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NCIS 200 Speculation and Other Spoilers...

This will be behind the cut for Season 9 spoilers of NCIS. You have been warned.

So, I during season 8 of NCIS I had kind of stopped watching. I can't say I've seen every episode anymore. I missed a few from 7 I think and many in season 8. But I started watching season 9 and it was doing so well. It was making a comeback. The anvils were more like small rocks and there was more team-ness to be add.

And the whole interactions between Tony and Gibbs since the Baltimore episode have been excellent. Showing that these two men have known each other for so many years and that they can actually talk (or not talk) with each other. This is the kind of on-screen relationship I love seeing, because it's so natural.

Then comes the last two episodes which have completely derailed the good vibe of the season. I don't like on-screen romantic relationships with main characters. ANY main character. Side character relationships are just fine (even if I don't alway agree with them). I was okay with Jeanne (although not the story plot as much). I was okay with Mann. I love Jimmy's thing. I was even okay with EJ, even if I missed several eps with her. I was okay with all these because they weren't main characters and I knew they wouldn't be staying.

Then comes the Tony and Ziva anvil. Why, show why? I loved the way Tony and Kate were back in the day. They foiled each other perfectly. But Tony and Ziva don't have that. There's always been more of the sex angle from them, but I always saw it coming more from Ziva's side than Tony's. However, they are not each other's type. At all.

I didn't know much of CIRay beyond this last episode, but he was good for Ziva and then the show went an ruined him. Not to mention, Ziva should be calling herself a hypocrite for all the stuff she's likely done compared to Ray's one screw up. Yeah it was a bad screw up, but still.

And any chance I could have ever had of somewhat understanding a Tony and Ziva relationship died when she pulled a gun on him after flinging his injured self to ground. Yeah, that's not the stuff good relationships are built on.

All said, I have this feeling about the upcoming 200th episode that's said to be the alternate look at what could have been. I have this very strange feeling that they will show a Tony/Ziva on-screen relationship in this AU and the thought of seeing it on screen, even AU-ish, does not make me happy.

Plus, will the character seeing this (Gibbs likely) respond in the real world about what he saw in the AU.

I really hope they don't do Tiva thing in the AU glimpse, but I'm so worried they will. Here I was doing so good actually looking forward to NCIS episodes again and now I'm back to cringing in fear of what size the next anvil will be.



Jan. 14th, 2012 01:35 pm (UTC)
Let's see if LJ lets me post a comment now... *shakes fist*

I'm with you on most accounts. I've loved season 9 until Housekeeping. (Didn't care for Thirst, but I'm not a huge Ducky fan, so...*shrugs*) The horrible Tiva anvils in the last two eps were cringe-worthy and completely not what GG stands for. I have no clue what's wrong there. I am, however, looking forward to seeing Wendy (though her casting left me...baffled...) so there's still hope.

I personally never thought we'd see actual Tiva in the 200th ep, but I see where you're coming from. Thing is, however, if they do go down that route and Tony meets Mossad!Ziva during an undercover op or whatever else and they have hot steamy sex, then this is firmly AU and means that it clearly won't happen in "real life"...which really is good for us anti-Tivas. Because that way, TPTB would confirm that their OTP can only happen in an alternate universe. How much more of a slap down could you ask for? The Tivas get their Tiva, the anti-Tivas get their confirmation that only the "what if?" scenario made it possible (aka, it's not gonna happen in reality). If we do have to go through Tiva, I'd much rather have it as part of an AU during ep 200 and be done with it instead of continued anvils dropped on my head, tbh.
Jan. 23rd, 2012 03:14 am (UTC)
If I thought they would end the TIVA anvils with an AU pairing on screen, I might be okay with it. But I fear it won't end because the person having the AU dream (Gibbs) is going to have something different off of that dream. And they'll have to show the real thing that isn't happening the way the AU thing went... I just feel a recipe for disaster I guess.

And like I said elsewhere, I just don't want to see on screen relationship stuff period. Don't want to see Abby/McGee on screen either.

Who knows, maybe they'll blow everyone's mind and have Kate on there and do some Kibbs! *ducks* Orrrrrrr.... since Ari will be around, about some of those Ari kidnapping Tony fics ;)

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