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Update on Parent's House

RIP The House, 1914-2010


The house will be a complete loss. However, they will be able to save a lot of the 'special' things including (but not limited to): family pictures of all shapes sizes (we are up to our ears in those), my dad's gun collection should be fine within his safes (many thousands of dollars there), the computer harddrive might survive, other little family things like a jewelry box my uncle gave me years ago and that uncle has since past away...

It looked like a yard sale as we were hauling stuff out of the house. The fear was that what happened to my great-uncle/aunt a few years back would happen here. The house burned but was still standing. They left everything inside and planned to start on it the next day. That night the fire reignited and the whole house went. So they got everything we could find that could be pulled out that was of importance (and a lot of stuff that wasn't) and got it out of the house. As of right now, the house is still standing.

I'm amazed at how well the floors held up in the place. We were able to walk upstairs and everything. And there's a lot of those weird things you see that just seemed out of place. Like this wicker thing my mom had hanging on a door in the kitchen. The kitchen was hit the hardest, but yet this wicker thing is just hanging on it's nails like it always has without a mark on it. The fridge even kept the contents well.

They at least have a place to stay for the immediate future with my aunt and uncle who is the only house next door (they live on farm land) or with my grandma in town who's house they actually own. They will likely look to maybe renting some place for a bit while they regroup and then set up a new house where the old one was. My dad's already spouting his plans for it and it's steel frame.

Something to note. Ants and brown recluses survive fires. *shudders*

One of the four cats made it. Cali, my mom's cat and Abu's brother survived. She was the smallest of the four. She's having a visit for the weekend with my dad's cousin who's a vet about 15-20 minutes away. He said she should be okay. Her lungs were smoke filled but he thinks she'll do okay. She's around 16-17 years old. She's a survivor.

I think I'm going to take a few days off of work to be hear with my parents and help sort and organize things as well as help track down everywhere they do bills and payments to, etc. Going to try to get them set up with a Verizon phone plan and switch their landline number to it tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed on that.

Several of you have mentioned wanting to help in any way and I as well as my parents are very grateful to you. I will post a paypal button down below. Please only click if you have the money to spare. I'm not asking... I just... Any little thing that can help take some small burdon off my parents would forever be appreciated. Fandom is awesome and I love everyone in it.

Also, here are some links to some initial pictures I took today. I'm linking since I'm not on a computer that has the right programs to resize them to a more user friendly method. So these are large files.


Thank you all again and I will keep you posted. Oh, my aunt Cathy who came down from St. Louis to help said she found a buch of pictures that had Cali and Abu in them... :-)

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