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NCIS 07x12 Flesh and Blood - A Review with Pictures!

You know I rarely do these, but last night's episode warranted it. This episode made me fall in love with NCIS all over again. Really and truly.

So I decided to do a full recap with pictures and thoughts. Hopefully you will enjoy!

Also, others have some great reviews as well:

xanthe: NCIS: "Flesh and Blood" goes into the emotional aspect with Tony among other things. A great read!

And I hear tell that spoonyriffic will be working on an epic picspam review that will be... well... epic. So I'll link when she has it up.

Now, time for the show... Just note that there are 74 (yes, 74) screen caps under these cuts.

Phoomph #01

Caption 01
A laughing McGee and a worried looking Tony... this can never be good for Tony. I want to hug him already.

Caption 02
Look! Sully from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman!

We have a prince with a haughty attitude, an annoyed pilot (Joe Lando!) and an assistant who really doesn't like his master boss. This is the makings for something not so good. One of those three will die and of the two that didn't die, one of them will be the 'bad guy'.

Caption 03
Ooo, explodey car! At least it wasn't Tony's this time. How many has he lost now? And I loved the flying shoes. Very nice touch.

Insert opening credits... *head bob to theme music*

Tony's angry. On the phone angry and...

Hold up. The title is Flesh and Blood not Flesh and Bone. Must fix previous post.

And yay! Robert Wagner's name is there! And no, I didn't cap it because Ziva was standing behind it.

And we learn that Tony is 'Anthony DiNozzo, Jr.' And from the publicity stuff for this episode and throughout the episode itself, I keep thinking of the ultimate movie reference for Tony from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

Sallah: Please, what does it always mean, this... this "Junior"?
Professor Henry Jones: That's his name.
[points to himself]
Professor Henry Jones: Henry Jones...
[points to Indy]
Professor Henry Jones: ...Junior.

But I digress...

Ziva and McGee pitted against Tony. This is an all too common occurrence. Makes me feel sorry for Tony. Back in the day, Tony and Kate were the ones to team up against McGee. *sigh* And their smiling at Tony's misery irked me a bit, but then they rival each other, so...

And how do we spell DiNozzo?

Big D as in Dimwit. Little i as in Idiot. Big N as in Nimrod. Little o as in Obtuse. Double z as in ZZ Top. Or maybe... [voice gets too low as Ziva and McGee talk to hear]

And Tony's doing spring break with the frat buddies? A cruise? He's still holding on to that 'young at heart' thing perhaps afraid to grow up or afraid to accept that he has grown up. However, if he has some buddies planning it to, perhaps there are more Peter Pans out there. Wonder if one of them was the guy Kate dated for a bit. What was his name again? There's a bunny there I think...

Caption 04
Mind Your Own Business!

This moment reminds me of when Kate tried to headslap Tony and he 'politely' informed her that only Gibbs was allowed to do that.

And in walks Gibbs and it's case time! And poor Tony always gets his business dealings interrupted that way.

Ziva asks Tony for details and Tony shoots her down. Good job Tony. Plus, unlike McGee, he doesn't hand out information at the slap drop of a hat. Then Tony gets all serious giving details he's already gotten to Gibbs. At least he wasn't having flashbacks to burned out car husks.

And the shoes! And Gibbs gave up between Tony and Ducky and joined McGee and Joe Lando.

Gibbs vs. haughty Prince

I kind of think haughty Prince actually came out on top in the battle. Or maybe it was a draw. Gibbs didn't get it the way he would have wanted.

Blah, blah, blah, case stuff. Vance is seemingly okay. And Tony is just standing there with his arms crossed looking all supportive slightly behind and to the left of Gibbs. His proper place.

Caption 05
Is the coast clear?

Love that McGee double checked that Gibbs was safely out of the room before he informed Tony of his 'visitor' downstairs. Better part of valor McGee, make sure Gibbs isn't around when you drop a bombshell, especially on Tony.

Junior mentioned you, but he never told me what you looked like.

Well. Guess that means that Tony has at least talked to his father since 2005. But I get the feeling that he didn't say much more than necessary about anyone on the team save for Gibbs.

Caption 06
The DiNozzo Trademark Smile!

DiNozzo, Sr.: Junior!
Tony: Dad?! What are yah doing here?

