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NCIS 09x14 - Life Before His Eyes (#200) - A Review w/ Pictures

And due to spoilers abounding, this will all be behind the cut. Including my awesome error catch with which I have screen shots.

Phoomph #1: Gibbs Looking a Bit Angsty

Gibbs. Truck. Old style country music. Old style diner. Gibbs knowing the couple coming out the diner.

The theme song from Cheers popped in my head. But then we all *knew* that Gibbs had a place like this that he went to. And of course he has a black woman named Elaine who knows him well. :)

And Elaine is waiting on that proposal… Gibbs can get the ladies just as well as Tony. Proof.

Hooded figure, gunshot… life flash.

So on the freeze frames of the life flash. We see Gibbs' dad. Young Gibbs (aka Young Harmon). Shannon in the dress shop. The grave for Joan Matteson, born 01/21/1958 and died 04/03/1977. Y Gibbs and Shannon at train station. A 'just married' sign on the back of a car. Baby being born. Gibbs and Kelly on horses with Shannon ahead of them. More Gibbs/Shannon/Kelly. Gibbs and Shannon kissing. Sniper!Gibbs. Gibbs following the explosion overseas. A sign for NIS Evidence Yard, Camp Pendleton.

Wow… Gibbs in on crutches looking at wrecked car with blood stain on shattered windshield. More blood inside car. Franks.

Kelly with Shannon and a small chalkboard where Kelly has drawn her and Maddie.

Gibbs on crutches at cemetery.

Oooo… Internment of Shannon Gibbs (472), February 29, 1991. Internment of Kelly Gibbs (473) February 29, 1991. And there is an error!!!! 1991 was NOT a leap year.

More shots of Shannon and Kelly and Gibbs holding Shannon's hand.

Hernandez in a truck. NIS Special Agent Mike Franks in big letters on a window. Mike and Gibbs. Gibbs' blue eye. Gibbs and Vance pre-series. Tony getting splattered by Kate's blood. Ari in the basement and Ziva. Gibbs and Jenny.

Tony being the hero in Requiem! Go Tony!

Coma!Gibbs. Dead guy.

Dead guy in autopsy. Gibbs and Jack walking in snow towards house, by the way, his house number is 2547. Tony and McGee. Abby being held on Gibbs' couch. Gibbs touching Abby's lips as he leaves for his Hiatus. Gibbs at Mexico. Lighter with Marine emblem. Another Marine emblem. Marines carry coffin with draped flag. Gibbs with dead Franks. Marines doing funeral gun salute. Abby. Gibbs in autopsy with Ducky, Palmer and dead guy. Burning car in Heartland. Another autopsy shot. .338 Lapua shell casing. Gibbs with Vance in office.

Tony, McGee and Ducky working a crime scene in snow. Gibbs with Jenny and Abby at Kate's burial. Tony, Ziva, McGee. Tony and Ziva watching Gibbs in interrogation. Tony and McGee at office. Gibbs and McGee. Gibbs and Tony in interrogation. Autopsy with Ducky. McGee, Ziva, Gibbs. Abby sitting alone in interrogation. Tony, Gibbs, Ziva.

D'Awww… Gibbs walking away as Tony stands outside the NCIS HR office. :)

Gibbs in front of a white board with Domino written behind him. Funeral. Gibbs and Abby in lab. A car. And several other scenes at the very end that went by so fast by pause/click thingy had issues.


Moving on.

Gibbs can stop a moving bullet! And I cringed that they had Tony and Ziva sitting together. And Young Gibbs kissed Matteson. So that must have been pre-Shannon. An AU perhaps where Matteson lived?

Franks as Jacob Marley.

Opening credits.

Gibbs sees everyone in the diner, including the dead ones. Hee Steak, coffee whiskey on the menu, a few of Gibbs' favorite things.

Palmer let in Ari!!! Hi Ari!

And now we are to the actual case in real time.

Dead Petty Officer!!!

Pretty easy scene between them. Nothing overt.

I heart Palmer.

And they work the scene.

Phoomph #2: Gibbs all wide-eyed

Love Ari and Vance playing chess! So good.


And now it's time for some AU play. Kate's desk is still Kate's. With lots of pictures of Kate and Tony.

Now I will go on record and say that Kate/Tony as a solo pairing never would have happened, no matter the changes. They worked too well as siblings. /end record.

But yay for no Kate death. I would have gotten behind that!

