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Unwritten Meme: February 2013 (Prompting Closed)

I have two prompts pending from January because I'm waiting to get caught up on the rest of White Collar before writing them. I just finished season three, so almost there. I have one prompt in progress from January and one prompt completed and pending post. So for February, I'm taking 7 new prompts. Please read the rules for the month.

Acceptance of New Prompts is Now CLOSED for February

The Rules of the Month

Tell me a story I haven’t written, and I will give you at least 1-3 sentences from or about it. However, it will likely be more.

(1) One prompt per person.

(2) There will be 7 spaces this month. First come, first serve.

(3) Crossover prompts are allowed and encouraged.

(4) Fandoms Allowed: NCIS, White Collar, Stargate: Atlantis, Highlander, BtVS

(5) If you give me a prompt I can't handle, I'll let you know and ask for another. :)

(1) The one with the bubble bath. (WC or NCIS)

Response: A Much Needed Break (749 words)

(2) G/D, Why does Tony get so excited about stakeouts and why is Gibbs smiling?

Response: What Happens on a Stakeout... (581 words)

(3) Continuation of BtVS/White Collar January Prompt

Response: The Right Thing To Do (681 words)

(4) Highlander/SG:A, Ronon + or / John Sheppard; During one of there more rigourous training sessions, one of them breaks the other's neck.

Response: In a Panic (405 words)

(5) White Collar: Peter/ El/ Neal; Two Doms and a sub who can't afford to disappoint them leads to chaos as Neal tries to stay out of prison.

(6) G/D undercover in some situation that makes one very uncomfortable.

Response: Undercover Dad (639 words)

(7) Continuation of Be Prepared

Response: Told You So (289 words)
Tags: challenge: unwritten meme

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