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2009 Story Roundup

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Okay. I've never done this before, but I thought I would give it go. And wow... my muse was very active in 2009. I would also like to thank everyone who reviews my stories and those that read and enjoy. It's Feedback that keeps a person writing and I have gotten awesome feedback since I started posting on Livejournal. 2009 even saw me venture into posting my own original fiction. I was nervous, but I received positive reviews on that. So thank you very much.

I would also like to thank those who've beta-ed for me in the past year because without them, you wouldn't want to read most of what I write. So thanks, azraelz_angel, avamclean, satyrnfive and triskellion! (I didn't miss anyone did I?)

Total Fic Count for 2009: 75 stories

Total Word Count: 79,245 words
Longest Story: 7,013 words
Shortest Story: 100 words

04 Original Fiction
08 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
01 Highlander
01 Lion King
01 Quantum Leap
01 Slave Breakers
01 Star Trek
02 Stargate SG1
02 Supernatural
03 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
01 The Sentinel

14 Crossover
57 Pure Fandom
04 Original Fiction

24 Gen
04 Gen w/ Potential Subtext
02 Het
01 Femslash
40 Slash / Pre-Slash
05 Slave Fiction
03 Threesome & More

48 FR13
08 FR15
03 FR18
16 FR21

January 2009
2 Stories

(01) Bingo Was His Name (BtVS; Quantum Leap) FR15; Gen
Word Count: 2,550
Summary: Seeing the death of vampires, demons and other creatures of the night did not compare to the gruesome, all too human death inside the wreckage.

(02) Five Immortal Moments (NCIS; Highlander) FR13; Gen w/ Potential Subtext
Word Count: 500
Summary: Anyone can get old. All you have to do is live long enough.

February 2009
3 Stories

(03) Five Things Unsaid (NCIS) FR13; Het & Slash
Word Count: 500
Summary: Gibbs was not a talkative man. He let his actions speak louder than words.

(04) Ghostly Wake-Up Call (NCIS; BtVS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 500
Summary: An ill-timed accident led to Gibbs receiving wake-up calls from beyond the grave.

(05) Staying Afloat (Slave Breakers) FR21; Slash & Slave Fiction
Word Count: 837
Summary: When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. - Alexander Graham Bell

March 2009
5 Stories

(06) Coping Mechanism (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 2,542
Summary: When one method stops working, it's time for another to take its place.

(07) Intoxicating Moments (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 500
Summary: First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

(08) Two Reasons (NCIS) FR15; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: There was a reason he left and a reason he stayed, but it all boiled down to the same thing.

(09) First Day Jitters (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Anticipating the first day on the job is usually worse than the day itself.

(10) Being Gibbs (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 500
Summary: Bourbon, boat, basement, bastard, boss. Each 'b' in his life had a beginning.

April 2009
7 Stories

(11) Continuing the Fight (NCIS; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 200
Summary: Kate usually watched over own, but she decided he could use her guidance.

(12) Controlling the Mind (NCIS) FR15; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: It never registered with him that what he was doing could be considered wrong.

(13) Changing Control (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,300
Summary: Tim's life was becoming a roll coaster of control. It changed from one moment to the next.

(14) The Aftermath (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 353
Summary: The first time McGee walked uninvited into Gibbs' house was also the last...

(15) Like Catnip (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 200
Summary: Gibbs indulges Tony's overactive senses when they apply to him.

(16) Sunset (NCIS) FR13; Gen (w/ Mentions of Outside Slash Pairing)
Word Count: 300
Summary: ...and then he'll rue the day he was left with such an unbalanced workforce.

(17) Surviving the Future (NCIS; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 867
Summary: When faced with an uncertain future, plans must always be made.

May 2009
9 Stories

(18) Lost Chances (NCIS) FR21; Het & Threesome
Word Count: 500
Summary: They both found solace in each other after losing what they could never have.

(19) Six Degrees of Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Supernatural; The Sentinel; Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Stargate SG1) FR13; Gen w/ Potential Subtext
Word Count: 600
Summary: No matter how hard they tried, Tony and Abby could never find a person that had a Gibbs Number higher than one.

