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Updates... Good and Bad

About a week and half ago, my cousin's husband pedropadrao suffered a massive stroke. Last night he lost the fight and passed away. Although I didn't get to see him much due to living distance, he was an awesome guy and nobody was more perfect for my cousin. In the words of Anne of Green Gables, they were Kindred Spirits.

Over the weekend, my niece (6 years old) was attacked by a dog. She is okay luckily. The dog belongs to a cousin and resides mainly outside roaming a farm where my parents and uncle and aunt live. Prior the attack, my uncle and/or cousin hadn't noticed that the dog's collar had gotten too tight on his neck. That day they did and removed the collar and the dog had a few sores on his neck. Then my niece without knowing not to touch went to pet him and when her hand got near the sores is when he jumped on her. My parents, uncle and sister were all right there when it happened. Once they were sure she was okay, they were more concerned about my uncle having a heart attack. I think he was worse off emotionally than my niece was.

Nadia Versus Dog

As a precaution, they took a trip to the ER and got the wounds checked out and got her some antibiotics just in case. Especially considering that my great-aunt spent a few nights in the hospital a few weeks back from an accidental puncture/bite wound on her hand from her cat.

In other news, my cousin graduated from the Naval Academy over the weekend and a picture of her shaking Obama's hand was used in some of the news articles about it. I deployed a defensive perimeter netting around my garden because something keeps eating my strawberries before I get to.

And I'm woefully behind on writing this month because of battling sinus headaches and not really feeling like writing in the evening with the headaches. Here's hoping the meds I'm taking will help that. I also need to catch up on reviewing some of the fics that have been produced the past week or so.
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