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Flying on Friday the 13th? Never Again...

So... In advance, let me apologize to anyone who's tried to get in touch with me the last few weeks and the last few months really. Leading up to now, work was a pain and a half due to some personnel issues. Those were finally resolved the first week of May, so Hooray!

Then, my aunt that lived in Washington DC retired and she paid for me to fly out and drive her car back with her so she didn't have to do it alone. So it went like this...

April Fool's Day
My one-way ticket from Nashville to DC was purchased.

Thursday, May 12, 2011
I left work at 3pm and met my parents for the drive down to Nashville. I was going to crash with my friend that lives there and her husband was going to meet us somewhere. Just after we crossed into Tennessee, we hit a monsoon. Literally. Traffic just stopped on the interstate. Usually people pull off, but this time, it just stopped. At another point, a car beside us through a wall of water over my car. It wasn't fun. Eventually we met my friend's husband and all was good. Since my flight was at 6am on Friday, I had to wake up at 3am...

Friday, May 13, 2011
I woke up with a sore throat. I figured it was from the garlic bread and dipping sauce that I ate the night before as I have food allergies to seasonings and such. So I disregarded the irritation. Upon arriving at the airport, I expected the worse. I was flying one-way to DC on Friday the 13th with no checked luggage. Somehow, I breezed right through security and the flight was uneventful.

I arrived in DC and killed 2-3 hours roaming the monuments until my aunt was ready to pick me up. We headed out of DC in the afternoon and hit rush hour, so we didn't get very far that afternoon before stopping for the night. Plus, there were some strong storms in the area and we figured better safe than sorry.

Saturday, May 14, 2011
The sore throat morphed, so from Virginia to Illinois, I was sneezing while driving my aunt's car. It was not a pleasant time. Plus, my ears did not like the mountains and hills. By the time we arrived at my parents place that evening I was wiped out.

Sunday, May 15, 2011
I was in full blown cold mode by this time. I vegged on my parents couch until I mustered enough energy to drive myself back to Kentucky. Upon getting home a completely crashed.

Monday, May 16, 2011
Woke up and couldn't talk above a whisper. Called my boss and croaked out that I wasn't coming to work, took some medicine and crawled back into bed. Was only interrupted by work phone calls once, so that was good.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Woke up and couldn't open my eyes! The dreaded pink-eye had set up shop in both of my eyes. So I crawled myself to the doctor and they took a throat culture, gave me some meds and told me to sleep.

I went back to work, but I wasn't worth anything until today. The meds had my head swimming and hurting. I've gone through about 6-7 boxes of kleenex and let's just say it's not pretty. Today, I'm finally feeling energy and can breath without blowing my nose. Still sound congested in my voice, but it is better.

I actually think I'll be able to stay awake when I get home from work. All I've done sine the 15th is sleep... and I'm tired of sleeping. :(

Beyond the sick front... My thoughts are with those in Joplin, MO. My mom has a cousin who's son and wife live there. Their house was spared, but she was on her way to work and took cover in a person's house that was destroyed. She was trapped in the rubble for about 6 hours before they found her. At least she had her cell with her and got signal so she was able to call her husband.

And we're battening down the hatches here today. The weather channel put us at a 9 out of 10 on their tornado condition index chart. :(

Well... back to work I go now that lunch has ended and here's hoping I'll have internet tonight when I get home if these storms hit.
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