Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

NCIS: 07x02 Reunion - Following the Episode

I actually liked Vance... When did that happen?!

Why did Ziva have to give "input" on the case? *kicks her*

*hugs Abby* (Though next time, Abs... Skip the banner.)

And I'm feeling some Tony/Abby -ness now.

*kicks Gibbs* Why do 'we' need Ziva? Why??

Awww... Okay.... I was going to say "Awww, Officer Shelley liked having Tony on his back," then they ruined it by making Officer Shelly a bad guy. *pouts*

I want to applaud Ducky and Palmer. They seemed so normal and "themselves".

So Shelley was Baltimore PD... Guess someone there still remembers Tony.

And headslap.

And yay for BPD contacts. Although, why do people who knew/knew of Tony from his cop days go bad?

Thanks for asking her that McGee.

Ziva does not need do the men's room anymore.... *sigh*

Hmm... I'll have to think on it. Tony didn't react except for figuring out how to find him. I did like that.

Tony saved the homeless guy... yay Tony!

Gibbs is winning me back by getting in her face.

*ick* did they have to go there?

*headdesk* My mind went to my Tony/Vance fic... *more headdesk*

Too tidy. *sigh* But I'll hope that it's behind us and we get back to dead petty officers. But I'm probably not going to get that. *sigh*


A McGee / Tony ep? And did I see mug shots in their future??
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