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Fic: Salted (NCIS; Gibbs/DiNozzo)

Title: Salted
Author: kaylashay
Written For: chicklet_girl for ncis_ficathon 2011
Prompt: Gibbs/Tony, involving a movie (in any way)
Rating: FR18
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Word Count: 1,308
Beta: azraelz_angel
Note: Hopefully the "in any way" part of the prompt is okay, because I took the premise of the movie Salt and created an NCIS AU for you! A person doesn't need to know the movie Salt to appreciate this.
Timeline: Set between 06x24 Semper Fidelis and 06x25 Aliyah

Crossposted: gibbs_dinozzo; ncis_slash

Summary: The best laid plans often go awry…

Rivkin was dead and this was not a part of the plan. It was so far from the plan that neither knew what to do, how to respond or even how to reassure the other that it really wasn't part of the plan. Either plan.

The younger of the two, in a shocking twist considering the damage to his arm, had gained the upper hand and had the other pinned beneath. He could feel the bulge pressing eagerly against his own growing desire, but he pushed that thought away for the moment. He had to focus. He had to know what the other knew. He had to know what was real and what was not.

"You first," he whispered before nipping the other's ear. "Tell me why," and he thrust his hips forward to get his point across.

"This," the man ground out with a matching thrust upward, "is not what they wanted. They know what you are, but I know who you are, Tony."


"It is time, Dmitri," the voice of Father brought the young boy to attention. "From this point forward you will be Anthony Dominic DiNozzo, Jr. And what is your plan, Anthony?"

Anthony looked up at his Father with complete trust in his eyes as he recited the path his life would now take.

"I will grieve for the loss of my mom with my dad. Because of what happened in the car wreck I'll be more subdued than I was before the crash and dad will start taking me with to his business meetings so I can learn from him. Dad'll introduce me to people in power and when I'm older, I'll intern for him and find other places too. I'll go to Harvard, get elected to Congress and eventually become President."

Anthony looked for approval, fearing those dreaded lashes if he missed one item he should have known. Instead of the lash, he saw the hand extend out and he kissed the ornate ring presented to him.

"Very good, Anthony. And trust that your true family will come for you when the time is right. And together we will carry Mother Russia to the place she rightfully deserves."

"Yes, Father," and Anthony watched as he walked away, to be replaced by the man he would now call Dad.


Tony had dotted his last 'i' and crossed his last 't' in the paperwork required to become a federal agent. But he was hesitant to submit it. Hesitant to do something that would put him on the radar for either one of his governments.

He didn't fool himself into thinking that he was no longer Russian. He had been raised to be American in every sense of the word, but they had ingrained the Russian so far underneath his skin that it was hard to escape it. The original plan had failed, but for all he knew, another had been put into its place.

As a child, Father and the other trainers could control his actions, even when they weren't present to enforce them. What they had not been able to control was his dad's. The plan did not include his dad falling into the bottle and screwing up his business, his connections and his son's life.

Tony had made the best of the situation he could. He focused hard at every boarding school he had been sent to. But when the money ran out, the only option was the assistance from his mom's family. That had led to the out of the way military academy that had no prospects to Harvard. However, it did have the best sports program on the East coast.

After years of the plan going awry and no direct way to get it back on track, Tony had determined he was cut loose. Why would Father and his country waste time on someone who would not be where he was needed when the time called for it? With a bit of trepidation, he threw his focus into sports and decided it was time to pursue his own path, something that Father and his dad didn't decide for him.

His sports scholarship had led to law enforcement and Tony had fallen into the career with ease. It gave him an outlet for skills that he long possessed but had little chance to use save the undercover aspect of his entire life.

As a safety net, he limited himself to no more than two years at each location he transferred to. It hampered his chances of advancement, but it was better than being a target.

He was now at the two-year mark at Baltimore and the ties he had tentatively developed were falling apart at the seams. He was aware it was time to move on, but was a government position in the nation's capital the right choice?

"How'd th- you know? They were thorough, Boss. Very thorough. Not even dad knew the difference."

"You were in the first group from what intelligence gathered. Mistakes happen."

"It wasn't something I did, was it?" Tony couldn't help the hint of fear that spilled over in his question. He well remembered the lashes of his trainers and Father for any transgression.

"The mistake was all theirs, DiNozzo. Some pencil pusher forgot to change the fingerprints recorded at birth."

Suddenly, Tony was flipped on his back with the weight of Gibbs pressing down on him. He stared up into the blue eyes, looking for answers to questions he didn't have.

"You vetted me? Cause I know the government isn't that thorough."

"I did and I reported it. Regret it now," was huffed out as hot breath passed over the juncture of Tony's neck and shoulder.

"What did they ask you to do?" Tony asked, already knowing the answer.

"Turn you. Get you on our side. So when the time is right you could go back to the ones that created you, but you'd be playing for this side."

"This part of getting me on your side?" Tony spat out, trying to dislodge the other man.

"Nope," Gibbs stated, keeping Tony in place. "Once I found out what 'our' side is, I decided I didn't want you to join it."

Tony looked up quizzically. "And what is 'our' side?"

"They want you to kill someone."

"Thought I just did that a little bit ago. Who else do they need dead?"

"The person that will be interrogating you in Israel regarding the death of Michael Rivkin. The Director of Mossad, Eli David," Gibbs said quietly.

Tony stilled beneath him. "It's like I'm this juicy bone that two mangy dogs are fighting over and no matter which one wins I'll just be chewed up and shitted out the other end."

Tony closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath before looking back at Gibbs. "For the record, when did you learn what I was?"

"'Bout five days after we met."

"And when did you learn what you really wanted from me?" Tony asked as he snaked his hand down to cup Gibbs' cock through his pants.

"'Bout five seconds after you tackled me. Took the first four to get my breath back. You?"

"'Bout the same. So what do we do, Boss? Cause I gotta say that I'm not feeling the love of country for either one of them right now."

"As long as you want this for yourself and not for them, then I have a plan."

"Not a fan of plans overall, but as long as it includes you fucking me through some mattress somewhere, then I can get behind it one hundred percent."

"The lives of two federal agents were taken in a single vehicle accident after the car lost control on the 11th Street Bridge. Divers have been unable to recover the bodies. Turning to politics, Senator James Jackson has announced his Democratic bid for the presidency. More from ZNN after the break…"

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