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Fic: Overlapping Bonds (NCIS)

Title: Overlapping Bonds
Author: kaylashay
Written For: xdawnfirex for ncis_ficathon 2009 Pinch Hit
Prompt: Gibbs/Kate/Tony threesome or triangle (as long as Kate is involved with both), high rating (R/NC-17 best!). Taking the events of "Left for Dead" and go from there. NO TWILIGHT REFERENCES. Please mention Kate's tattoo.
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Slash/Het; Threesome
Pairing: Gibbs/Kate; Gibbs/Kate/DiNozzo
Timeline: Post- 01x10 Left for Dead
Warnings: Male/Female/Male
Word Count: 4,000
Beta: azraelz_angel

Crossposted: ncis_ficathon; ncisfanfic; ncis_fic; ncis_slash

Summary: After the explosion, Kate's looking for a connection, Gibbs is feeling protective and Tony just needs a place to belong...

Kate sighed as she looked around her darkened apartment. Gibbs had kept his distance and, for that, she was grateful. When she put the pieces together and realized that Suzanne had remembered and played her, Kate was lost. From before she could remember, she had trusted her instincts. It had saved her many times over growing up with three older brothers.

Now, within such a short period of time, her instincts had failed her. If she was honest with herself, it had started with Major Kerry, Tim. Her career with the Secret Service had been solid and was on a fast-track course. Then she had let her feelings trump her logic. Granted, her relationship wasn't the ultimate problem in the grand scheme of things, but it didn't help either.

Then Gibbs had redeemed her and offered her a chance to correct her wrong. Now, she was making more mistakes and they were costing people their lives. She had allowed herself to bond with Suzanne and it clouded her from things that Gibbs and even Tony could see.

Kate wanted to beat herself up over the whole situation, but she knew it wouldn't do any good. She was just thankful that Gibbs and Tony weren't seriously injured in the blast. She never would have forgiven herself for that.

Thinking of the two men she worked with brought an entirely different train of thought into Kate's mind. While she had been thankful for Gibbs' distance, she also found herself longing for him. When she had started at NCIS, she had made a firm pact with herself that she wouldn't get involved with anyone from work. But Gibbs was not a man she could say no to.

It had started innocently enough, just a few weeks after their first case. It had been a late night and when Kate got to the garage, her car wouldn't start. Tony and Abby had already left with plans to hit some new club and Kate had resigned herself to calling a cab and waiting. Then Gibbs had shown up and offered her a ride.

The ride turned into dinner at a nearby restaurant and that somehow led to her going home with Gibbs and finding herself pushed against his kitchen door in a heated kiss. The kiss led to the bedroom and Kate learned why the man had been able to snag three wives.

That first night, he had bordered between hard and soft and Kate had relished in the emotions it generated within her. His hands had roamed her body as if memorizing the feel of each patch of skin. She'd lost a few buttons on her blouse when he stripped it away from her, but by that point, she didn't care.

His fingers had teased her nipples to a hardness that had her back arching from the bed. Then came his mouth. It was warm and moist and he knew exactly where to caress her with those lips and tongue. Every so often, she had felt the sting of his teeth as he left a small bite mark. Those moments had her crying out and almost drew an orgasm from her before he went any lower on her body.

When he pulled her panties down, she couldn't hold back the shudder at the predatory gleam in his eyes. Then he lowered his head and Kate cried out his name as his tongue circled her clit before plunging inside her. His hands had continued to work her breasts and she found herself squeezing her legs around his head.

She came twice that night before he sheathed himself and took her beyond anything she had felt before. He had kept his solid weight above her and she felt surrounded by him entirely as he fucked her to his completion.

Just recalling the night and the others that had followed turned her on and she felt a growing dampness between her legs. When they had left the scene, she had felt the need to be alone. But now, she wanted to feel him around her again. She wanted to feel him take her and drive everything out of her mind from the heat of the blast to the voice of Suzanne apologizing.

