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Crack Van Rec: House of Cards by xdawnfirex

I'm driving the NCIS van at crack_van this month, so I figured I would crosspost my recs on my journal too...

Title: House of Cards
Author: xdawnfirex
Rating: R (Adult Only)
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tony/Kate/McGee (main); Gibbs/Abby (secondary)
Length: 147,503 words (4 sections; multiple chapters)

Why this must be read:

I usually skipped over fics that had a heavy dose of Kate. Not that I didn't like her, I just didn't get much out of reading her character. Then I came across xdawnfirex's fics and fell for the way she writes Kate. House of Cards is my favorite of her fics because it shows a natural progression of how a serious relationship can begin and flourish. In this case, the relationship is between three people. It handles things from meeting the family (to various reactions), dealing with friends, raising children, dealing with sexual identification and religion.

It is a very nice and long read. And it starts as an AU to Hiatus where Kate lived.


By the time he gets to the bottom of his third beer, Tony is over being shocked and has moved right on to being royally pissed in an effortless segue that began with a self-pitying sort of “what am I supposed to do now” and ended with “how could that son of a bitch do this to me?” Tim manages to rescue the empty beer bottle before Tony throws it at the wall, and Kate decides it’s time for bed, because the second part of taking care of them is making sure that they get enough sleep.

“Come on,” she says to Tony, “let’s get some sleep and things will be better in the morning.”

“No, they won’t,” he says, but he follows her into her second bedroom anyway, and lets her push him down onto the bed.

“Get some sleep, Tony,” she says softly, and goes back out into the living room.

She gives McGee a hug because he really looks like he needs one, and he hugs her back, holding her close and resting his cheek on her hair. “Are we gonna be okay?” he asks her softly.

“We’re gonna be okay,” she replies, equally as softly. “We just have to stick together.”

A moment later, they both startle slightly and look up as another set of warm arms comes around them both, and they each free an arm to wrap Tony into a three-way hug. She is surprised when he places a kiss on the top of her head, but her surprise doesn’t stop her from placing a kiss to his salty-wet cheek and then reaching up with one hand to brush the wetness away with a gentle thumb.

How things go from a simple hug in the living room to naked in her bedroom with Tony’s cock up her ass and Tim’s mouth on her clit is a question she doesn’t have an answer to, but she goes with it, because the third part of taking care of them is making sure they know that they are loved, because this team is made up of neurotic individuals who need a lot of time and special treatment and personalized attention, and it doesn’t get any more personal than letting her head loll back on Tony’s shoulder while crying out to God and coming in Tim’s mouth.

Link to House of Cards Series
Tags: .rec, fandom: ncis

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