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The 23 Unwritten Prompts of 2012

Instead of taking new prompts, I figured I better round up the ones I didn't answer last year. *hangs head in shame*

I totally blame work. *nods*

Between these, my picfor1000 picture and the inklings of an original story, maybe I can accomplish something in 2013.

23 19 Unanswered Prompts of 2012

March 2012

The one where Amanda (highlander) used to date Tony's Uncle Clive and now she wants to make sure that Clive's favorite nephew is happily settled down whether he wants to be or not.

The one where Buffy has a 'pissing contest' with John Connor regarding who's REALLY in charge of the Southern CA battalion of the Resistance.

Faith, Gibbs - Dealing with daddy issues.

Abby/Xander, either couply or not. Do you want more? I will happily take whenever that sends you.

Tony has been deep undercover for two years, with no direct contact to NCIS. He comes back to a very different team. Tibbs or McTibbs would be good :)

April 2012

15 (Faith) and 6 (Abby) are waiting for a spanking from 2 (Blair) and are aruging about whose fault it is that they're in this mess.

2 (Blair) and 7 (Gibbs) cross paths in a foreign country. Why are they there and do they cooperate with each other or are they at odds?

4 (Rodney) and 13 (Jack) are held at gunpoint by 9 (McGee) and in a "fuck or die" scenario.

1 (Richie) and 8 (Xander) are confronted by a mutual ghost from their past.

When their car breaks down, 5 (Tony) and 12 (Methos) are left stranded at a gas station. 9 (McGee) offers to give them a ride.

On Dec 20, 2012 #2 (Blair) and #8 (Xander) decide that they won't tempt fate that tomorrow is the end of the world and decide to go ahead and have the sex they always wanted to have. What happens the next morning?

13 (Jack) plays matchmaker for 6 (Abby) and 9 (McGee). will they succeed? end up with one of them instead? or will it even end up in a threesome?

4 (Rodney) and 11 (Dean) think zombies are taking over the world.

3 (John), 7 (Gibbs) and 9 (McGee) are locked in an underground restaurant for an undetermined amount of time(up to you). There is plenty of food in the kitchen and there is power but they can't get out until 13 (Jack) brings help to dig them out. How long will it take and how do they manage not to drive each other insane?

7 (Gibbs), 8 (Xander) and 9 (McGee) go to a coffee shop. Together. They get drinks (what?) and talk about something deep.

Coffee Shop Confidential (410)

May 2012

The one about Tony and his humorously gigantic dog! (inspired by this MW interview)

Apollo (474)

Gibbs/Dinozzo first time, Jack/Daniel established; Gibbs and Tony soooo do not see themselves as being anything like Jack and Daniel.

AU At a Sentinel convention (they are known) Tony(Sentinel) starts to fall for Blair(guide) making Jim(Sentinel) and Gibbs(guide) Very jealous... what happens? nc17 anything up to and including foursome

AU Sentinel-ish; Tony is a Sentinel and NCISers don't know about it until his guide dies in a car accident.

Immortal!Gibbs can't believe that pre-Imortal!Tony has reached 40 without biting the big one yet considering how often he gets in trouble.

All In Good Time (569)

Ducky is getting married. BestMan!Gibbs in a kilt.

The Proper Way (500)

SG1--Post declassification: Jack and Daniel want to stay with the program but there's a cost. What, and can they afford to pay it? (Est J/D)

anything nc17 with Jim and Blair and maybe a fishing pole breaking
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