She wanted Gibbs to make her feel right again and knew that he could do just that. Her decision made, she returned to her car and set off toward Gibbs' house without another thought.

Gibbs sighed as he poured another glass of bourbon. He'd almost lost Kate tonight and Tony could have been just as easily injured. Kate had been played by Suzanne and he knew the woman was hurting, but there was nothing he could do to help that until she was ready.

He let one of his hands run over the smooth surface of the boat as he thought of the way he would like to help her.

"So much for rule twelve," he murmured.

Kate wasn't the first co-worker he'd taken to the bedroom and he wasn't sure yet if she would be the last. Since those first moments on Air Force One, she had intrigued him. The night her car wouldn't work just gave him an excuse to explore.

That first night was more intense than his entire last marriage and Gibbs found himself looking forward to more from Kate. She had a fire within her that could equal Gibbs in intensity and he enjoyed drawing it out of her.

Gibbs was drawn out of his thoughts by the sound of footsteps on the stairs and struggled to gain control of his expression before his house guest made it all the way down.

Tony was a wild card in Gibbs' life. He had felt the same pull toward Tony several years back when he had taken that fateful case in Baltimore. But unlike Kate, he didn't act on it. At first, he thought there had been a mutual attraction from Tony, but as their time progressed, Gibbs just figured it was the way the younger man behaved with everyone.

Granted, Tony did take every compliment to heart along with every reprimand. But Gibbs couldn't figure out if it was interest of a sexual nature or Tony's need for a father figure. It could go either way and Gibbs didn't want to risk getting it wrong and driving Tony away.

Gibbs did admit that being with Kate and not letting Tony know about it felt a bit like cheating. He had worked beside Tony for several years and doing that behind his back with the new kid on the block so to speak had the potential to hurt Tony. Gibbs didn't want that to happen, but he also knew things like this tended to surface at the wrong moment. He just hoped he could handle the damage control when the time came.

"Boss?" Tony's voice made him focus on the younger man. They'd been lucky in that explosion. Too lucky.

"You get everything you need?" Gibbs asked. The next month would be interesting, especially with how things had been going with Kate.

"Yeah. Stowed it in the guest room and then followed the bourbon smell. Thanks for letting me stay," Tony added sincerely.

"Door's always open for you, Tony," Gibbs responded in a voice softer than normal.

"I know," Tony said just as softly. "I'll just make sure," and Gibbs saw a faint blush creep into Tony's cheeks, "to keep all the doors closed this time around."

"You do that," Gibbs grunted as he watched Tony retreat from the basement steps. Then his mind drifted to the last time Tony had graced his doorstep.

It was just after Viv was booted back to the FBI and a water pipe had burst in the hellhole Tony called home. The first night, Tony stayed at the office and he wasn't worth much the next day when they caught a case. So Gibbs dragged Tony home with him and it had started out just fine.

Then came the night that Gibbs had walked past the partially open guest room door and seen Tony in all his glory. He was laid out on the bed with his knees bent, feet flat on the sheets. He was breathing heavily as one hand stroked his dick and the other was plunging two fingers in and out of his gaping hole.

Gibbs had shifted when he started to get hard from the sight. Then he saw Tony's toes curl as the man came and Gibbs couldn't hold back the grunt that escaped his lips.

Silence had fallen as Tony blinked wide yet sated eyes at him. Then the younger man had scrambled for the blankets, apologizing for leaving the door open. Gibbs had just continued to stare for a few moments before he turned on his heel and retreated to the safety of his own room.

That night, as he thought about being the one to fuck Tony to completion, he came with Tony's name on his lips. Then the next day, Tony had sprung for a hotel room saying his apartment was only a few days from being ready. They never talked about that night. It seemed to be a silent agreement between them that it hadn't happened.

Just remembering the small noises that Tony made, the slide of the slick fingers into his ass and way his body reacted when he came, gave Gibbs the beginning of a hard-on. He reached down and palmed himself through his pants, looking for a little relief.

"Starting without me?"

