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Fic: Eight Years of Devotion (NCIS; 08/12)

Title: Eight Years of Devotion
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Pre-Slash Moving Into Slash
Warnings: Mild Sexual Content
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Spoilers: Post - 07x10 Faith
Word Count: 800
Series: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Summary: On the eighth day of Christmas, eight years of devotion culminated into a decision.

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Abby had distracted Gibbs long enough for Tony to make his break for it. He grabbed his bag from the hall closet and slipped from the house. Getting his car out proved to be tricky with the others parked around, but he finally succeeded in pulling out on to the street. He wasn’t sure where he was going, but anything would be better than staying at Gibbs’ house where everyone would see him, especially Gibbs.

“Damn,” he muttered as he scrubbed a hand over his face before refocusing on the empty road.

He’d kissed Gibbs. It was something he’d dreamed since he had met the man. But he figured it was something that would never happen. He just kept it as a pipe dream. Now… Well now, it was all different.

Tony wasn’t sure about anything anymore. He knew he couldn’t stay in Gibbs’ house after the kiss. It just wouldn’t work. And-

“God! Jack saw us kiss,” he groaned out loud. He wanted to bang his head on the steering wheel.

Not only had he made out with Gibbs in front of the entire team, but Gibbs’ father had witnessed everything.

“I just need to get out while the getting is good,” he muttered.

His apartment wasn’t worth living in anymore, so maybe it was a good time to cut his ties with NCIS. He knew that Vance wouldn’t hesitate to accept his resignation. He’d probably even find him a job on the opposite coast where there were no Navy or Marine personnel to ever lead to a possible meeting again. But could Tony really leave?

NCIS was home to him. It was the longest place he’d ever stayed, even when he was a kid. His father had moved around like he had gone through wives. Then there had been boarding school and college for four year stints each. From there, he stuck to two years. It wasn’t long enough to form lasting ties and his method had worked until he met Gibbs.

Every time he had contemplated leaving NCIS, something had prevented him from doing it. The best opportunity had been the offer of the team in Rota, but Tony couldn’t leave Gibbs on his own. However, maybe it was time to reconsider. Eight years was well passed his leave date.

Seeing a motel, Tony pulled off and secured himself a room for the night. He needed time to think and perhaps a long night alone followed by watching the Bucks play in the Rose Bowl would be just the thing. He’d be able to make a plan. His old escape routes had dried up years ago and he would have to start from scratch.

He made it to the room and tossed his bag in the chair in the corner. Then he headed for the shower. He needed to wash away the night. He needed to find a way to get the smell and taste of Gibbs from his body.

He stripped quickly and set the shower to its steamiest setting and stepped in with a shudder. As time progressed, the memory of the kiss that was now seared into his mind returned with full force.

Shock was the first emotion that registered as Gibbs’ lips touched his own. Then his body reacted and his mind went with it. He surged forward until his body was pressed against Gibbs’ toned one. He could feel a growing hardness against his own and rubbed just a fraction. He was rewarded with a small breath of air from Gibbs’ mouth. Then Gibbs pressed his tongue forward and Tony opened up for him. It was more than he ever expected and not enough at the same time. Their lips only broke for quick gasps of air before returning to explore each other. Tony wanted to spend the rest of his life with those lips on his own…

“Damn,” Tony grumbled as he looked down at his growing erection. He slapped his hand against the shower wall and turned the cold water to full blast.

Five minutes later, he propped himself on the bed and watched mindlessly as the channels flipped by. Television usually worked as a distraction for him, but he didn’t think his normal distractions would be up to par for this situation. It was just like Gibbs to get in under all of his defenses.

Instead of focusing on some crappy reality show, Tony let his mind drift again. He thought back over the last eight years; the good, the bad, the ugly. So much had happened and Tony had been on Gibbs’ six for almost all of it. Now he wasn’t sure if he could still do it. How could he face Gibbs again?

“What the hell am I going to do?” he asked to the empty room.

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Tags: .fanfic, .genre: pre-slash, .genre: slash, .noncrossover, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), collection: twelve days of christmas, fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo

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