Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

You Know You Read Too Much *Fill in the Blank* When...


You know you've been reading too much BDSM related stories when you see the following headline on Yahoo and your mind automatically goes to a completely different place than what the story really meant:

Mystery of Confederate Sub

I automatically started wondering what the mystery was for this poor sub during the Civil War. Was his Dom a Union soldier? Maybe his Dom was black! Was he ostracized from the rest of the Confederate troops? How did he survive? Did he survive?

Then I was like... Oh. They're talking about a submarine. *head desk* I'll blame it on item #2...


I have a cold. :-(

Got a sore throat yesterday that I initially blamed on putting too much garlic powder is a new concoction of food I tried out. I have allergy issues to pepper and most seasonings and spices that burn the inside of mouth and throat. And the sore throat felt the same. Then I got stuffy and started sneezing last night. Now it's full blown cold.

Tags: life: sick

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