Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Update on the Parents House Fire

Again, I want to thank everyone who's sent thoughts and help my parents direction. Make me want to hug all of fandom.

I'm printing the house inventory as I type for the insurance. We have the contents up to $44,688.21 and that's not even close to everything in the house. They had a $27,500 limit on what they get for the contents. But when the insurance gets it, they will adjust prices. So we went over as much as we could. We were told if the insurance adjusts what we send back below the limit, then we can send them more to push it back up. But we're hoping almost $45k is enough for them to get the full amount.

My parents have secured a house. It will be a single-wide mobile home. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and will come with most of the major appliance except the washer/dryer. They plan to put it where the old house was situated.

My dad has gutted the house as much as possible. Salvaging everything he can, including the kitchen sink. If they still work, he'll even salvage the washer/dryer to use in his new workshop. My mom liked that idea so his dirty work clothes didn't get in her new washer/dryer.

They'll retain the basement from the old house and I think the concrete foundation of the back porch and the stairs so they have a storm shelter since tornadoes like to make an appearance. They plan to add a back porch and work/storage area to the back of the new place as well as a new workshop for my dad and a front porch with a ramp.

Something kind of neat was that when my dad was stripping things, he reopened some doors that had been closed off. One door from my brother's room to the front porch was completely walled off with no trace until he opened it back up. And he found a note he left to himself written on the door. It said: "This door was closed off August 27, 1983." I thought that was kind of fun.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped!

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