Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

The State of Me...

So, I haven't been around much lately. Mostly, I'm just wore out by the time work is over that I just relax on the couch and binge read SGA John/Rodney fics of the past at AO3.

Work threw a curve ball that started showing a month and half ago or so that's just now getting cleared up. Won't say much about it on a open post, but it's amazing what people do in the workplace on workplace things. (and that came out much dirtier than it was supposed to)

Needless to say, I picked up a few more hats for a bit at work. But now we have someone on taking those hats back, so it's evening out again.

I'm going to make August my goal to play catch up on my prompts that I haven't filled so that come September I can do a new prompt post. I also need to go comment on some prompts that were filled for me (especially by sinfulslasher). I always hate that "I'm behind" feeling.

I'm looking forward to my Florida trip at the end of September / beginning of August. We pay off the Disney portion of the trip on the 16th. Then we just need to rack up the money for gas and food. We did make over $500 at our yard sale in June and plan to have another the weekend after Labor Day... So that should help.

So how is everyone else out there?
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