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2013 Story Roundup

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2013 Statistics of Posted Stories Finalized on 12/31/2013

Total Fic Count for 2013: 58 stories

Total Written Word Count: 87,669 words
Total Posted Word Count: 79,466 words
Longest Story: 16,000 words (longest fic ever!!)
Shortest Story: 100 words

30 White Collar
06 Stargate: Atlantis
05 BtVS
02 Highlander
01 Supernatural
01 Sentinel
01 Original Fiction

21 Crossover
36 Pure Fandom
01 Original Fiction

16 Gen
28 Slash / Pre-Slash
01 Het
17 Threesome / Moresome

30 FR13
03 FR15
14 FR18
11 FR21

January 2013
10 Stories

(01) The Proper Way (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 500
Summary: Jethro agreed only because Ducky asked.

(02) All In Good Time (NCIS; Highlander) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 569
Summary: In the end, Gibbs didn't have to lift a finger and that suited him just fine.

(03) Coffee Shop Confidential (NCIS; BtVS); FR13; Slash
Word Count: 410
Summary: Tim later wondered if he would have said yes had he known what he now knew.

(04) Apollo (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 474
Summary: Following a visit from Senior, Tony and Gibbs talk and remember.

(05) Fourth Shot the Charm (NCIS; White Collar) FR15; Slash, Threesome
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Tony's fourth sale is pending and he acquires an interesting cell mate.

(06) Unable to Unsee (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Tim's first time entering Gibbs' house uninvited will ultimately be his last.

(07) Five Chance Meetings (NCIS; White Collar) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 500
Summary: Tony has chance meetings with Neal five times over the years.

(08) Be Prepared (White Collar; SGA) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 400
Summary: Mozzie has a show to watch if he is going to be fully prepared for what's coming.

(09) A Poutful Glare (NCIS; SGA) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 250
Summary: It's not a pout, it's a glare. Really.

(10) His Loss, Their Gain (White Collar) FR21; Threesome
Word Count: 473
Summary: It was game night and Neal wasn't winning.

February 2013
7 Stories

(11) What Happens on a Stakeout... (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 581
Summary: Stakeouts were supposed to be boring, but apparently not everyone thought that way.

(12) The Charity Case (White Collar) FR21; Threesome
Word Count: 7,127
Summary: It was only supposed to last a week, but a fantasy should last a lifetime.

(13) A Much Needed Break (White Collar) FR13; Threesome
Word Count: 749
Summary: The guys arrange a much needed break for Elizabeth.

(14) In a Panic (SGA; Highlander) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 405
Summary: Ronon isn't one to panic.

(15) Making Scents (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Senior's latest business investment may turn out to be his most lucrative yet.

(16) There's Always a First (White Collar; BtVS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: There had to be a first and his came in Sunnydale.

(17) The Right Thing To Do (White Collar; BtVS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 681
Summary: After seeing the news reports he knew it was time to make amends.

March 2013
9 Stories

(18) Undercover Dad (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 639
Summary: Everyone always assumed Tony would blow a cover, but in reality it was Gibbs that was struggling to keep up the façade.

(19) Told You So (White Collar; SGA) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 289
Summary: Mozzie is the only one prepared when the Wraith reach Earth.

(20) Not a Blonde (SGA) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 1,814
Summary: When he filled out the form, he was expecting a big breasted blonde.

(21) Case of Deficiency (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Threesome
Word Count: 1,213
Summary: Even though he was considered deficient, he was determined to succeed at life.

(22) The Legacy (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: They were both looking good for dead men.

(23) Impulse Decision (NCIS; White Collar) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 2,824
Summary: When a heist goes horribly wrong, Neal makes a decision without knowing the consequences.

(24) The Philadelphia Story (NCIS; White Collar) FR21; Slash; Threesome
Word Count: 4,033
Summary: Tony doesn't talk about his past much but all that changes when he arrests Neal Caffrey during the raid of a smuggling ring. Trouble is, Neal is working for the FBI -- and his handler isn't all that thrilled about finding out about Neal's past with the NCIS agent. Come to think of it, neither is Gibbs.

(25) Spring Break (NCIS; White Collar) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: It's the start of Spring Break and Neal's looking forward to time alone with Tony.

(26) Spring is in the Air (White Collar; Sentinel (Theme Only)) FR13; Threesome
Word Count: 1,356
Summary: While Neal is a mastermind at so many things, being a Guide comes with a learning curve.

April 2013
5 Stories
(27) The Zoo (White Collar) FR15; Gen
Word Count: 1,579
Summary: When Peter agreed to a meeting with Neal Caffrey, he wasn't expecting it to take place at the Zoo.

(28) Not So Little Green Men (White Collar; SGA) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 400
Summary: Peter's afraid that Neal has finally lost it.

(29) Of Raids, Fists and Offers (White Collar; BtVS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,577
Summary: Neal's undercover operation went to hell the moment the target became a house owned by the Watcher's.

