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Fic: The Charity Case (Part 2 of 3) (White Collar)

Title: The Charity Case (Part 2 of 3)
Author: kaylashay
Rating: FR21
Disclaimer: I'm not USA or whoever else, so I don't claim to own them.
Genre: Threesome/Moresome
Pairings: Peter/Elizabeth/Neal
Warnings: Sexual Content; Slavery
Word Count: 2,423 of 7,127
Written For: sinfulslasher's January 2013 prompt
Beta: azraelz_angel

Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03

Summary: It was only supposed to last a week, but a fantasy should last a lifetime.
Chapter 02: Peter Burke - FBI Agent

Peter gave Satch his pat on the head and then stopped in his tracks as he caught sight of his wife descending the stairs.

"Hey, Hon," he said, desire already building up. "I'm suddenly feeling a little overdressed."

"I'll take care of that for you," she said as she struck a pose. "How about you come upstairs with me?"

"What's the occasion? I actually remember that our anniversary is in two days, so I didn't miss it this year."

"I decided to celebrate a little early," El finished just as he reached the steps. Peter pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. He slid his hand down and pressed against the thin material covering her and pulled it back a bit damp.

"We could try out the table," he said huskily, not wanting to trek upstairs. "Make sure it's still sturdy."

"And last time you said it was the last time when neither of us could move the next day. The bed is more inviting, trust me."

Peter knew that El was up to something. But from the outfit she was wearing, he figured he was going to enjoy whatever she had planned. Maybe she would let him play with the cuffs they hadn't used in quite a while. With a spring in his step and a hardening erection, Peter followed his wife up the stairs.

"I hope you like the surprise," El whispered to him just before she pulled him by the tie into the bedroom. He didn't have a chance to question what she meant because he saw it waiting for them in their bed.

"El?" he managed to get out as he took in the sight before him.

The man's hands were raised to the headboard and Peter could see the cuffs he had used countless times on his wife wrapped around the man's wrists. Blue eyes were watching him as he took in the dark hair and facial features. Then Peter trailed down the muscular chest and stopped at the hard and dripping cock. Then his mind clicked to El's wetness he felt earlier and realized she must have prepped the man just before he came in the door. Just the thought sent a jolt through his body. He wasn't sure if it was jealousy or something else entirely.

"El?" he questioned again.

"Happy anniversary, Hon," she said in his ear. "His name is Neal and I got him at the auction tonight."

A slave. Peter felt the word ricochet around in his mind. Apparently this ridiculously handsome man in their bed was their slave. Their 'no slave' agreement had ended five years ago, but they had never discussed it since their marriage. He just assumed they would be one of those couples that could do without.

While El had grown up in a world filled with pleasure slaves, Peter had not. His first exposure to slaves had been in college and then gradually increased after he joined the FBI. There had an entire course at academy dedicated to slave handling and interactions during cases.

However, it was his first and last time sleeping with a slave that made the reality of a slave's life hit home with him. He'd been sent undercover with a major corporation and as part of the cover the CEO they were working with gave him a personal slave for the duration. And Peter had fallen hard.

For the two weeks he was undercover, Peter had spent his downtime with Tony. It had taken a few days for the slave to open up, but soon they were talking like old friends. Tony was smart too. He was able to get information Peter couldn't and pinged ideas regarding the information back and forth as if he was seasoned investigator. It was on the last night that Peter had kissed him and then fallen in bed with the slave.

The next day, the bust occurred and Peter was back with the FBI, sans Tony. He had contacted the CEO, but the man had an asking price so far out of Peter's range that there was nothing he could do. He lost a friend and he figured Tony was back to being a pet and pretending he didn't have a brain. Now, he was faced with the ownership of another human being and if the light that Peter could see flickering within the blue eyes were anything to go on, this slave, Neal, would be interesting.

"Neal, huh?" he said, pulling El into a kiss. "How about we give Neal a show?"

El smiled at him and then pulled on his tie, tugging him until they stood at foot of the bed.

"You want a show, Neal?" Peter asked Neal, trying to get a measure of the man. He wouldn't enjoy this if Neal didn't enjoy it.

"If it pleases you, Master," came the demure response and Peter tried to keep from rolling his eyes. It always took time before a slave was comfortable to cut the training crap.

"I'd rather have a yes or no, Neal," he said as he reached down and wrapped a hand around Neal's ankle. "Besides getting off, which we'll let you do later, would you like to see a show?"

"Yes, Master?" It came out more like a question, but Peter would accept it for now.

"How about you help me undress, Hon," Peter said huskily. He squeezed Neal's ankle and then moved his hand to El and pulled her close. "Slowly."

El started with his tie and worked her way down. Peter felt like a stripper's pole the way she moved around him. For his part, Neal kept still on the bed, but Peter could hear his breathing as it increased and see the minute thrusts he was giving with his hips as his cock tried to find relief.

Once he was naked, El turned him around and then pressed him onto the bed. She pressed a hand to his chest and Peter found himself lying on the bed with his head between Neal's legs and his feet on the floor. El straddled him for a moment and kissed him on the mouth. Then she reached over his head and Peter could hear the suction of what he assumed was El sucking Neal into her mouth. Moments later, she returned to his mouth and he could tell the difference in the taste of her kiss.

She didn't linger long before she slid to the floor and then took him into her mouth in a practiced move. However, the knowledge that she had just had that mouth wrapped around Neal's dick made for a more thrilling ride. Needing something to hold on to, Peter reached his hands up and grasped Neal's hips firmly. He pulled him down until he felt Neal's balls nestled in his hair. When he moved his head to rasp his hair across Neal's sensitive skin, he heard the other man gasp and saw El glance up to give him a smile.

"I think you're ready," El finally announced as his dick popped from her mouth. She pulled him up and kissed him deeply, letting him taste himself on her.