Phoomph #02

Caption 07
Tony. Gun. Tony with Gun. And a very shock, confused, worried and 'oh shit' expression on his face.

We learn that Senior still has his name on one of Tony's accounts as a trustee. So... wonder what account this is. It would have to be from when he was younger if his dad's name was on the account. xanthe talked about this in a good way on her post and I'm inclined to go with her on that. She's of the opinion that it could be money left to Tony by his mother after she died. And perhaps that is what he has always tapped in to for his expensive taste in shoes and suits.

Caption 08
Tony's face as he learns that his father took the train instead of flying.

Tony appeared anxious but not overly so until his father made the comment about taking the train versus flying. It's flipped everything around for Tony. Tony likely has set standards ingrained in his head for his father. He drinks a certain drink. He stays at certain hotels. He goes through women and wives. He lives large. He flies versus other mode of transportation. One change the routine and Tony is thrown off his game more than he already is.

So Tony starts questioning, trying to draw his father out. But his father just brushes him off with: We'll have dinner. Catch up.

Caption 09
Tony realizes that it is business as usual with his father. *sigh*

So it's deflection time and apparently Tony learned that from his father. Senior changed the topic to Ziva and doesn't get very far.

Then McGee is telling Tony it is time to go and we find out Senior knows who the haughty prince is. Notice that we don't get to learn where Tony's father is staying when Tony first asked?

And then how quickly Tony caved in talking to his father. He let little details fall right out to his dad.

Caption 10, 11 & 12
Tony laughing says he can't talk about it. Senior gives a stern look. Tony caves.

So Tony never stood a chance the moment he met Gibbs. He'd been well trained to give in to stern alpha looks.

Caption 13
They look so good together as father and son. Excellent, excellent casting!

Older brother and haughty prince don't get along so well it seems... And Ziva is good for something. She knows her languages. Come on... we want to know what haughty prince said to older bro!

Older bro gives a potential suspect group. Tony shows up all competent in his status report to Gibbs. Haughty prince wants to have his way but Tony is having no part of it.

Caption 14
Haughty Prince chose Ziva. Gibbs seems amused and Tony seems confused. Or maybe he's trying to decide who would kill whom first.

Ducky and Vance have a talk. It is rare to see Vance down there. Jenny ventured that way a lot more. And kudos for mentioning Ducky's mother. It's sad to think that the actress who played her has passed away. Immediate family wise, let's tally it up:

Mother- Dead, unknown how old Gibbs was when she died
Father - Estranged for many years, but they are working on it
Siblings - None as far as we know

Mother - Dead, Tony was 8
Father - Semi-estranged, at least they have talked more recently than Gibbs had with his dad
Siblings - None as far as we know
Step-Mothers - So many Tony couldn't keep up

Mother - Still Alive, but in a nursing home

Mother - Gloria, deaf
Father - Unknown
Siblings - At least one younger brother

Parents - Unknown beyond father being Navy (I think)
Siblings - Younger Sister, Sarah

Father - Deputy Director of Mossad
Mother - Unknown
Siblings - Ari (half-brother, dead); Tali (I think; sister; dead)

And so much for the family trees... Moving along...

Caption 15
For some reason I started singing 'Ding Dong the Witch is Dead' at this point...

Mismatch Monday and Make My Day Monday... which to choose...

And Abby is all excited learning that Senior is in town. And Gibbs has to focus her because she is distracted (like we all are).

Oh noes! Chatter!! Oh noes!! Chatter is coming from hotel!

Run Tony! Run!! And Tony is really bookin' it. I think he wanted some action to keep him busy. Anything to distract him from thinking about his father.

Caption 16
Flashes of his gun and badge graced us on his little sprint...

Poor hotel guy was all accosted. He kinda reminded me of Jimmy. Jimmy! Where was he this episode? *is sad*

Ooo... Tony has his gun drawn as he works through the cubicles.

Caption 17
Tony of the drawn gun.

Federal Agents! Hands in the air!

Caption 18 & 19
Shock from both father and son.

Junior, what's the matter with you? Put that thing done. Someone could get hurt.

Phoomph #03

Caption 20
They all look a bit concerned... But why?

Caption 21
Interrogation! And Abby and Ducky are watching!