(20) No Longer Black and White (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 200
Summary: See I thought love was black and white. That it was wrong or it was right.

(21) Better Off Floating (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 2,260
Summary: While Tony may not remember all the women he had been with over the years, he remembered every single man.

(22) Buck Up Dinozzo (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 600
Summary: It took her five attempts before success was achieved.

(23) A New Kind of Movie (NCIS) FR21; Threesome
Word Count: 1,200
Summary: Movie night just got a lot more interesting...

(24) To Be Free (Original Fiction) FR18; Gen Slave Fiction
Word Count: 955
Summary: ...for while we exist death is not present, and when death is present we no longer exist. - Epicurus

(25) Living Oblivion (Original Fiction) FR18; Slave Fiction
Word Count: 978
Summary: Apathy is a sort of living oblivion. - Horace Greeley

(26) One He Gained and One He Didn't Want (NCIS) FR13; Gen w/ Potential Subtext
Word Count: 1,384
Summary: Gibbs' medal collection is significantly smaller than Tony's but special all the same.

June 2009
9 Stories

(27) Needed Release (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 500
Summary: Release can come in many forms...

(28) Paul (Original Fiction) FR18; Slash & Slave Fiction
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: He's always ready to obey Master's commands.

(29) Blinded (Original Fiction) FR15; Slave Fiction
Word Count: 500
Summary: Everything needs to have a purpose.

(30) A Different Focus (NCIS; Supernatural) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 1,822
Summary: He wanted to close his eyes and not see them, if only for a moment.

(31) Henry, Please Come Home (NCIS) FR13; Gen w/ Potential Subtext
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Jethro has dealt with loss many times throughout his life.

(32) Iron Guts Kelly (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: There's a first time for everything and Kelly wanted to give Tony DiNozzo one of his.

(33) A Smattering of Intelligence (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Anthony DiNozzo learned early how to hide his intelligence.

(34) The Interview (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: He figured it was a tossup between her and her dad as to which was the scariest Gibbs.

(35) Letters (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: He kept his promise while serving his duty as Agent Afloat.

July 2009
13 Stories

(36) Mail Call (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: It took some time to write, but he finally found the words he wanted to say.

(37) Mail Call, Again (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 100
Summary: Writing proved to be just as hard as talking...

(38) Mail Call Three (NCIS) FR15; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: The time for letter writing was over when Tony finally came home.

(39) Dear Dad (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: After reuniting with his dad, it takes a few letters to start the communication process.

(40) Dear Dad, Again (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Tony needs to get away from it all, but it doesn't work the way he wants.

(41) Dear Dad... Three (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Jack enlists a little help with getting Gibbs and Tony to take a break...

(42) Father's Day (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: Gibbs and Tony finally take a break when they need it the most.

(43) It Happened One Night (NCIS; Star Trek) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 300
Summary: They boldly went where no NCIS agents had gone before...

(44) Life With Father (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Jack passes along some advice to Tony...

(45) Worthy of Praise (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 300
Summary: Ducky learns early on how to address the newest member of Gibbs' team.

(46) Why Nepotism and Tony Don't Mix (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 500
Summary: There were five times he worked for his father. But thankfully, he never stayed.

(47) Lend a Hand (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: There are many forms of communication. It's just a matter of finding the one that works.

(48) Dear Sis (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: McGee learns something startling about his characters and turns to his sister for help.

August 2009
11 Stories

(49) The Chosen People (NCIS; Buffy the Vampire Slayer) FR15; Gen
Word Count: 300
Summary: Surrounded by a nightmare she couldn't escape, Kelly only had one choice.

(50) Four Ways He Hid and One Time He Couldn't (NCIS; Buffy the Vampire Slayer) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 500
Summary: Xander tries to hide the effects his 'job' has on his body from the man closest to him.

(51) For the Good of the Outfit (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Gibbs wanted to stake his claim when he saw something out of place on Tony.

(52) How Do You Eat Yours? (NCIS; Buffy the Vampire Slayer) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Xander prepares a treat on Halloween night.