The question brought him up short as he saw Kate standing where Tony had been just moments before.

"Thought you'd be home sleeping it off," Gibbs said gruffly.

"Couldn't sleep. Needed a way to forget for the night," and with that Gibbs moved up the stairs to join her.

"Shouldn't do this tonight," he said, but his body betrayed him as he wrapped his strong arms around her.

"I'm not going to break," Kate said strongly. "Just need to forget about it. She played me, Gibbs."

"Not talking about you breaking. Tony's here," and Gibbs watched a mix of emotions cross her face. If he wasn't mistaken, he thought the idea of having sex with Tony just down the hall seemed to turn her on a bit.

"Can't believe you let him stay," and she would have continued had Gibbs not cut in.

"Tony's not what you think, Kate. He's got a lifetime of practice with that front he puts out. But we can do this without him hearing."

Then he leaned in and kissed her hard, tangling his fingers through her hair. Truth be told, the fact that Tony would be a room over was turning him on too.

He walked Kate quietly up the stairs, careful to not make a sound. Once inside the room, he pushed the door closed but was too focused on Kate to notice that he hadn't latched it. It drifted open just a bit, leaving the bed in full view of anyone who walked by.

Tony tossed on the bed yet again. He couldn't fall asleep and the knowledge that he was staying the night in Gibbs' house again was turning in his mind.

"Damn," he huffed out as he scrubbed his hands over his eyes and through his unruly hair.

He had been part of Gibbs' team for just over two years and each day was getting harder to deal with. Gibbs was the last person he wanted to stay with, but he was also the first.

The first time he stayed, it had been going better than he thought it would go. He knew that Gibbs just tolerated him, so he wasn't expecting the offer to stay at the man's house. Then they had established an almost domestic routine of dinner and him sitting on the steps chattering while Gibbs worked on the boat. But then, like always, Tony had ruined it.

They'd had a hard case and Tony turned in early with the excuse of being tired from the chase the suspect had led them on. In reality, he needed some alone time to get a handle on his reactions that the close proximity to Gibbs had been doing to him his entire stay. But he had been so intent on getting off that he had overlooked closing the door.

When he realized that Gibbs had witnessed everything, including his fingers up his ass, Tony was mortified. The only thing that could have been worse would have been if Tony had came with Gibbs' name on his lips. Thankfully, he had kept that secret to himself.

Nothing was spoken between them about the incident and Tony found a hotel the next day. Denial was perfectly reasonable to him, especially when Gibbs didn't react by pinning him to the bed and taking him.

Realizing he wasn't going to be able to sleep any time soon, Tony tossed on a pair of boxers and left the guest room, padding softly down the hallway. He was heading for the kitchen and a cup of coffee with lots of sugar added, but he never made it.

When he crossed in front of Gibbs' room, the door was cracked enough that a glance inside showed Gibbs' bed in all its glory. However, Tony's focus was not on the bed, it was on what was happening in the bed.

Gibbs was sitting with his back against the headboard, his eyes closed and an expression Tony had never seen on his face. Tony let his eyes trail down the still muscled chest sprinkled with silver hair and felt his heart drop when he saw who had put that expression on Gibbs' face.

Tony couldn't bring himself to look away from the way Kate's dark hair fell over her shoulders, tickling against Gibbs' thighs. The way Gibbs had a hand tightly threaded through her hair. The sounds he heard.

Despite his hurt that Gibbs had taken Kate over him, Tony found himself hardening at the sight. Unconsciously, he reached down and palmed his growing erection with his hand as Kate's head bobbed up and down. He started imagining himself in Gibbs' place, with Kate's mouth working over the head of his cock and had to bite back a groan.

Then a picture flashed in his mind of him in Kate's place, going down on Gibbs and he couldn't hold back the sound that escaped. He froze in place and prayed that neither had heard him. It seemed like an eternity before Tony saw Gibbs blue eyes lock on to his own.

