of the number of women he'd taken to his bed over the years. Tony's nostrils flared as he caught Gibbs' true reaction to his voice and single word answer. The man didn't give any outward indication, but the scent of arousal couldn't be dismissed. There was hope.

Tony risked stepping closer to Gibbs and was thankful when he didn't back down. Tony watched Gibbs' eyes focus on the sharp tips of his fangs and he saw Gibbs' throat bob with a swallow.

"I'm not what you think, Gibbs."

"You gonna tell me that those fangs and your eyes don't equal a vampire, Tony?" Gibbs' voice had a hint of trepidation that Tony had never heard before.

"Not like Hollywood, Anne Rice or even Bram Stoker shows 'em. For one, I don't kill."

"Knew that, Tony," Gibbs responded with certainty that warmed Tony's heart. "If you did, I would have figured it out back in Baltimore."

Tony watched as Gibbs lifted a hand up to his own mouth, tracing the spot where fangs would have been sitting if he had his own. Then the hand trailed down to his throat, stroking over the point where Tony could hear the steady pulse beating away.

"What's different?"

Tony smiled. Gibbs wasn't embracing it (or him) yet, but he was open to figuring out what he was dealing with.

"Sunlight," Tony started as he held his fingers up to check them off. "Religious symbols, garlic… Pretty much everything. About the only thing they got right was the fangs and hyped up senses. And the blood," he added with a lick of his lips.

"How do you drink it?" Gibbs' hand continued to rub at his neck, drawing Tony's focus.

"Usually get donor bags. Only drank from a person twice in my life. The first time," Tony paused as the distant memory rattled through is mind. "The first time was a long time ago and best forgotten. The last time was my senior year of high school. Thought I had found the one. God, was I wrong."

"The one?" and Tony felt like Gibbs was playing twenty questions with him.

"I come with a warranty, Boss. Thirty-five years of fast cars, women and sun. Then, BAM!" he slapped his hand onto the wooden surface of the unfinished boat, causing it to shudder slightly. "Thirty-five years to find the one and if I don't, it's all over. No more Tony."

"What the hell does that mean, DiNozzo?" Gibbs barked getting into his face, forcing Tony back into the boat.

"Means I'll be dead about twenty-four hours from now if I don't find my mate and claim them."

They were so close, Tony could feel Gibbs' breath on his face. His smell was all around him and Tony was beginning to lose control of the small voice that kept telling him to claim what was rightfully his.

"I gave you an order back in Bethesda and I expect you to keep following it, Tony," Gibbs said with a hard tone. "I don't want you telling me you're just gonna sit back and die. What are you doing here instead of out there getting this mate?"

Tony gave Gibbs a full body caress with his eyes. "I'm here because my mate is here," and now that the words were out, he waited for the inevitable.

He hadn't been sure how Gibbs would react, but the sudden press of lips against his own was somewhere near the bottom of the list. Tony was stunned for just a moment, before he threw himself wholeheartedly into the kiss.

Tony shivered when Gibbs ran his tongue over the tips of his fangs, gently probing them. When they parted with a wet pop, both were panting heavily, as if they had just ran a mile chasing a suspect.

Tony's smile widened at the sight of Gibbs' eyes gleaming with lust. The scent and taste of Gibbs on his body was almost more than he could take. His cock was hardening in the trapped confines of his jeans and it longed for an escape. Then Gibbs reached out a hand and gently touched one of the gleaming fangs. It was nearly Tony's undoing.

As the callused finger brushed over the smooth surface, Tony let a groan escape his mouth. His fangs were the most sensitive part of his body and Gibbs was working them like a pro. The last time any human had touched his fangs had been James all those long years ago. The same James that Tony thought he would see his thirty-fifth birthday with. But it wasn't meant to be.

Thoughts of James and the disastrous night he had revealed his true nature to the boy he was in love with left when Gibbs pricked himself on the sharp point of Tony's fang.

The smell of blood, Gibbs' blood, filled every part of him and he almost came from the sheer force of it. He sucked Gibbs' finger into his mouth and milked every drop he could from the tiny pinprick. As his throat swallowed in ecstasy, Tony's hands wrapped around Gibbs' body until he could flip their position, with Gibbs' back to the boat.

Gibbs let out his own groan and Tony released his tasty treat so he could feel Gibbs' hand on his own body.

"Want you, Boss," he said breathlessly as he thrust his own hard cock against the matching one in Gibbs' sweats. "Wanted you for years."

"Could have come at anytime, DiNozzo," Gibbs said as his hands started kneading Tony's ass. "Door was always open."

