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Ukraine's Got *Unique/Awesome* Talent...

ksl2025 posted a link to a very moving video and I wanted to share it too. Below is the text that she posted...
Click Here to Watch

This video shows the winner of "Ukraine’s Got Talent", Kseniya Simonova, 24, drawing a series of pictures on an illuminated sand table showing how ordinary people were affected by the German invasion during World War II. Her talent, which admittedly is a strange one, is mesmeric to watch.

The images, projected onto a large screen, moved many in the audience to tears and she won the top prize of about £75,000.

She begins by creating a scene showing a couple sitting holding hands on a bench under a starry sky, but then warplanes appear and the happy scene is obliterated. It is replaced by a woman’s face crying, but then a baby arrives and the woman smiles again. Once again war returns and Miss Simonova throws the sand into chaos from which a young woman’s face appears.

She quickly becomes an old widow, her face wrinkled and sad, before the image turns into a monument to an Unknown Soldier. This outdoor scene becomes framed by a window as if the viewer is looking out on the monument from within a house.

In the final scene, a mother and child appear inside and a man standing outside, with his hands pressed against the glass, saying goodbye.

The Great Patriotic War, as it is called in Ukraine, resulted in one in four of the population being killed with eight to 11 million deaths out of a population of 42 million.

Kseniya Simonova says: "I find it difficult enough to create art using paper and pencils or paintbrushes, but using sand and fingers is beyond me. The art, especially when the war is used as the subject matter, even brings some audience members to tears. And there’s surely no bigger compliment."

It made me tear up. I'm not from that country and I didn't live during that time period, but this kind of thing transcends time and location. It's very moving.

Please take time to watch it. I just wish that they could find a rare talent like this on America's Got Talent instead of the same old line of singers and musicians.



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Feb. 8th, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
That's really cool. I love how it evolved from scene to scene.
Feb. 8th, 2010 03:03 am (UTC)
I've seen this done before, only with a much more light-hearted theme (food! *g*), and even with differently colored sand, if I remember correctly.

Gotta see if I can't find the link again. There were two vids, I think, and one of them was all about barbecue. Great. Now I'm getting hungry...
Feb. 8th, 2010 10:47 pm (UTC)
thank you for sharing with us. Also I had seen such art with sand... this one touched me much more. Because for once, it wasn't just a succession of scenes, but a story of History. And the feelings were as much given by the picture drawed, than by the artist moving as she did, and the music chosen.

It was all in all, something to remember... as much to remember her talent, as it was to remember History.

So again thank you.
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