Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Of Unpacking & Yard Sales...

The unpacking is almost done when it comes to my room. I've gone through all the boxes and have a few small trinkets and picture frames left in one and some computer stuff in another. So Woo! and Hoo!

Now the focus is on the yard sale for 7am tomorrow morning. Lots o' stuff. Furniture, books, clothes, baby things. Between all of us, I think there's three computer desks for sale, several desk chairs, etc. My mom sent over a bunch of stuff she had gotten when my niece was a baby (she's now 2 and a half)... So... Then I'm going to put the art prints from the office that I hadn't been able to sell on ebay yet and see if I can get any taker for those.

Brought several things from the office storage room actually. Which means I got leave early today and claim some of the yard sale time on my timesheet for the week. I'm sneaky like that. :-)

Once the yard sale is over with, I can focus on the little things in my room and getting things hung (the picture for over the bed for instance). And then I'll take pictures and show it off.

Yay! Now back to yard sale organization in one hour. I'm relaxing until 5pm, then I'll get dinner and then I'll get to work.

ETA: Once I'm done with all of that, then I can actually be online more and on messenger more. And... I have a new fic that is just over 2,000 words already and still going! A threesome pairing I've never done before. So look forward to that!
Tags: life: moving, life: yard sale

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