Tony could see the heat of Gibbs' arousal swirling in the flared pupils. He could also see surprise and, if he wasn't mistaken, uncertainty. Tony wasn't sure what Gibbs was seeing in his own eyes, but he knew there would be hurt mixed in with everything else.

Tony had just worked up the courage to turn away and go back to the guest room, when Gibbs stopped Kate with a hand gently pushing her back. She looked up at Gibbs and then followed him as he made his way from the bed to the doorway in which Tony stood. Tony heard the gasp and watched as she scrambled to cover up when she realized he was there.

Then Gibbs was in front of him and Tony wanted desperately to be the first to speak, the first to say, 'no harm, no foul,' but nothing came out. Instead, Gibbs tentatively reached a hand up to his face, brushing his thumb over the stubble on his cheek. Then, to Tony's shock, he spoke two words that Tony never would have imagined from Gibbs' lips.

"I'm sorry."

Dumbfounded, Tony could only respond with, "What?"

"I..." Gibbs trailed off, and Tony could tell he was choosing his words carefully. "I didn't want you to find out like this. I screwed up."

"What's it matter?" Tony found himself saying a little harsher than he intended. "Not like we've..." and he trailed off, knowing Kate was listening to everything.

"Just because we haven't didn't mean I didn't want to, Tony. Wanted you for a long time."

Tony jerked his head out of Gibbs' hand at that admission. Tony was ready to run, but Gibbs was too fast and had his strong hand locked around Tony's wrist before he could escape.

"I don't think Kate would be up to sharing, Boss. Just let me go."

Gibbs turned to look at Kate, still huddled on the bed and tightened his grip to the point that Tony knew it would bruise.

"Kate," Gibbs said, and Tony thought it sounded like a question and demand all in one.

"What are you asking, Gibbs?" she questioned, her eyes flicking between both men.

"I can't let him go," Gibbs said softly and Tony's breath caught. "I never should have started-"

"Don't you dare say you shouldn't have started anything with me, Gibbs," Kate cut him off, as she left the bed, not caring about her nudity.

"Look," Tony started, "I'll just grab my shit and go find a hotel and-"

Kate grabbed his other wrist almost as tight as Gibbs still had one. Tony felt trapped between the two and his eyes kept darting between them.

"Don't you try taking the high ground, Tony DiNozzo," Kate said with steel in her voice. "Gibbs? Do you want both of us?"

Tony could only watch with his heart racing as they decided around him.

"Yeah," Gibbs said gruffly.

"I can't believe I'm going to say this," Kate half-whispered more to herself than the two men. "Let's try it. The three of us."

Tony couldn't speak. He just nodded his head in consent and stood there waiting for one of the other two to act. He didn't wait long.

Gibbs shifted his body quickly and Tony felt lips pressing into his. Then he felt Gibbs' steadily returning erection pressing against his own crotch, creating friction that he reacted to.

When Tony gave a slight gasp, Gibbs took advantage and slipped his tongue into Tony's mouth. He mapped every inch and Tony found himself clinging to Gibbs with one arm.

Kate still had his other hand and she slowly moved it until he was rubbing a hardened nipple between his fingers. He could hear her light panting and the thought that he was the one doing that to her turned him on even more.

When Gibbs broke the kiss, he leaned back and ran a hand through Tony's already unruly hair.

"Let's take this to the bed," Gibbs huffed out and neither Kate or Tony disagreed.

Tony stripped out of his boxers as Kate laid down first, her back on the bed. Then Tony took advantage of what was being offered. He loved the challenge of exploring someone new, learning where all their hotspots were. Kate was a blank slate to him and he wanted to know every inch of her.

"You sure," he whispered softly, his mouth so close to her own.

When she nodded, he leaned in captured her mouth in a kiss just as strong as the one Gibbs had just given him. Her lips were soft and her mouth was warm and moist. He could taste a faint trace of what must have been Gibbs and the thought had him bucking forward, pressing his hardness against her moist entrance. As his mouth slid from her mouth and trailed down her jaw and neck toward her breasts, his hands ran down her thighs.