"I want to watch you fuck him," she whispered in his ear when they separated. "As hard as you fuck me when those cuffs are on."

Peter could only nod his assent and then turned his focus to Neal. He turned around and took his time studying Neal's body. He was pleased to note that the slave's eyes were tracking his the entire time. Once he had a visual map of Neal, Peter stretched his body full length of the other man's and stared Neal straight in the eyes.

"Don't come while I'm fucking you," Peter said hotly. "I want to watch you fuck my wife after I'm done."

Then he captured Neal's mouth with his own. Peter was more than satisfied when Neal gave as good as he got. He figured it wouldn't take much coaxing to make Neal more a part of him and El than as something they would keep around to spice up their sex life. Once he was done, Peter kneeled back and picked up Neal's legs to wrap them around his waist. Then he slowly thrust his cock into Neal's more than welcoming body.

Peter heard Neal groan and felt the tight heat clinch around him. He pulled out slowly and then thrust back in, setting a leisurely pace. He smiled when he saw El's hands wrap around Neal's cock, giving it slow meaningful strokes in time with his thrusts.

"Please," slipped out of Neal's mouth and Peter jerked his hips hard.

"Please what, Neal?" he questioned.

"Faster, Master. Please?"

El gave a slight laugh. "You heard the man, Hon," she said. Then she turned to Neal, "Just remember I want this when he's done," she said with a squeeze.

Neal nodded and Peter picked up the pace. It didn't take long for the only sounds to be heard in the room were the slapping of his balls against Neal's skin and grunts and groans they were both making. Then Peter came inside Neal.

Minutes later, he let himself slip from Neal's body and let El guide him to a laying position beside Neal. He reached over and gave Neal a light kiss and then turned his head to nuzzle at Neal's neck.

"My turn," El was saying and he felt the muscles in Neal's neck tense. Looking up, he saw El riding Neal, her breasts bouncing as she moved up and down on his cock.

"Come whenever you want to," he whispered to Neal and then slid down to push his fingers against El's clit as she continued to move. When El cried out, so did Neal and they all fell together in a pile with Neal on the bottom.

El was the first to actually move. She went to the bathroom and came back with a wet cloth that she move over the two men. Then she removed the cuffs from Neal's hands and rubbed at them to make sure he was okay.

Peter was about to open his mouth to ask the questions regarding Neal that had been forestalled by the sex when El placed a finger to his lips.

"Talking tomorrow. Let's sleep now."

Peter nodded and then figured he needed to take one step of precaution for the first night with an unknown slave in their bed. He reluctantly climbed out of the bed and fumbled around for his department issued handcuffs. He put one of the bracelets around his own wrist and then wrapped the other around Neal's.

"Just for tonight," he said to both El and Neal. "If you need anything, wake me up," he added to Neal. Then they both curled around Neal and everyone fell asleep.

Peter wasn't sure what woke him, but the lighting in the room told him it was still night out. He turned his head and realized there was only one person in the bed with him and that was El. Neal was gone.

The cuff that had been around Neal was now around El's wrist and Peter was impressed the slave had not only been able to slip the cuff and the bed but had been able to get the cuff around El's wrist without waking either of them.

"The headboard would have made more sense to keep me from coming after him," he muttered. Then he reached over to wake up El.

"Hon," he said with a nudge to her arm. "Neal's gone."

She blinked sleepily at him and held up their cuffed hands.

"If he got of the house, they have a tracker on him," she said as they both maneuvered out of the bed.

Peter found his key and undid their hands. Then he started a search of the house. It didn't take long.

"Found him," he said softly as El joined him at the bottom of the stairs. Neal was curled up in Satchmo's dog bed beside the door.

"Any ideas?" he asked El hopelessly.

"He went there when I first brought him in the house and forgot to give him orders. I told him that wasn't for him."

Peter went over to the sleeping man and sat down on the floor in front of him.

"Neal," he said, resting his hand on Neal's bare shoulder. When he felt how cold the slave's skin was, he turned back to El and asked her to get a blanket.

Neal was just blinking his eyes open when El walked over with the afghan from the couch. Neal immediately moved from the dog bed to the floor and got in an abject position that Peter had only seen slaves expecting punishment take.

"Neal," he said again, pulling the man up until he was sitting in front of him. El wrapped the afghan around his shoulders and they could both see his shaking.

"You're not in trouble. We just came to see why you left the bed. El said she told you this was Satchmo's bed, not yours."

"I'm not supposed to sleep in the bed, Master," Neal said softly. "I woke in the bed and I'm not supposed to be in the bed after I'm used."

"Maybe that was the rules where you were before, but not here. If I hadn't wanted you in the bed, I wouldn't have cuffed you to me."

"You panicked when you woke up, didn't you?" El questioned as she joined them on the floor. Neal nodded.

"It's okay. We didn't go over all the rules. I've got two for you to remember before we all go back to the warm bed upstairs. Number one is that you will sleep in the bed unless you don't want to sleep in the bed. In that case, we'll put you in the bed in the guest room. But it gets kind of lonely in there. Number two is that when you feel like panicking and acting on impulse talk to us first. Whatever you're thinking the worst is not likely to happen with us. Anything else, Peter?" El asked.

"Nope. We'll figure the rest out in the morning."

Peter stood with El and they both pulled Neal to his feet and led him back upstairs to bed. Peter's mind was filled with everything they would need to discuss in the morning, including how Neal was able to slip those cuffs. He figured the next few days would keep him on his toes.

Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03

Tags: .fanfic, .genre: slavefic, .genre: threesome/more, .noncrossover, challenge: unwritten meme, character: elizabeth burke (wc), character: neal caffrey (wc), character: peter burke (wc), fandom: white collar, pairing: peter/elizabeth/neal

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