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Fic: A Moving Gift (NCIS; Gibbs/DiNozzo)

Title: A Moving Gift
Author: kaylashay
Author's Notes: Written for tibbs_yuletide Day 21
Warnings: Slash
Characters / Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: FR13
Genre / Category: Slash; Humor
Word Count: 1,455
Disclaimer: I'm not Bellesario or CBS, so I don't claim to own them.
Beta: Will Be azraelz_angel, just not yet.
Summary: Tony had lined up the perfect gift not only for Christmas, but to celebrate their first anniversary.

Tony gave a nostalgic smile as he looked around his empty apartment. Ten years and all that was left was the final box of DVDs, his duffle bag and himself. It was the longest he had lived anywhere his entire life.

As a child, he had lived in one place until his mom died when he was eight. After that, the house was still there, but he was not. There were a string of boarding schools, summer camps and occasional business trips with his dad. College had just been an extension of the boarding schools. That first year in the dorms had been followed by the rest at the frat house.

Once he'd graduated and been presented with that innocuous piece of paper that implied he could get a job better than McDonald's, he had gone from one city to another. He never spent more than two to three years at each place.

He'd tried to pinpoint the cause of his wondering feet, but he never could. He just always had the feeling in his gut that he wasn't in the right place. He wasn't home.

It had been close in Baltimore. He was with a group that he got along with. His partner had been his friend. And there was Wendy. He'd told Danny about the ring, but he hadn't told him that they were house hunting together. They'd looked at two houses the day before he'd tackled a certain Navy cop to the ground.

Meeting Gibbs had changed everything. Not only was there some identifiable magnetic pull toward the man, but he'd learned that Danny was not on the up and up. Sure, Danny hadn't killed anyone, but he also wasn't as serious about his badge as Tony had always assumed he was. It had felt like betrayal and Tony knew he wouldn't be able to stay in Baltimore.

In the end, he didn't turn the other man in, but he did leave. Everyone had been shocked when he'd announced his decision to go to FLETC and then join NCIS. They'd called him crazy and Tony took it all in stride.

Then he told Wendy. Initially, she'd been okay with his decision. She even moved to DC with him, finding an apartment while he was in training for several months. She'd asked him about Danny, but he had deflected when he couldn't tell her the truth.

After FLETC, he started in full time as Gibbs' only agent and things with Wendy deteriorated. She kept asking about the house he'd promised, the wedding ceremony, hell, even the sex. But the job had become number one and everything else, including Wendy, took a backseat.

He wasn't sure how many days she had actually been gone when he came home to the note. They'd been working a serial rapist case that had escalated into murder and, as normal, Gibbs had demanded a hundred and ten percent. So all that was left a letter telling him that she wished him luck and that she was sorry it wouldn't work out. She'd even returned the ring which he tossed in the back of his sock drawer and pretended not to notice for years.

He'd kept the apartment, seeing no reason to move. And perhaps a part of him wanted her to easily find him if she decided to come back. But he never went looking for her. His life was changing course and she wasn't part of that course.

Years passed and while the job stayed the same, his outside life didn't. It was subtle the way it happened. Occasional steak dinners, black and white movie marathons, learning how to sand wood properly… It had taken him by surprise but had also been the most natural thing in the world when he and Gibbs realized that they loved each other.

It had been one year since they'd made their relationship official, but to Tony something was still missing. It was the going back and forth between each place that was killing him. Sure, they each had things at the other's place, but it was not the same as being together and having a place to call home.

So for Christmas, Tony had decided to take the next step and move out of his apartment and make a home with Gibbs as part of an anniversary and Christmas surprise. The organization had gone easier than he'd anticipated. The team had been given a week off for a change and Gibbs had been tagged to attend some conference in New York. So Tony had a whole week to pack and organize his move. His goal was to arrive at Gibbs' house that afternoon with his U-Haul truck full of things and have everything unloaded before Gibbs got home late that night. Then they'd celebrate Christmas the next day together in their home.

With a smile on his face, Tony picked up his last items and closed the door shut behind him. He was ready to get started on something that would last the rest of his life.

He was humming I'll Be Home for Christmas as he turned the vehicle on and prepared to pull away from the building. Then he cursed as another a truck swerved in and blocked his exit.

"Of all the…" he was muttering as he got out of the U-Haul, prepared to tear the driver a new one. But he stopped short when he saw that the truck belonged to Gibbs, crashing his surprise plans.

"Tony?" Gibbs' voice snapped his attention on the man. Then Tony began to notice little things that were off

"Boss? Why you have things loaded in your truck? Taking some to Goodwill?" Tony asked as he glanced at the boxes filling the back of Gibbs truck. He also noted the duffle bag that was slung over the other man's shoulder.

"Got a present for you, Tony," Gibbs responded and Tony almost swore the man sounded nervous.

Curious, Tony walked over and lifted the lid on a few of the boxes at the back of the truck. He saw items from Gibbs' basement mingled with kitchen things and the knickknacks that he knew resided in the living room.

Tony was ready to ask Gibbs to explain, when he was cut off by a question from Gibbs instead.

"Why are you in a U-Haul?" Gibbs demanded.

Tony glanced between the items in Gibbs' truck and back to the packed U-Haul.

"Uh, I had a present for you too, Jethro," he said with a nervous smile. "I'm moving."

"Moving?" Gibbs' voice came out sharp and hurt, making Tony rush to explain things before Gibbs took it the wrong way.

"Yeah, it was supposed to be a surprise. Was gonna get everything over to your place before you got back from New York. Move in with you. It's been a year and I want to be with you for the long haul."

Gibbs was silent for a minute before his body started to shake with laughter.

"What?" Tony asked, trying not feel hurt.

"Think were doing a good impression of Gift of the Magi, Tony. I, um, gave the house away. To Leyla and Amira. They needed a place they could both call home. Figured I'd stay here with you until we found our own place. Something we could pick together and wouldn't have memories for me. I didn't go to New York. Spent the week moving the girls in, painting a room for Amira and packed my little stuff in the truck. Got the big stuff in storage until we find something."

Tony stared in shock until he joined Gibbs in laughter.

"So we're homeless?" Tony posed as the laughter died down. "Typically, I'd have the place until the end of the month, but apparently there was a fire at one of the buildings the landlord owns, so he has someone lined up to move in here tomorrow. Even left them some of the furniture I didn't want to keep to help them out."

Tony glanced back at his loaded down U-Haul. "Got room in that storage unit for more stuff? Only had that rented for the day."

"Yeah. And I got an idea of what we can do for Christmas."

"Oh?" Tony questioned. "We better be house hunting. Sleeping at the office doesn't hold any appeal when we can't have sex, Jethro."

Gibbs lightly cuffed Tony on the head. "I'll clear another week off with Leon. Tell him it'll make HR happy. We'll start the house hunting then. Now, how do you feel about a drive to Pennsylvania?"

"Sounds like the best Christmas ever, Boss," Tony said as he leaned in for a kiss. "Even if our gift ideas needs some improvement."
Tags: .fanfic, .genre: slash, .noncrossover, challenge: tibbs_yuletide, character: anthony dinozzo (ncis), character: leroy jethro gibbs (ncis), fandom: ncis, pairing: gibbs/dinozzo

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