Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

GYWO Update: Week 09

I broke 20,000 words before March! I did fall short on meeting February's goal, but I'll blame work and the missing few days. To top it off, I already have 4.5 hours on my work timesheet today and Monday hasn't even started!

I have two remaining fics from January and February to finish. They have been started and are both for prompts by hawk_soaring.

I still have spots open on my March Unwritten Meme and the Lucky 13 AU. If you have already given me a prompt, you now welcome to a 2nd prompt so I can fill my spaces. And if you haven't given me one prompt, go do it. :)

Current Word Count: 23,002 / 150,000

Fanfic: 23,002
Original: 0

01/2013: 12,799 / 12,740 (+59)
02/2013: 8,388 / 11,502 (-3,114)
03/2013: 1,815 / 13,050 (+973)

Tags: challenge: getyourwordsout

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