Abby has a great theory. Cloned!Tony. Senior is doing what Tony often does with the mirror in the interrogation room; making sure he is completely on his game. The cloning theory... hee! Gotta love Abby!

Caption 22
The Meeting.

Gibbs: Hi. Jethro Gibbs.
Senior: Oh. Agent Gibbs. Well, you finally get to meet the real Tony DiNozzo.
Gibbs: [chuckles] I didn't expect it was going to be under these circumstances. Have a seat. Got some explaining to do.

Now, what circumstances was Gibbs expecting it to be under? Maybe Tony's untimely death or almost near death like back when he had the plague?

And Senior ignored an order from Gibbs to sit. Twice.

Caption 23
Random: Gibbs Tongue!

Gibbs got to hear him say that money is tight these days... more than Tony got out of him for all is asking earlier. And now I'm wondering what FBI Agent Ron Sacks would do if he had Senior in an interrogation room. The poor guy would probably go crazy. Hee!

Senior goes off on a tangent to rival Tony about Daniel, the concierge who can get you anything you want. Gibbs looked like he was thinking that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the way of deflection tactics.

Rooftop Grill. Best ribeye in town. And Ducky agrees.

Caption 24 & 25
Tony looks so like a boy waiting to hear is fate outside the principal's office... *gives him a hug*

And Gibbs orders him to keep his father clear of the haughty prince's family and to make sure he gets the message.

Abby tries to account for Senior watching and fails with Gibbs and makes a tactical retreat. Ducky doesn't need to make excuses. And he stays.

Caption 26
Tony's turn to use the mirror.

Can you see the reflection of Gibbs in that cap? He has that little smile/smirk combination that seems to appear for Tony. :-)

Ducky and Gibbs agree that Senior has an agenda.

Caption 27
Tony? Checking out a woman? What would Gibbs think?!

And now it is time for drinks with the DiNozzos!

And Tony remembers the drink he always made for his dad.

Tony: Macallan 18. Three fingers. One ice cube.
Senior: You remembered.
Tony: Well... What would cocktail hour be without a single malt Scotch at a lecture from Senior?
Senior: And now your going to lecture me. [pause and a glasses tip] What are you drinking?
Tony: Non-alcoholic beer.
Senior: Hm. The downside to law enforcement.
Tony: [eyes closed head shake like he was taking an emotional hit he was expecting]
Senior: Are there any upsides?
Tony: Well, I get to carry a gun. [pause] You've always been disappointed I became a cop.
Senior: No.
Tony: Felt that way to me.
Senior: I always was [reaches for word] supportive. I never said anything.
Tony: Exactly.
Senior: What did you want me to say?
Tony: [leans forward] Well I don't know. Maybe like, 'Hey junior, I'm glad you found a career you're passionate about. I'm proud of you and what you're doing.' Something like that.
Senior: How do you know I don't feel that way?
Tony: [cuts in, voice raised and clipped] How would I? We never talked.
Tony: [backs up and lowers voice] I mean... I get it. It must have been tough. Your wife dies and you're left with an eight year old kid. But your solution, dad, was to warehouse me in boarding schools and summer camps. And half the time I never knew where you were or what you were doing. I needed a closer relationship.
Senior: You forget. We took some great vacations together.
Tony: Like the trip to Maui where you left me in a hotel room for two days and I was twelve years old?
Senior: Come on, Junior. I explained that to you. I had to go back to the main land to close a deal.
Tony: With a rich divorcee. Who was, uh... very attractive as I recall.
Senior: A deal is a deal.
Tony: How's my current stepmother?
Senior: Ex-stepmother.
Tony: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I actually liked Karen.
Senior: Phoebe. You missed one.
Tony: Were you gonna tell me about that?
Senior: I don't like to advertise my failures.
Tony: Well, my condolences, my congratulations and my condolences.
Senior: Thank you.
Tony: [phone beeps, sighs] I have to relieve Ziva. Now listen to me... [leans towards Senior] You stay away from Ibn Alwaan's. Please. [walks away] I'll call yah.
Senior: [heavy sigh]

Caption 28-33
The Talk.

Now time for the case. McGee's showing video stuff and talking and working. Ziva is ready to kill haughty prince. He better not get in an elevator with her. Vance shows up saying their potential lead from Big Bro is no good. Darn the bad luck.

Phoomph #04

Caption 34
It looks like a happy Abby! They must have figure something out for the case.

