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Fic: Twelve is a Broken Rule (NCIS; 12/12)

Title: Twelve is a Broken Rule
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Warning: Male/Male
Spoilers: Post - 07x10 Faith
Word Count: 1,200
Series: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Summary: On the twelfth day of Christmas, twelve is a broken rule in Gibbs' book.

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Tony felt more alive than he could ever remember. Gibbs wanted him. Not just in the bedroom, but Gibbs wanted him in his life. A man like Gibbs didn't create a heavenly entertainment room for kicks. Gibbs was in this for the long haul and that thought made Tony's body zing with anticipation of things to come.

When they reached the bedroom, Tony noted that two candles burning steadily by the bed were the only source of light. He never would have pictured Gibbs as the romantic type, but he figured he was about to learn otherwise.

"Counting your chickens before they hatched?" Tony couldn't help but tease as he pushed the door shut and then pushed Gibbs back against it.

"No counting necessary, Tony. Knew you wouldn't leave without watching something on that monstrosity in the other room. And wasn't going to let you watch anything until I got you in this room."

"Guess I should thank you properly for the new toy. What's the proper method for that?"

In response, Gibbs reached up and wrapped his hands behind Tony's head. Then Tony moved forward as Gibbs pulled him into a kiss. The heat from the other night was still present and Tony pressed his body forward, relishing in the feel of Gibbs' taught body underneath his own.

As the kiss deepened, Tony let his hands roam Gibbs' body. He managed to untuck Gibbs' shirt and slid his hands onto the muscled skin beneath it. His fingers traveled upwards, dragging the shirt along with him. He paused when he found some wiry chest hair and let his fingers trail through it, searching for their goal.

When he found Gibbs' nipples, he gave both a squeeze at the same time and enjoyed the gasp Gibbs gave into his mouth.

"Liked that, did yah?" he whispered hotly into Gibbs' ear as he started exploring other areas with his mouth.

Then he jumped a little when he felt hands sliding into his pants. He hadn't even registered that Gibbs had undone his belt and the top button.

"Sneaky, Boss," he breathed out around a moan. Gibbs' hand had just wrapped around his aching cock and Tony was in heaven.

"Bed. Now," Tony ground out as he tried to get a grip on his reactions to Gibbs finally touching his body.

Gibbs complied and the way to the mattress was littered with clothing as they both stripped along the way.

At the foot of the bed, they stopped and gave each other bodies a full appraisal. Tony knew that Gibbs would look good, but he was shocked by how toned the man was. Age clearly wasn't slowing Gibbs down anytime soon. Tony could only imagine what it would be like to have Gibbs hold him down as they fucked each other's brains out. Then something in Tony's mind clicked.

"Who's driving?" Tony wasn't sure what he wanted the answer to be. He wanted to sink his dick deep within Gibbs' body just as much as he wanted Gibbs to return the favor. Tony shifted his feet as he waited for Gibbs' take on the situation. He figured it would be Gibbs' way or the highway, so he'd just have to take what the other man wanted to give.

"You are," was the response and Tony's heart skipped a beat as he continued to stare.

"Unless you want me to fuck you dry, Tony," Gibbs stated with a smirk. "I lubed up before you got here."

At that declaration, Tony gripped his cock to stave off his pending orgasm. His mind was filling with images of Gibbs lying on this very bed and slipping his fingers into his body while thinking about the night to come.

"God, Boss…" Tony bit out. Then he grabbed Gibbs' shoulders and pushed him onto the bed.

Once they were horizontal, Tony stretched full length of Gibbs' body. He let their cocks rub together as he traced a wet tongue down the warm skin. He paused for a moment and treated Gibbs' nipples to a little suction. He enjoyed the ripples of pleasure he could feel traveling Gibbs' body.

Then he continued his decent, not stopping until he reached Gibbs' cock. It was think and heavy and Tony could see the vein pulsing in time with Gibbs' heartbeat. Little beads of pre-come were gathering on the tip and Tony leaned down and swiped them away with his tongue. Gibbs gave a strangled cry and Tony looked up at him with a feral smile.

"Taste good, Boss. Hope there's more."

"There'll be more, Tony. Lots more," Gibbs said with a breathless quality to his voice that Tony had never heard before.

Then Tony reached his hand out and cupped Gibbs' balls. He let them roll with in the palm of his hand. As he worked on them, Tony dropped his mouth down again and engulfed Gibbs' cock. He slipped it as far back as he could manage and let it sit there, swallowing around. Gibbs bucked his hips a few times and Tony heard muttered curses mixed with his name.

When he needed a breath, Tony pulled back with a wet pop and leaned back on his knees. Gibbs looked so good in that moment. He was stretched on the bed with his hands fisted in the sheets beside him. His hair was as mussed as it could ever be and his legs were spread wide in an open invitation that Tony was more than ready to accept.

"Condom and lube?" he question was quickly hit in the chest with a packet and tube. Working quickly from years of experience, Tony was soon ready to show Gibbs what he'd been missing for the last eight years.

"Front or back? Whichever is easier for you."

"Front," Gibbs said soundly as he drew his knees up. Tony lifted his feet and hooked them onto his shoulders.

"Good thing you are in excellent shape, Boss," he said as he pushed a finger inside Gibbs' body just to check. "Gonna ride you hard."

"Wouldn't expect anything less," Gibbs grunted out.

Satisfied Gibbs was ready, Tony removed his finger and lined his cock up with Gibbs' opening. Then he pushed in.

"Fuck…" they groaned simultaneously.

Inch by inch, Tony pushed forward until he was fully seated inside Gibbs. Then he leaned forward and Gibbs leaned up and they met for a sloppy kiss.

When they pulled back, Tony kept his locked on to Gibbs' and started to move. He kept it slow at first and then increased the speed. When Gibbs cried out, Tony knew he had brushed the man's prostate.

"Feel so good, Gibbs! So tight! So…" Tony trailed off and he leaned down to bite the juncture at Gibbs' neck and shoulder and he road out his orgasm. Tony was barely aware of Gibbs' hoarse cry and the feeling of warmth between their stomachs before blackness overtook him.

"Thought DiNozzos didn't pass out?"

Tony blinked his eyes and saw Gibbs, with a rare smile, looking up at him.

"That wasn't passing out, Boss," he slurred. "DiNozzos do not pass out. That was taking a brief nap to prepare for round two. You ready?"

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End Note: Thanks for reading this little impromptu series as I posted it. I'm quite proud of myself for wrapping it up all nice and pretty with a little sex to top it off! Hope you had as much fun reading as I did writing it... Enjoy!
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: slash, .noncrossover, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), collection: twelve days of christmas, fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo

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