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The State of Kayla

First off, thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday! *hugs* I celebrated with tornado sirens. Luckily, the two confirmed tornadoes closest to me were about 20 minutes away.

Especially, sinfulslasher for her Gibbs/Tony present! *big hugs*

Contrary to popular belief, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Honest.

So February was awesome because I took a week off work and drove 14-15 hours to Washington DC. While there, I met up with some of you fine people in a whirlwind weekend of LJ names versus real names. But it was a blast and I have pics of NCIS to prove it. *points at icon*

I feel bad, because I still need to post my pics from the trip. I will do it! I swear!

In addition to the NCIS crew, I got to meet up with azraelz_angel again and we drove down to see satyrnfive!

Then, on my last day I trekked back to the National Mall in the high winds to meet with some relatives (sister_devora & pedropadrao) and missed seeing the National Christmas Tree fall at the White House by about 20 minutes. Also didn't realize there was a fallen tree in front of me and completely thought it was "shrubs" and didn't take any pictures of it on the ground. *epic moment fail*

I returned home safely and went back to work... Work has been a bitch lately. We do not have capable people. At all. I seem to be the only person who my boss can rely on to make documents and send email that is 'business-like' as well properly document things.

A co-worker returned from extended maternity leave and she has issues. Post-partem I think and isn't getting it treated. One moment she's fine and the next she's asking me in high emotional tones if she is being fired and I keep repeating I'm not the one she needs to ask that question to.

While she was gone, we found so many things she was tasked with done incorrectly going back all through 2010 and prior. It's a mess HR wise and I'm not even supposed to be HR, but I think I'm heading that way. I don't really mind, but I would like my boss to give a definitive answer of who's doing what role. Right now everything is in limbo and there is a lot of "I'm not able to or supposed do that..." going around.

So I've been putting in extra hours and feeling drained when I get home. I need another vacation even though I just had one. Although to be fair, I didn't take a full week off. I had a laptop and a phone with access to work materials and did clock in hours while on 'vacation'.

In May I'm actually going back to Washington DC briefly. My aunt retired from the government and is moving to be near the rest of the family. She has a moving company bringing her stuff but she has to get her car here. Since she doesn't need to drive alone for the distance, I'm flying out and then driving her back. The "funny" part is this:

I leave on Friday the 13th of May with a plane ticket that was purchased on April Fool's Day.

Should I be worried? (FYI, at least my flight isn't Southwest...)

I'm going to have 2 hours roughly to go play at the Smithsonian area again before we take off. So that should be cool.

Family wise, there's ups and downs. It seems that several of my family members have had operations and tests and other such things. There was major back surgery for an 80-something year old great aunt. I spent a few evenings at the hospital with my dad's cousin who is her daughter so that she wasn't there alone and the hospital is only a block away from where I live.

A cousin had surgery to remove pre-cancerous items. She'll be 22 next week. Another cousin had gall bladder removal followed a week later by her mom having a heart cath.

My dad's been having tests run to try to find out why he randomly passes out from time to time, but to no success. They found some random spots in an esophagus scope thing that they have no idea what they are. My dad is always a puzzle to medical science.

Another great aunt passed away. She was 97 and went quickly from pneumonia. Which was a good thing at her age. She did suffer and didn't go through losing her facilities.

And my bro-in-law was asked how he was able to move at all when a doctor finally determined what is the likely culprit of all of his pain. A neck x-ray revealed bends and kinks that should not be in a person's neck.

On the 'parent's house front', they're getting settled in to the new place. It's not the same, but it works. However, my dad just discovered that his tractor shed got lifted in the wind from the storms yesterday. So he's looking into adding anchors to it.

Writing wise, I hope to get some unfinished stories finished. I have about four in the works.

And xanthe? I sent you an email! *ducks sheepishly*

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