Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

HC Bingo Card

I am sheep. :)

I signed up for hc_bingo.

I figured I needed some more prompts to get me in the writing mood. Feel free to leave prompts that go along with a square. No guarantees on if I'll go with them or not.

substance addiction assault blackmail nightmares toothache
branding hunger / starvation humiliation loss of possessions possession / mind control
sensory deprivation confession in desperate situation WILD CARD deadline / time bomb forced to hurt somebody
sacrifice grief hypothermia major illness loss of home / shelter
broken bones moving making deals with demons unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding exhaustion


Matching Souls (NCIS; 2,388 words)

The Right to Vote (White Collar; 961 words)

Bone Weary (NCIS; 1,170 words)

At the Crossroads (White Collar; Supernatural; 2,243 words)

A Flicker of Light (White Collar; 1,181 words)

Everything to Lose (White Collar; 16,000 words)
Tags: challenge: hc-bingo

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