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2007 Story Roundup

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2007 was the year I discovered my love for NCIS. You'll notice a four month hiatus during the summer... This is when I binge watched both seasons of Dark Angel and then went looking for more Michael Weatherly. The rest is history. After I binge watched all the NCIS episodes to the current season at the time, I started reading fics. After I soaked up the fandom, I began to write. And I'm still going strong. Thanks to everyone who reads and reviews!

I would also like to thank those who've beta-ed for me in 2007 because without them, you wouldn't want to read most of what I write. So thanks, azraelz_angel, avamclean and satyrnfive! (I didn't miss anyone did I?)

Total Fic Count for 2007: 27 stories

Total Word Count: 50,435 words
Longest Story: 6,050 words
Shortest Story: 200 words

01 Angel the Series
14 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
01 Smallville
01 Stargate SG1
07 Supernatural

15 Crossover
11 Pure Fandom

12 Gen
02 Gen w/ Potential Subtext
03 Het
01 Femslash / Pre-Femslash
08 Slash / Pre-Slash

19 FR13
02 FR15
05 FR21

January 2007
1 Story

(01) Kicked Out (BtVS; Smallville) FR13; Pre-Femslash
Word Count: 543
Summary: Chloe gets a kiss goodbye.

February 2007
1 Story

(02) I Could Have Missed the Pain (BtVS; Supernatural) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,398
Summary: Sam discovers common ground with a bar owner.

March 2007
3 Stories

(03) Acts of God Not Covered (Angel the Series; Supernatural) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,332
Summary: Lindsey's first client since his promotion to Junior Partner has a problem with the fine print of his contract.

(04) Brother's Keeper (BtVS; Supernatural) FR13; Het
Word Count: 2,201
Summary: Sometimes, to get someone back you have to let them go. But no one told you that letting them go can hurt like hell.

(05) Fractured Ruins (BtVS; Supernatural) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,394
Summary: But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. -Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Archipelago

April 2007
1 Story

(06) Six Days, Seven Nights (BtVS; Supernatural) FR13; Het
Word Count: 1,049
Summary: Xander's luck with women holds true even on the open seas.

May 2007
2 Stories

(07) The Offworld Drabbles (BtVS; Stargate SG1) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 200
Summary: Mixing magic with science...

(08) When Cordy Met Dean (BtVS; Supernatural) FR13; Het
Word Count: 2,803
Summary: Mexico had two things, giant cockroaches and Dean Winchester. Cordelia Chase wasn’t sure which was worse. (Posted at TTH)

June 2007
0 Stories

No stories posted for this month.

July 2007
0 Stories

No stories posted for this month.

August 2007
0 Stories

No stories posted for this month.

September 2007
0 Stories

No stories posted for this month.

October 2007
1 Story

(09) Taste the Rainbow (BtVS; NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 2,635
Summary: Tony and Xander enjoy breakfast in bed before a cell phone rudely interrupts.

November 2007
6 Stories

(10) What We Leave Behind (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,510
Summary: "For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds last forever." - Laura Swenson

(11) Dark Hallow (NCIS) FR15; Gen w/ Potential Subtext
Word Count: 3,147
Summary: The team finds they aren’t in Kansas anymore when something goes hinky in Abby’s lab.

(12) Crypt Keeping (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 6,050
Summary: Abby lays a trap on Halloween night to bring her two favorite special agents together.

(13) You'll Do (NCIS; BtVS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,955
Summary: Xander helps Tony deal with the emotional fallout of Gibbs leaving.

(14) Five Things Tony Left Behind (NCIS) FR13; Gen w/ Potential Subtext
Word Count: 429
Summary: Gibbs didn't think he would miss having DiNozzo around until he found the things Tony had left behind.

(15) Five Times He Cared (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 849
Summary: When Tim first met Special Agent DiNozzo he didn't think much of him and his behavior, but four years later, he knows different.

December 2007
12 Stories

(16) Five Ways She Almost Killed Him (NCIS) FR15; Gen
Word Count: 920
Summary: Tony DiNozzo was sure that Ziva David would be the death of him some day, but luckily for him these weren't those days.

(17) Best Gift of All (NCIS; BtVS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 2,348
Summary: After four days on a case, Tony comes home on Christmas Eve to find a surprise waiting.

(18) Four He Gained and One He Lost (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,363
Summary: Tony has a collection that started when he joined NCIS and continues to fluxuate in numbers to this day.

(19) Five Helpful Moments (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,400
Summary: Tony doesn't understand why people would want to help, but he does appreciate it when they do (even if he keeps that fact to himself).

(20) Five Minutes 'Til Midnight (NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 1,366
Summary: It's five minutes 'til midnight and both are seeking a substitute.

(21) Falling Rain (BtVS; Supernatural) FR21; Het
Word Count: 1,488
Summary: The rain falls on the just and the unjust.

(22) All Tied Up (BtVS; NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 3,057
Summary: Tony awoke to find himself all tied up after trailing a murder suspect. At least he had some guy named Xander Harris there to keep him company.

(23) Five People He Lost (NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,374
Summary: Tony experienced loss early in life and it only got worse as the years progressed.

(24) House Broken (NCIS; BtVS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 1,783
Summary: Tony and Xander both learn the hazards of being roommates with each other.

(25) Home for the Holidays (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 3,334
Summary: Tim has a lot of work ahead of him in order to take Tony home for the holidays.

(26) Shift in Reality (NCIS; BtVS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 2,907
Summary: After Tony was chained to a killer, both Xander and him had a startling realization they couldn't share with each other.

(27) The Supernatural Drabbles (Supernatural; BtVS) FR13; Gen
Word Count:1,600 (collectively)
Summary: A collection of Supernatural/BtVS/AtS prompt based drabbles. (Posted at TTH)

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