Kayla Shay (kaylashay) wrote,
Kayla Shay

Fanart: Good Ol' Boys (SPN/Dukes of Hazzard)

Collection: Supernaturally Twisted
Artist: kaylashay
Current Chapter Count: 67
Series: Artistic Collections

Feedback: Reviews and feedback are preferred on my TTH post linked below, but I'll take what I get. :-)

Cross Posted: supernaturalart; sn_crossovers; manipology

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Chapter 67: Good Ol' Boys

Disclaimer: The pictures of Sam, Dean and the Impala are not mine. They were found in internet image searches. I claim no rights to them. All effects (such as the Impala's new paint job) are of my creation.

Author's Note: Okay, I'm stepping away from Smallville for a moment, but was led this way because of John Schneider aka Bo Duke. The font for the 01 is not a match for the original unfortunately. The wording comes from the theme song done by Waylon Jennings. I have seen some different wording on the "Just two good ol' boys" part, but I went with that one. The Confederate flag (acquired from clipart.com) was used because it wouldn't be a DoH manip without it. I didn't try to put it on what was visible of the top of the car. I didn't feel skillful enough to pull that off.

If image does not load on first attempt, please refresh your browser page as my hosting location sometimes spazzes out...
Tags: .crossover, .fanart, collection: supernaturally twisted, fandom: dukes of hazzard, fandom: supernatural

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