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Crack Van Rec: Worthy by Tejas

A May 2010 crack_van rec...

Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Length: 12,824
Author on LJ: tejas
Author Website: Link to Master Fic List
Warnings: Please read header information on top of fic for warnings.

Why this must be read:

Although this fic was just posted in the last few days, it is a definite 'must read' on my list. Why you ask? First, it is a shifter AU within the NCIS fandom. I have a particular like for shifter fics within NCIS because of how well the team resonates as a pack and several authors pull this off and tejas is no exception. Second, it is a 'How Tony Came to Be at NCIS' story. There are so many of those out there, that it is sometimes hard to come up with a new take on it. tejas pulled it off.

And thirdly, it is a genderbending fic and I liked it! Many (like myself) shy away from fics that mention anything about genderbending. Well, if you have any like for the pairing of Gibbs/DiNozzo, you need to read this fic and not shy away. Trust me. I laughed in many places and was nodding along with it because even though it is a genderbending, AU, shifter-fic, it is STILL the characters that I know and love. And the genderbending... well... you have to read it, but it's not like the genderbending I shy away from. Trust me.


Tony heard the fed before he saw or scented him. The gruff, "Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS," followed soon after by "Don't call me 'sir,'" echoed down the alleyway, leaving-- no doubt--a confused rookie in its wake. Tony rolled his eyes at his partner and sighed. But then the cold wind shifted, and while he'd probably forget the moment of resignation when he realized they were about to lose this case to the feds, he didn't think he'd ever forget this first scent of Gibbs. Even in human form, even over the stench of the dead human, he could tell another of his own kind, unmated and unclaimed just as he was.

Pheromones set his pulse pounding, and it was all he could do to not shift right there in the alley next to the dead body and bare his neck and belly to his future mate. At least he hoped he would be chosen. He'd need time to consciously analyze everything Gibbs' scent carried, but deep in the lizard brain his kind shared with humans something cried out, demanding this strong, powerful shifter as his mate.

Link to Part 1 of Worthy
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