Run Tony! And I love McGee in the black Abby-ish coat!

Using the scenes from SWAK didn't quite work for me, but they did try. And I wonder if MW was thinking of an upcoming birth in that scene.

And Tony with the wedding ring!

I cringed when Tony said Tiva. *sigh*

Case… blah blah blah.

And a McGee side story that has Tony all worried about what's up.



Gibbs: Who knew Palmer had abs like that?


Anne Gibbs. Gibbs' mom. D'Awwww.

Phoomph #3: Gibbs on a bench with his mom

Awww… *hugs Gibbs*

Jack and Young Gibbs arguing and his mom calling him out on it.

And here's the scene that I need to assist in one of my WIPS:

Gibbs: Dad blamed you for everything and hated you for leaving.

Anne: Trust me. He had one foot out the door already.

Anne: So he drove a few women home. God knows, I put your father through hell. Men that age shouldn't be changing his wife's bed sheets every night. Best thing I did was go.

Gibbs: No. Don't you say that.

Anne: It's true. Of course raising a son is hard, but doing it on your own… Gonna need a couple miracles for things to turn out right.

Back to case…. Blah blah blah (you can tell the case doesn't interest me)

Tony questioning McDevious on the secret. McShe and sex change operation.

McGee has a promotion option and Tony tries to play it off that it's nothing.

McGee asks for advise and tells WWGD.

Ziva slams a kid against a car. Good one Ziva, even if he took a swing at you.

Blank newspaper… The Virginia Ledger dated February 7, 2012. FYI the website address under the banner is www.virginia-ledger.com and that domain is currently available.

More Gibbs with his mom.

Newspaper with story: Injured NCIS agent kills suspect. In other news, Commuters were stranded, the state's economic growth is discussed and apparently the courthouse roof is to be replaced.

Gibbs' mom tells him he made a difference in folks lives. She never wanted to leave him. *hugs Gibbs*

Phoomph #4: Gibbs, McGee and Kid

Riley? Maybe I missed those episodes, because I don't recall this guy.

And Mexico. *pokes at Mexico*

And what would have happened if he hadn't killed Hernandez.

Back to case… blah blah blah

Enter AU…

Not much different from the Kate AU in pairings. Although Tony's sperm was affected evidently since we got a girl instead of a boy.

Intervention in Gibbs' basement. Angry, sad Gibbs is angry. And scruffy. And not the boss.

And they named the girl Kelly. D'Awww….

UPDATE: Okay... As several mentioned on Twitter... They did not actually say Tony or mention Tony at any point during this scene. So, the question is, was Tony even in this reality?

And Hernandez walked out. Can that mean he's done? Please?

And Gibbs' girls were still gone. :(

Back to case. Blah blah blah.

Phoomph #5: Gibbs smiling… all is right it looks like.

D'Awwww…. Gibbs and Kelly moment. And Shannon.

And now I really like my last fic with Guardian Angel Shannon and Kelly.

Daddy! Awwww…. Made me tear up.

And back to case… blah blah blah.

And Gibbs shouldn't have let her testify… And Shannon tells him otherwise. And Kelly.

First no Shannon said was, No Tony!!!!! Of course. :)

And this part made me ball. I have a former co-worker that got that when her husband died in Afghanistan. They had a six-month year old girl at the time and it was the day before Mother's Day. :(

Gibbs wanted both. But it doesn't work like that. Hey, Tony's cup analogy!

And case. Blah blah blah

And now the beginning again. Let's see how it plays out.

And here it comes. Gun. Shot.

Shoulder hit. And it's the kid from the case (shocked!Not).

And McGee's decision. He's staying.

Now it's a dead Marine. And Tony tries to snag a lead from Gibbs. But Gibbs is good to go.

The End.

In closing, as you can tell, I was not even an ounce interested in the case. They didn't do a Tiva AU, which is good and bad. Good because I didn't want to see it and bad because that means they'll still anvil it in the real reality.

Mark Harmon did awesome!

This is an episode where I like certain scenes but not on the whole.

And I also don't feel that Kate and Tony would have happened. I actually saw more of a chance of early!Ziva and Tony than Kate and Tony. They just have that sibling vibe between them. Ziva and Tony I could have seen a one-night stand or a short lived fling back in the day (not present day definitely).

So that's about it… not too bad, but not overall wow either except for certain scenes.

And I really wish I could have gotten all the clips in the super fast flash at the beginning.

And 1991, what a year.
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