Unable to take it anymore, Tony flipped Gibbs yet again. Now, the older man was pressed into the ribs of the boat with his ass pressed against Tony's throbbing dick. Tony leaned forward, pressing his chest full length of Gibbs' back. He trailed his tongue over the pulse point on Gibbs' exposed throat before moving up to his ear.

"I'm gonna make you mine tonight, Jethro," he whispered hotly. "Mine and no one else's."

Gibbs just groaned in response and Tony acted. It didn't take long for him to remove both their clothes. However, he did spend more time studying the curve of Gibbs' ass as he slicked his fingers with the lube he had brought in hopes of reaching this point.

"Gonna fuck you until you can't remember your name, Boss. You ever let anyone do that?"

Gibbs just shook his head no and Tony felt his possessive nature kick in. He was going to be the first to take Gibbs there and he was going to make damn sure Gibbs never wanted anyone else besides him.

"Gonna have your six, Boss. Just like always."

As Tony slipped his first finger inside Gibbs' tight opening, he trailed his fangs down Gibbs' back. Little beads of sweat were forming as he trailed his way over the still smooth skin and Tony relished every taste he got. He didn't push his fangs enough to break the skin, but just enough that Gibbs felt it and shuddered. It didn't take long before Gibbs was pushing back into both his fingers and his fangs as if wanting them to go deep inside him.

When he was certain Gibbs was prepared enough, Tony withdrew his fingers and patted Gibbs' ass.

"You ready for this, Boss?" he asked softly. "Just say the-"

"Fuck me," Gibbs cut in hotly and Tony was eager to comply.

"On it, Boss. And," he leaned in for another swipe of his tongue over the neck that called to him, "you're going to feel all of me tonight. Don't want anything between us and I don't need the protection anyway. Nothing to catch."

Gibbs just grunted his consent and Tony pressed the head of his cock at the opening to Gibbs' body. He pushed forward slowly, letting Gibbs adjust to the feel of Tony inside his body. When Tony finally bottomed out within Gibbs, he held his place, relishing the tightness that was wrapped around him. He could feel the contractions of Gibbs' muscles and it brought a moan to his lips.

"Feel so good, Gibbs," he breathed out. Then he reached a hand still slick with lube around to Gibbs' leaking cock. As he pulled out of Gibbs' body, he slid his hand down the length jutting out toward the boat. He set a pace between his hand and cock as he started to fuck Gibbs.

The first time he brushed Gibbs' prostate, the older man cried out and Tony made sure to hit it on every thrust into his body. His speed had increased until his balls were slapping against Gibbs' skin. Tony knew he couldn't last much longer and increased the pace to send them both over the edge.

"I'm going to-" Gibbs cried out and Tony felt the muscles clench around his cock as he had just thrust deep inside Gibbs. Warmth coated his hands and the smell of Gibbs' come sent Tony over the edge.

"Mine," he practically growled as he thrust one last time as far as he could go. Just as he felt his own come spill deep inside his new mate, Tony brought his head down to the juncture of Gibbs’ neck and shoulders.

He sank his teeth deep into the skin beneath them and cried out as the blood spilled into his mouth, overwhelming his entire being. 'Mine, mine, mine,' was the only thought coursing through both their minds as they collapsed to the floor as one.

Tony wasn't sure how long they laid there, but soon he came back to awareness and looked with pride at the mark that symbolized Gibbs was now his. He traced his finger over the already closed bite mark as if reassuring himself that it had truly happened.

"Tony?" the tired but happy voice of Gibbs drifted into his mind and he refocused on Gibbs' blinking eyes.

"Should have done that years ago," Tony said with an almost sheepish smile.

Gibbs responded with his own smile and Tony found himself eager to put more smiles like that on the man's face.

"Yeah, we should of," Gibbs admitted just as they both turned to look up the doorway when they heard the chimes of the grandfather clock upstairs signaling midnight.

"Happy birthday, Tony," Gibbs said as he leaned forward for a chaste kiss.

"Thanks, Boss. At least- Shit!" Tony stopped suddenly as he realized he wasn't quite in the clear yet.

"What?" Gibbs questioned, coming alert quickly.

"Hope you'll be up for round two shortly. Was supposed to do that after midnight, not before," Tony said with a hint of embarrassment. "Guess I got a little carried away."

"Oh, I'll be up, DiNozzo," Gibbs said as he cuffed Tony on the head, turning it into more of a caress than a slap. Then he moved his hand down to Tony's ass, giving it a soft pat. "Just make sure you're up when I get to take this," and he squeezed the skin beneath his hand, "for a long, hard ride."

"More than on it, Boss,” Tony said with a shiver of anticipation.
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: slash, .noncrossover, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo

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