Gibbs didn't know his amendments... blasphemy! And there's Senior and he asked to be called Tony. And he's making Ziva laugh. Gibbs knows better to fall for it. He's been dealing with the real Tony for years now.

Caption 35
Yoga!Tony! With a cowboy hat on and shoulder holsters! And he's got some 'splainin to do...

Wow. So Tony really caved during the night. His father being around has him acting out it seems. Someone (was it Xanthe) mentioned how Tony might have acted out when he was a kid at those boarding school and such to get some kind of attention from his father. Is that what he's doing now, only to get the attention from Gibbs this time?

Caption 36
DiNozzo? Boss?

Caption 37

FIVE HAT SLAPS!!! FIVE!!!!! Two were visible and the subsequent three were quick and only the sound was heard.

Explain! Gibbs demands!

Caption 38 & 39
The two visible reactions to the hat slap.

Command decision to club in the penthouse. Poor Tony, he's digging himself deeper. Then haughty prince is all, 'Oh noes, Daddy is coming."

Gibbs: What were you thinking?
Tony: Honestly, I didn't think you'd be here for another hour.

And Tony's handcuffs (I assume) are on penthouse clubbing girl. Naughty, naughty.

To make matters worse, they step outside to see Senior with haughty prince's dad. Poor Tony.

Caption 40
At seeing Senior where he shouldn't be...

Gibbs: I told you to handle it.
Tony: I spoke to him. I think he's losing his hearing.
Gibbs: Give me a reason not to bench you.
[stare off]
Tony: I won't let him out of my sight.

Caption 41
Tony doesn't like it when Gibbs threatens him with benching...

Oh Tony... Not only is your dad around disrupting your carefully placed shields, but now Gibbs is going all gruff and threatening you if you don't pull yourself together and get your head on straight. *hugs you*

Yay! Abby's got something and so does Timmy! Go team! Solve that case! Strong vibrations! I knew that jet was not good when it did its flyby! McGee lets Ducky know they need to do another test. Big Bro is not happy about not getting the body...

Now upstairs... Tony has Senior in his sights but is not a happy camper. Senior has usurped Tony's desk and Tony is stuck sitting in McGee's chair.

Caption 42
Tony is stopped by a hand.

Senior fixed the bank error. Senior is receiving phone calls at Tony's desk... Poor Tony.

Gibbs and Ziva show up... Senior tries to get away and Gibbs gives Tony 'the look'. Tony tries to pawn his dad off on Ziva to have her give him a tour.

Gibbs agrees with Senior that Ziva is busy... Then he steps in with, "I'll show yah around."

Caption 43
Tony is worried at the prospect of Gibbs alone with his father...

Caption 44
Just love the expressions on Gibbs and Tony's faces here!

Tony: I'm flashing back. Boarding school. Headmaster wants to talk to my dad.

Then Tony has an epiphany and dives for his phone. He needs McGee aka 'skinny butt' to do his computer magic to find out what his father was doing on Tony's computer.

Caption 45
He's up to something... I can smell it.

Now to see about that tour... Armory in deed. Gibbs took Senior to a conference room. Oh boy.

Senior didn't obey Gibbs' sit command again. Guess that only works on Junior.

Senior: When you uh, offered to take me on a tour, I suspected you had an ulterior motive. What's on your mind?
Gibbs: Your son.
Senior: [small laugh] What has Junior done now? [chuckle]
Gibbs: Tony likes to hide behind the face of a clown. But he's the best young agent I've ever worked with.
Senior: Well. I'm glad to hear that.
Gibbs: When was the last time you talked to him? I mean really talked to him.
Senior: We keep in touch.
Gibbs: Four years ago, your son came very close to dying from pneumonic plague. And I expected to see you. You didn't show then. Why you here now?
Senior: [looking a bit shocked] He never told me he was sick.
Gibbs: Oh? So you don't keep in touch.
Senior: What's your point?
Gibbs: Tony inherited his personality from you. But I got the feeling there's a lot about your life you don't share.
Senior: [leans in looking a bit angry] I should tell you to piss off. But I do know that Junior thinks the world of you, so I'll keep this civil. You have children Gibbs?
Gibbs: Had. A daughter. But unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to know her as an adult. You have that opportunity to get to know Tony. Do it.
Senior: Are we finished? [leaves]

Wow. First the conversation between father and son and then this. He brought up the plague. Why didn't Tony have his father there... And we learn that Senior never even knew. And he likely doesn't know about any of the other near death occurrences.

