Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

The Midwest Weather... It was a Hail of Day

So... the last few days haven't been pretty around here.

Wednesday in the early morning (5am-ish) we crawled out of bed to tornado sirens and went to the basement for about an hour. Luckily the storm broke up and the tornado on the ground found jumping back and forth over the Ohio River interesting, so we didn't have anything from it. However, it did do some damage nearby including destroying a few mobile homes.

Then today everyone knew the storms were coming. And they came. When it came over us, our office caught the hail while the rotation part was a few miles over in a different part of town. Haven't heard that any confirmed tornado touched down around town, but there were wall clouds and funnels spotted. So we dodged a bullet. It also broke a record high just before the storm by reach 80 degrees and then dropped down to like 50 after...

Other places have not dodged unfortunately... Harrisburg, IL is just an hour north of me and then there's all the other places like So. Indiana and the rest of Kentucky. And those still getting storms tonight. Everyone be safe out there!

Below is the videos I took of the hail prior to the tornado siren going off (listen for that at the end). The boss vacated us from the office and took us to his house a few minutes drive away to wait it out in his basement. He had two trees uprooted behind his house, but they were far enough away not to fall on anything.

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