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Update on the House and Some Pictures

Well, the house I grew up in is officially no more. I was there when my dad made attempt one at taking the house down and the thing didn't budge. They built to last back in 1914. One wall beam was made out of 4 2x4's put together and that was an outside wall. They ended up having to take it out a room at a time pretty much.

They left the floor area that covers the basement. Ultimately, he'll build something that connects to that basement and they can use it as a storm shelter since they are in a tornado prone area.

The new house has been delivered. They haven't officially moved in since there were a few issues in moving (ceiling crack, doors messed up, etc.) that the company is working on fixing. Plus, they have to find themselves a bed. They have a kitchen table my found for $100 at a Salvation Army store. It comes with two extra leaves to expand out and four chairs. They have beds for the guest rooms. I gave them a small three drawer dresser I'm not using. They have an entertainment center for one of the bedrooms. And a couch will be delivered on Wednesday. So furniture is coming slowly, but surly.

They still need the check from the insurance on the contents of the house. But they know they are getting the full amount, so that is good. Just have to wait for the paperwork to finalize and the check to mail out.

I'm a bit turned around over there now. Things aren't where they were. It's kind of disorienting. And there's a pecan tree that I remember when it was planted that is taller than I think it should be. It makes me feel old.

Below are some pictures of the new place, as well as some pictures saved from the house.

My parents in front of their new home.

Front view of the new house from across the road.

View of the front of the new house. Some tree branches were sacrificed, as well as two of my mom's lilac bushes.

View from the guest bedroom down the hallway to the living room, etc.

Larger of the two guest rooms.

Smaller of the two guest rooms. This one will be my niece's room for when she visits grandma and grandpa, hence the pink.

The guest bathroom.

Living room, beyond which you can see the dining area and kitchen.

Dining area and the new-used table my mom got for $100.

Counter and kitchen sink area.

Dish washer and a pantry area.

Stove and microwave area. My mom won't know what to do with the counter space and cabinets.

Fridge (with ice maker and water) and more cabinets.

The master bedroom.

The master bedroom and looking into the master bath.

The master bath with a whirlpool tub.

The master bath shower with seats.

The master bath dual sinks and the closet off to the side.

The first houseplant. My mom got a new bamboo plant to replace the one she lost in the fire. I found it's remnants buried on the kitchen floor while sifting through things. All that was left was the roots. :-(

This picture was taken of the house in 1920 about 6 years after it was built. There are three people in the picture... My great (however many times) grandmother. My great-great-uncle Robbie and great-great-aunt Pauline. I need to find some good pictures of the house as it was when I lived in it.

I'm so glad I found this picture. I've always called it my Child of the 80s picture. I'm wearing a Star Wars shirt. I have a Strawberry Shortcake belt on and my brother and sister are playing Atari in the background. (PS: The Atari survived the fire and I have it at my place working... Yay!)

Me back in the day. I had my favorite things: my rocking chair, my blanket and my striped footed pajamas. I was at peace. I have no idea how I slept in that chair, but I did all the time. There's several pictures of me asleep in it. I have a drawing I did of this picture in color pencil and watercolor that survived the fire and I'll have to post sometime.

This is a letter I wrote to Santa in the mid-80s. I actually got several of the things I asked for. Let me know if you want a full translation.

Another 'favorite' picture. This is me in 1988 shooting a 30 caliber Browning machine gun with my dad. :-)

This is a picture of Callie and Abu from several years back. Callie is the one that survived and Abu was my cat that did not survive. They were brother and sister from the same litter.
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