My favorite part? The way Gibbs responded when asked the 'do you have a kid' question. Any other time he's been asked that, you can tell he doesn't know how to respond. And then we get a 'No.' This time, he only paused a moment like he was gathering his nerves and he answered truthfully. This moment was so made of win and was something I've wanted to see on screen for a long time. The fact that it came out over Tony was icing on the cake.

Now for some caps...

Caption 46-50
Gibbs and Senior talk...

Cut to excited Abby and McGee... They cracked the case!

Caption 51
Nice work!

The victim was his own killer. Hinky!

Phoomph #05

Caption 52
SQUEEE!!! Gibbs! Tony! Beers! Couch! Clinking! SQUEEE!!!

So we wrap up the case... Tony's a little distracted on his computer. Then Senior show's up with Abby on his arm. Tony seems concerned. More so than when it was Ziva his father was being flirtatious with.

Caption 53
Concerned Tony... What's Abby doing dad's arm?

Caption 54
Tony should be concerned.

Gibbs orders Tony away from the computer. Off to MTAC they go...

Tony: Have to break one of your rules, Boss. Number six. Never say you're sorry. I let things get out of control in the hotel room.
Gibbs: Nah, it's covered. Rule 18.
Tony: Oh yeah. It's better to seek forgiveness than to ask permission. Am I forgiven?
Gibbs: No... You been distracted by your father.
Tony: It's that obvious? [hesitates] He's not the man I though he was.
Gibbs: I don't know my father.
Tony: No. Boss, my father's always been a mystery to me. Just a wealthy one. It turns out he's broke. He has been for years. His bank account's are overdrawn, credit cards are frozen, properties foreclosed... The guy's tapped out.
Gibbs: How'd you find that out?
Tony: McGee got me into his records. But it turns out Senior's been living high on the low for quite some time. I wonder if he was ever as rich as he appeared. Think the reason he came to town to see me was to confess the charade. But when he figured out that Prince Omar was coming to town, I think he, uh, saw the chance for one last score. His whole life's one big con.
Gibbs: What are you going to do about it?
Tony: End the game.
Gibbs: When?
Tony: Time to do it's when he checks out of the hotel. He's staying in a thousand dollar a night suite. He can't afford it. He's running up a huge tab. I'll get him when he tries to pay the bill.



Now... I absolutely love this exchange between Gibbs and Tony. It shows how close they are that Tony can talk to Gibbs about it. Love that this was set in MTAC with the semi-darkness. It's like it made it easier for Tony to talk in the quietness and the darkness. Love that he opened up to Gibbs and told him what he learned and kind of how he felt. Although his expression when Gibbs said he wasn't forgiven yet... *hugs Tony* Don't worry Tony, you'll be back on the forgiven side soon enough.

Caption 55-59
Gibbs and Tony talk in MTAC

McGee and Ziva figure out the ultimate source of the bomb setting... Big Bro. Families just suck. Gibbs and Tony make it to talk to head Prince. He knows. His bad son is on the way home, diplomatic immunity and all of that. The Family will deal with him.

Omar: Father's do what they have to do for their children.
Tony: [thoughtful look]

Caption 60
Tony is thinking on what Omar said...

Oh, Tony tell Senior that Omar will be Monte Carlo... Senior is getting read to leave and is a bit distraught that Omar left. Tony is staying close. Love how Senior went for the woman over the man. The better to charm her...

Tony is watching closely as the woman is swapped for a man... And now Senior is nervous. And then Bam! His bill has been paid. And there's a note from 'Omar' and a confirmation ticket for an open ended flight to Monte Carlo.

Caption 61
Tony's watching Senior closely...

Tony: You lead a charmed life, don't you?

Damn. I just got that there are two Charmed slips in there. Phoebe as a stepmom and this. Hee! And Tony was all demon-y in that episode he guest starred in.

Senior: I enjoyed our talk. We should do that more often.
Tony: Yes, Sir. Absolutely.

Caption 62
A handshake...

Caption 63
A hug...