Slowly, he brought a finger around and teased the outer lips of her entrance before plunging them inside. Just as he did, he felt Gibbs' strong hands working their way down his own body. They were stroking his back and then his hips. It didn't take long for one of Gibbs' hands to snake around in front of him and grasp his hard cock.

Tony moaned as he mouthed Kate's nipple and fingered her clit. Gibbs' hand left him briefly before returning with a condom to slide over his dick. Gibbs leaned in and licked at Tony's ear as he whispered hotly into it.

"Gonna take you while you take Kate, Tony," and Gibbs punctuated it by slipping his fingers into the crevice of Tony's ass, skimming over his hole.

"God, yes," Tony groaned out as he applied more pressure to Kate's clit. He felt her shudder around him and he knew she had reached her first orgasm of the night.

Tony tensed for a brief moment when he felt slick fingers pressing against his hole. But it didn't take long for him to relax into the gentle slide of those fingers into his ass. And it felt so much better than his own finger ever could, especially knowing they belonged to Gibbs.

Kate had let her hands wander around Tony's body. Between Gibbs and her, Tony was feeling over sensitive. Kate started pinching and tweaking his nipples about the same time Gibbs reached his prostate for the first time. He cried out and buried his head in Kate's breast.

"Ready. Now, Boss. Not gonna..."

The three of them shifted so that Kate had her knees bent and legs wrapped high around Tony's back. Tony was on his knees above her, hands planted on each side to help angle him into her. They were both far enough down the bed that Gibbs was standing behind Tony, rubbing a slick, covered cock across Tony's backside.

Moving together, Tony sank himself into Kate as he felt Gibbs penetrate him, stretching him wider than he had been in a long time. The sounds coming from all three blurred together until Tony wasn't sure who was making what noise anymore.

Gibbs paused once he was fully seated inside Tony to give him time to adjust. Tony did the same for Kate, letting Gibbs set the pace. Kate was looking up at him with half-lidded eyes and Tony leaned down to place a chaste kiss to her lips.

"Beautiful," he whispered. Then Gibbs moved.

Tony couldn't think as he was torn between thrusting forward into Kate's heat and backwards on Gibbs' length. It was overwhelming and he was loving every moment of it.

"Faster," he heard himself huffing out and Gibbs complied.

The room was filled with the sounds of pants and skin slapping against skin. The occasional cry of 'God' or 'fuck' passed each of their lips as they worked toward a climax.

Then Gibbs struck Tony's prostate and Tony saw white. He shouted out as he plunged deep into Kate, spurting against the condom. Kate reacted and clenched around him as she came again.

Gibbs kept moving and few strokes later, Tony felt the warmth from Gibbs' come. Completely wiped out, he led himself slide down until he was laying beside Kate on the bed. He vaguely felt Gibbs' hands cleaning him up, but all was lost as his eyes closed.

"Think he's going to wake up?" Kate's voice filtered through the blissful haze in Tony's mind.

"Could smack him on the ass. See if it works as good as his head."

Tony smiled at the thought.

"I think he likes the idea, Gibbs," Kate said teasingly, after noticing his smile.

"Smack me anywhere you want, Boss," Tony mumbled as he turned slightly into Gibbs' body next to him. Apparently, Kate and Gibbs had positioned him between them on the bed.

Enjoying the feel of both of them around him, Tony asked, "This going to work out? And more than a one night stand, too?"

Gibbs just nodded, his eyes saying it all. Kate wrapped her arm tighter around Tony's body before answering.

"I don't let one night stands see my tattoo, Tony. You're stuck with me."

Tony twisted around in disbelief, "You have a tat?!"

"Need to work on your observation skills, DiNozzo," Gibbs said teasingly as Tony felt a light slap land on his bare ass.

"On it, Boss," and Tony crawled under the covers to do just that.
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: het, .genre: slash, .genre: threesome/more, .noncrossover, challenge: ncis_ficathon, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: kate todd (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo/kate

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