(30) Cyber Boss (NCIS) FR15; Slash
Word Count: 555
Summary: While in the basement, Tony stumbled upon Gibbs' big secret.

(31) A Different Path (NCIS; BtVS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 756
Summary: After what went down with Danny, Tony needed to clear his head before he jumped on the offer from Agent Gibbs. When he stops in a little town in California he finds more than he would ever have bargained for.

May 2013
3 Stories
(32) My Good Fairy (Original Fiction) FR18; Gen
Word Count: 462
Summary: He was my good fairy and he wouldn't lead me astray.

(33) Creamy (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 300
Summary: It started with popcorn and ended with the cream.

(34) The Offer (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,546
Summary: In the midst of federal agency cleanup, Tony is offered a job that will change everything.

June 2013
8 Stories
(35) A Faulty Interrogation (NCIS; White Collar) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 300
Summary: It's not often that Gibbs is stumped in interrogation.

(36) The World's a Stage (White Collar; NCIS) FR21; Slash
Word Count: 2,365
Summary: Peter is merely a player shaping Neal for his stage. Will their time end in mere oblivion?

(37) Seeing, But Not Believing (NCIS) FR21; Slash; Het
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: When undercover in a BDSM club Tony discovers the LAST person he'd expect there and it gets him thinking.

(38) Matching Souls (NCIS) FR13; Pre-Slash
Word Count: 2,388
Summary: His life was changed forever in the wake of her death.

(39) Barbershop Bet (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 704
Summary: Tony lost a bet and Gibbs is ready to collect his winnings... at the barbershop.

(40) The First Shift (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,253
Summary: When Gibbs' life is threatened, Tony experiences a change to protect what is his.

(41) The Right to Vote (White Collar) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 961
Summary: Leading up to the election, Neal has a lot to learn in order to blend in to his environment.

(42) An Interrogation Filibuster (White Collar; NCIS) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 500
Summary: Five hours is a long time to talk without saying anything meaningful.

July 2013
3 Stories
(43) Bone Weary (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 1,170
Summary: Four months undercover has taken its toll. But no matter how tired he is, sleep is hard to find.

(44) At the Crossroads (White Collar; Supernatural) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 2,243
Summary: Danny Brooks struck a deal and found a new life in Neal Caffrey, but all good things must come to an end.

(45) A Flicker of Light (White Collar) FR13; Gen
Word Count: 1,181
Summary: The doctors said it was temporary, but to Neal temporary felt like a lifetime.

August 2013
1 Story
(46) A Curse Upon Him (White Collar) FR18; Threesome
Word Count: 1,000
Summary: Neal is cursed and anyone he touches has to have sex immediately, but they have no urge to have sex with him. The poor darling can't get ANY!

September 2013
1 Story
(47) Everything to Lose (White Collar) FR21; Threesome
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | Epilogue
Word Count: 16,000
Summary: As Peter and El start their new life together, the last thing they expect to get is a slave. But Neal works his way into their hearts and, ten years later, Peter is working on a way to show the two loves of his life just how much he cares. However, events set in motion years before threaten to tear their family apart.

October 2013
0 Stories

November 2013
1 Story
(48) Conferencing (NCIS) FR21; Threesome
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: Tim had just found something he never knew he needed and then Vance sent him to LA for a week. But a phone call from Tony makes everything better.

December 2013
10 Stories
(49) Keepin' Warm in the Old Jailhouse (NCIS) FR18; Slash
Word Count: 1,077
Summary: The winter storm took the fledgling town of Stillwater by surprise, but Gibbs knows how to make the best of a cold situation.

(50) Making a Family (White Collar) FR21; Threesome
Word Count: 2,000
Summary: It took him years, but Neal was finally able to make his own family.

(51) Wanted to Tell You... (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 1,062
Summary: Gibbs regrets what might be his last moments with Tony.

(52) One Tracking Anklet (White Collar) FR13; Threesome
Word Count: 100
Summary: Peter takes the tracking anklet off for the last time on Christmas Eve.

(53) Two Burkes for Neal (White Collar) FR13; Threesome
Word Count: 200
Summary: El finds a contemplative Neal on Christmas morning.

(54) Three Modifications (NCIS) FR18; Pre-Slash; Pre-Threesome
Word Count: 300
Summary: For Christmas, Shannon gets Gibbs a very special present present... Tony.

(55) Four Turtlenecks (NCIS) FR13; Slash
Word Count: 400
Summary: Tony is home and Gibbs isn't letting him out of his sight.

(56) Five Gold Rings (White Collar) FR18; Threesome
Word Count: 500
Summary: Neal, a white collar slave, spends his first Christmas with his new owners.

(57) Six Punishments (White Collar) FR13; Threesome
Word Count: 600
Summary: Peter needed a new way to let Neal know that his life means something to the people around him.

(58) Seven Little Words (White Collar) FR13; Pre-Threesome
Word Count: 700
Summary: Neal realized he has no one to celebrate New Year's with. June is away. Mozzie is out of town. Peter and El...

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