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Florida and Disney... I Survived!

It has been a nice a vacation. Tomorrow I get to head back to work (BOO!), but yay for a fun trip and a few days of rest following it.

The highlights from the trip included:

I have a gay roommate. So, of course, people throughout our trip assumed we were a couple since we were a young male/female couple traveling together. We also both look a lot younger than his 35 and my 31 years. We capped the last night in Florida with dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom.

As part of the dinner, all the main princesses walk around to the tables for pictures and such. So each princess that came to our table asked me if the roomie was my prince. As the last princess came around, we decided to change the 'just friends' response up. So when Belle asked, "Is this your beast?" I responded with, "No, we're both looking for our beasts." Without missing a beat, Belle fired back, "I hear Gaston is available." It was awesome. :)

Our first full day on Disney property was spent at Hollywood Studios. As we were boarding our car for the Studio Backlot Tour, the roomie goes, "Isn't that one of your relatives?" With him being taller, I didn't get a good look at who he was pointing out until we ended the ride. Then, I had a classic 'It's a Small World' moment when it was the husband of one of my dad's cousins. He was there with their son and some of his family.

There were a lot of international people all over the park. Our last night at the resort hot tub, we got to talking with a mother/adult daughter from England. The roomie asked what kind of shows the mother preferred to watch and she mentioned the CSIs and then goes, "But my favorite is Mark Harmon on NCIS." So me and her did some Mark Harmon love discussions. :)

All in all, the trip was awesome. And the day after we got back, the temperature dropped here, so now I'm wishing I was back with the ocean or the pool. Behind the cut are a few of my pics. And now to prep for work and catch up on a week+ of LJ posts. Oh, and compare family trees with sinfulslasher because we *MUST* have a common ancestor somewhere.

Jack's BBQ in Nashville, TN. We met a friend of mine from college for dinner on our way through.

Sitting on the American Idol couch at the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta, GA.

The roomie went crazy in the gift shop at the World of Coca Cola, but this purchase called for a picture.

A picture of a picture we took with the Coke Bear.

St. Augustine Beach, FL, as seen from the back of the hotel we were staying at. Awesome!

St. Augustine Beach, Florida.

The Lighthouse at St. Augustine. You can learn more here.

And yes, we walked all the steps to the top.

Walking along the beach during my roomie's cousin's wedding.

There was a full moon the night of the wedding.

St. Augustine Beach just before we left for Disney.

Our hotel room at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.

Planet Hollywood at Downtown Disney.

Jack and Sally were greeting people at Downtown Disney.

Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror




From the German area looking over the water.

Magic Kingdom

Mickey and Minnie topiaries.

The castle.

The castle, Walt and Mickey.

More castle.

The Sword in the Stone.

Towel Animal in the room the last night we stayed!
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