Tony is clearly not comfortable with the hug. *hugs Tony*

Senior: I love yah, Anthony. I love yah.

Caption 64
Tony's unsure what to make of that...

I LOVE that Tony didn't say it back. I love Tony's expressions after Senior walks away. He blinks several times and seems unsettled, unsure and on the verge of emotional distress.

Caption 65

It took me a bit to clue in on the importance of steak. I signed up for picfor1000 and my image prompt is a picture of a steak. I have to write 1,000 words based on that picture. Now I have the perfect set up to write from. It was destiny that I received that image! Score!!!

And now for the ultimate Gibbs/Tony moment. Whether Gen or Slash, this scene was the best scene ever. Perfection.

Tony: Hey. Steak. Cowboy style. I love it. [sits beer down and tosses pillow to chair]
Gibbs: Father leave?
Tony: Yeah. Should be in New York by now.
[knifes play used on steak]
Gibbs: So, how'd it go?
Tony: He skated again. Guy's amazing.
Gibbs: So what happened?
Tony: His buddy Omar picked up the tab. Bought him an airline ticket to Monte Carlo.
Gibbs: [small smile] Where'd yah get the money, Tony?
Tony: [laughs out word] What?
Gibbs: [delivers THE LOOK]
Tony: [smiles, shakes head] How do yah do it? [pause] Well, I didn't really need to go on a cruise with my fraternity brothers, did I? Getting a little old for that stuff.
Gibbs: You conned the con man. Runs in the family.
Tony: [small laugh]
Gibbs: Why'd you do it?
Tony: He's my father. He is who he is. I couldn't bust him. Sometimes it's better to keep what you know to yourself.
[beer bottle clink]
Gibbs: Amen.

Caption 66-74
Gibbs and Tony in perfect harmony...

In closing... This episode made me fall in love with NCIS all over again. It was everything I had always wanted to see on screen when it came to some Tony back story. Not only did we get Tony back story, but we got Gibbs opening up. Him talking about his lost chance with Kelly to Tony's dad was just heartbreaking but good.

Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon and Robert Wagner played this episode to perfection. Not just the episode. All the press leading up to this episode was wonderful to. I was half afraid the episode wouldn't live up to the hype, but it did. And now I'm left with tons of bunnies running rampant.


Now I want to rewatch it all over again!

ETA: Now with icons!

ETA 2: Now with animated icons!

ETA 3: Thanks to taylorgibbs, we have some info on the knives Tony and Gibbs whipped out. They are made by ZT (aka Zero Tolerance). Looking at the models the company makes, here's my deduction:

Gibbs has the ZT 300 Handle w/ the ZT 302 Blade

Tony has the ZT 302 Handle w/ the ZT 300 Blade

300 302


ETA 4: The Beer...

They were drinking Oak Barrel Stout from Dominion... http://www.olddominion.com/dominionbeers.shtml


5.2% ABV

Dominion Oak Barrel Stout raises the bar for American stouts.
We use smoked and peated malts to create an intricate malt foundation.
Willamette and Cascade hops balance the malt character and our method of dry hopping
with vanilla beans and oak chips pushes the depth of our stout's flavor spectrum even further.

And how nice it's specific to the area according to the website found here: http://www.olddominion.com/Dist.shtml
We distribute our beers and sodas in VA, MD, DC, PA, WV, NC, and now Atlanta GA.
In Northern Virginia and the Washington metropolitan area, our beers and sodas can be found at nearly all major supermarkets and beverage stores, as well as markets and specialty gourmet stores. Our beer is also served in hundreds of restaurants and taverns throughout the region. If you don't see Old Dominion at your favorite establishments, don't be bashful about requesting it.

Outside the Washington area, you may have to look a little bit harder to find Old Dominion. As it is nearly impossible for us to keep track of each individual store and restaurant that carries our products, we suggest that you contact your local distributor. They will gladly help you find Old Dominion products at a store or restaurant near you.


And anonymous commenter has picked up on something that no one else has mentioned. Let me draw your attention to the the center of the red circle below:

Gibbs cooked more than just steak for Tony!!! Now, what is in that pot? Did Gibbs cook it on the stove or over the fire? How did I not notice this before? Oh, wait... I was distracted by the knives and the beer clinking and the general togetherness of Gibbs/Tony.

ETA 6: More Animated Icons!

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