(53) Coming Out (NCIS; Buffy the Vampire Slayer) FR13; Femslash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell,' leaves Kelly struggling with how to tell her dad the truth...

(54) Dawn's Excellent Adventure (Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Stargate SG1) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 300
Summary: Dawn was more than ready for her new adventure...

(55) Chance of a Lifetime (Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Lion King) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 300
Summary: The new body she now possessed gave her a world of possibilities.

(56) Images (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 3,557
Summary: When Leroy Jethro Gibbs found himself in the middle of a nasty divorce, he turned for help from a local private eye, a former a cop from Philly named Anthony DiNozzo.

(57) Limp Linguini (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 318
Summary: A feeling of abandonment leaves Tony considering his future with the team.

(58) Bouncing Ideas (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: His first case without Gibbs behind the reins went by in a haze...

(59) Rebound (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Gibbs knew they had a lot of crap to clear the air about...

September 2009
4 Stories

(60) Cementing Relationships (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 7,013
Summary: An old friend of Tony's turns everyone's perception on end.

(61) Sixty-Niners (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 724
Summary: Tony tries out a new method of waking a sleeping Gibbs and gets more than he bargained for.

(62) Rite of Passage (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 2,884
Summary: Tony couldn't ignore his heritage any longer... It was time.

(63) Functional Mute (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Throughout his life, Leroy Jethro Gibbs let his actions speak louder than words.

October 2009
1 Story

(64) Overlapping Bonds (NCIS) FR21; Threesome
Word Count: 4,000
Summary: After the explosion, Kate's looking for a connection, Gibbs is feeling protective and Tony just needs a place to belong...

November 2009
2 Stories

(65) Fitting the Pieces (NCIS) FR15; Gen
Word Count: 220
Summary: It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

(66) Who Needs a Storybook Ending? (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 3,812
Summary: It took Peoria, Philly and Baltimore, but I finally found my place with NCIS and a man named Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

December 2009
9 Stories

(67) The Fifth Rule (NCIS) FR15; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 1,822
Summary: Rules left unchecked tend to gnaw deep within a person until something triggers the fallout.

(68) Make Mine With Music (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 1,347
Summary: Ten different looks at the relationship between Gibbs and Tony using songs for inspiration.

(69) A Place To Stay (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 100
Summary: On the first day of Christmas, Tony showed up needing a place to stay.

(70) Two Cups of Coffee (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 200
Summary: On the second day of Christmas, two cups of coffee were shared in Gibbs' kitchen.

(71) Three Steps From The Bottom (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 300
Summary: On the third day of Christmas, three steps from the bottom was where Tony sat.

(72) Four Questioning Co-Workers (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 400
Summary: On the fourth day of Christmas, four questioning co-workers looked for answers.

(73) Five Dead Marines (NCIS) FR21; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 500
Summary: On the fifth day of Christmas, five dead marines caused an interruption.

(74) Six Near Misses (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 600
Summary: On the sixth day of Christmas, six near misses occurred while working a case.

(75) Seven Minutes Till Midnight (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 700
Summary: On the seventh day of Christmas, seven minutes till midnight something new happened.


Jan. 9th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
Wow, very impressive! I hope you and your muse are just as prolific this year, I always do enjoy your stories, particularly the NCIS ones. Thank you for sharing them.
Jan. 9th, 2010 06:16 pm (UTC)

This was actually nice to do because I forgot some of what I had written. I've just decided to go back and do a similar one for 2008 and probably 2007. Prior to 2007 may get looped into one post because I didn't write as much back then. And perhaps do a comprehensive fanart post. *ponders*
Jan. 9th, 2010 08:58 pm (UTC)
Oh that would be wonderful, I haven't been on LJ for long and although I have tried to go back and read all your posted stories this would make sure I haven't missed any, and, give me the chance to re-read those I have found. I have to admit I have saved this post to make sure I can go back and re-read all your stories, they're always worth reading over!
Jan. 9th, 2010 11:25 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :-)

I now have 2008 up and I think I'll just keep going. When I get to 2007 and earlier, I'll have links both here and to TTH. Not all of my fic is on LJ. All of my NCIS fic is on LJ though.


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