Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

*hangs head*

It saddens me that people hate so much that they have to spill that hate out to others.

I live on the edges of the bible belt and several people posted to the local NBC station's Facebook page about the episode of The New Normal that aired last night. And because they were open posts, I'm going to do some cutting/pasting below:

"I happen to see a clip for the new program "The New Normal". I know I will be branded a "homophobe". But I beg to differ. I do not hate a gay or homosexual person. I hate the lifestyle. I am a Christian and try to live my life by biblical principles, and fail miserably at times. However, I cannot be silent about this show I believe this immoral show helps to continue the destruction of the moral fabric of this beloved nation. I ask that you reconsider the decision to run this program. Thank you."

"Very ashamed of what is on my local TV channel right now. That is the kindof program you expect to see on cable and then there are so many channels you can change it but if you have basic like my Mother and always wait for the news to come on at 10 then you will be subjected to this smut. I am ashamed of you"

That's just two of several posts people made directly. The part that gets me is the one that called it smut. Now I think everyone here knows that I should know what smut is, especially of the male/male variety and let me tell you... if The New Normal had smut in it, I must have been watching the wrong show.

The bad thing is, I didn't really like the show because I thought a few of the characters were too over the top. But judging by the reactions above, maybe that over the top is not too far off.

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