Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

ABC's Stolen from Others...

A - Age: 32
B - Bed size: double
C - Chore you hate: anything that involves scented cleaning supplies since they give me epic headaches
D - Dog's name: no dogs since I was a kid... my kitty Abu was lost in my parents house fire and we had a 6 month foster kitty named Belle
E - Essential start to your day item(s): shower
F - Favorite color: blues... I inherited that from my dad
G - Gold or Silver: silver
H – Height: 5'3''
I - Instruments you play: trumpet (it's been a long time), clarinet (briefly), melody on piano (no fancy two handed playing for me)
J - Job title: Graphic/Web Designer (officially); Whatever the Boss Asks (unofficially)
K - Kisses or hugs: hugs
L - Living arrangements: two bedroom / one bath house with gay roommate of almost 9 years (yes, I've got a little Grace in me)
M - Mood: usually laid back
N - Nicknames: Kayla Shay is my fanfic nickname... in real life, I don't have one unless you count my college friends calling me by my first and middle name since there was another person in our group of friends with the same first name
O - Overnight hospital stays other than birth: Never... *knocks on wood*
P - Pet Peeves: people late to things
Q - Quote from a movie: AS YOUUUUU WISHHHHHHHHH!!!
R - Right or left handed: right with ambidextrous tendencies
S - Siblings: older brother (8 yrs) and older sister (4 yrs)
T - Time you wake up: when my alarm goes off... then I hit snooze for about an hour before actually crawling out of bed. so 7:45am for work days
U - Underwear: peach colored tonight.
V - Vegetable you dislike: it would be easier to say what I do like..
W - Ways you run late: oversleeping is about the only thing that makes me late
X - X-rays you've had: foot (x-ray and bone scan), hand (college horseplay accident), lungs (pneumonia not fun)... although officially I've never had a broken bone, I think they missed a hairline fracture in both the foot and the hand because they still give me issues on occasion
Y - Yummy food you make: Hamburger, Rice and Cheese... and I totally haven't made it in a long long time. Also, my cinnamon free apple pie, since I'm allergic
Z - Zoo favorite: meerkats!!
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