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Unanswered Prompts / Community Fics to Be Written

So I have a quick to find post with all of them in it. Also, I still have one spot left for my original fic May post. So please go grab a spot if you want it:


hc_bingo - Link to Bingo Card

Sequel to The Masked Path

Magic AU for sinfulslasher; Peter as a powerful wizard with his sorceress wife who take in a young, roguish magician who turns out to be merely an illusionist...or Tony as apprentice to the dark warlord Gibbs...

Five Things Meme

Five times Neal failed to woo Tony...and one time he did.

Those five times Neal was caught naked in a...compromising position.

Five undercover ops Tony really enjoyed.

November 2013

Dystopian universe. Gibbs law enforcement, Tony...not ;) G/D, o'course.

OT3 bliss in Brooklyn Heights, as discussed on site. *g*

Oh... How about SG:A/NCIS crossover. John/Rodney preferred, with author's choice for any other pairings.

A Seaman or Marine finds a strange artifact in some remote while on shore leave. It glows whenever he touches it, but not when any of his buddies do. Twelve hours later, he disappears from his bunk. NCIS comes to investigate the disappearance and SG:A to investigate the Ancient energy that pinged the SG sensors (it's scifi, it could happen).

SGA McShep - John and Rod in the other univese on Rod's return

August 2013

deadline / time bomb; NCIS Tibbs, Dead Ziva?

assault; Gibbs/ either Slave!Tony or Puppy!Tony. While out on a case (either Gibbs or Tone or both) Tony gets lost in a bad part of town and is attacked and Gibbs has to rescue him.

possession / mind control; Gibbs/Tony..../Xander? Love T/G, love T/X. Can I have both? The Scoobies knew The First wasn't really gone. True evil never actually disappeared. But why was he targeting an agent is some minor federal agency that investigated crimes in or affecting the Navy? When informant reports that one (or more?) of the agency's premier agents is doing the proverbial "seeing dead people" thing, and then engaging in seriously out of character behavior, Xander, as DC Council Liaison, is tasked with investigating the investigators. Dead Ziva always works for me. :)

substance addiction; During an undercover op, Neal (or Tony) has to do drugs in order to avoid blowing his cover. We're talking something seriously addicting, like crack. He thinks he can just shake it off after the op, but can't. Peter (or Gibbs) realizes that Neal (or Tony) has a serious problem even though Neal (or Tony) still thinks he has everything under control. Tough love FTW!

hypothermia; Gibbs/Tony one of them hypothermic, out in the field/wilds somewhere. Dead Ziva always a plus.

July 2013

forced to hurt somebody; when deep undercover, one of the guys is forced to hurt another team member to keep up undercover persona. What happens when he returns to the team and deals with the fallout Gibbs/DiNozzo

Sentinel Gibbs has a toothache. Guide Tony has a phobia (bad experience).

Nightmares. Gibbs has 'em and tries to hide them but Tony figures out something is wrong... Would love for it to be Gibbs/Tony, established relationship.

June 2013

a sequel to The Zoo

NCIS (/any), Abby: Kitten!AU
Can be born kitten, were/shifter kitten, even a crossover/fusion with a kitten fandom (comic, fairy tale, movie, ANY THING) The only MUST HAVE is an affectionate, curious, mischievous, hyper, jade-eyed black kitty.

Original, please: Three-some by chance only. Two men are in a serious relationship (BDSM-themed preferred) and then they stumble across a lost waif. What happens and how he is integrated into their whole is up to you.

Gibbs/Tony on vacation in the Carribian so that their hidden relationship can be celebrated and consumated fully,,, when hurricane Wendy hits and leaves them stranded, sunk Gibbs boat

May 2013

m/m, slavery. Pilot is given a shifter for a slave.

how's about the one with the vampire that decides to sire a fledgling against his will, just because the boy is beautiful and fuckable, and the vampire wants to own that body for eternity? Dark m/m FTW!

It was dark and cold and lonely here, but he couldn't leave. He would be killed on sight -- and the whole mess really wasn't his fault.

If the blue leopard spots all over the stranger's skin didn't grab his attention, the eight-inch cock pulsing and flashing sure as hell did!

April 2013

John/Rodney; Fusion, werewolf or Sentinel

Sequel to Spring Break (where Peter and Gibbs show up)

Faith is on the run from Kakistos and heads east instead of west and runs into Mozzie.


March 2013

Oz/Mozzie - Go!

More Pompeii!Tony, please!

NCIS/BtVS: There's a Hellmouth beneath Capitol Hill (It explains sooo much.)

Sugar Daddy Gibbs

February 2013

White Collar: Peter/ El/ Neal; Two Doms and a sub who can't afford to disappoint them leads to chaos as Neal tries to stay out of prison.

Lucky 13

Apocalypse AU - avamclean - Oz, Peter
Master/Slave AU - cinderella81 - Xander/Tony
Space AU - taylorgibbs - Gibbs/Tony
Military AU - taylorgibbs - Gibbs/Tony/Shannon
Werewolf AU - sexycazzy - Tony/Xander
Pirate AU - starbuckssue - John/Rodney
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